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Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Remy

Let's see … one dog with a dollop of melancholy and squirt of surly.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Having a bad day, Mr. Roy.


Well, it's like this, Arturo … the spirited, gravely voiced Allison took a bullet for Danny Dead Wife Dorkey on Idol …


And the B's got beat in OT by the playing way ovah their heads Novacaines and look like they are poised to lose series …


And the Red Sox got wholloped by the Indians behind Carl Pavano of all people …


But all of that is nothing at all compared to the truly sad news about Remy.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Godspeed to the Rem Dawg. But he's got an entiah nation pulling for him and that has to help.


Did you evah smoke Arturo?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Oh, yeah, everyone did back in the day. I smoked a cahton of Mahlboros every othah week for over 20 years but finally quit for good in '93 …


Do you evah miss it?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Oh, only every single day, Mr. Roy, only every single day.



Well done, hb.

The futah awaits, and I want Remy in it.


I saw no comment about the shellacking the Magic took against the Celtics.

I guess Roy's not down with the NBA.

The Sox loss didn't bother me as much (since the Yanks lost too and the Indians are always a pain in the ass) as the Bruins loss. Cam Ward needs to get trounced ASAP or we can kiss our playoff hopes goodbye.

//I guess Roy's not down with the NBA.//

Well, it's more a question of context and selling the overall theme of melancholy to which Doug or Arturo expressing joy over the Celtics win would run counter to.

And, as I've said before (and really need to create that oft-mentioned FAQ page) the strips aren't meant to be a one stop shopping spot for all your Boston sports news. It's meant only to be a little slice of entertainment. Or in today's case, a little slice of compassion for Remy.

Some days the soxaholix reads my mind, i'm sure a lot of people feel that way.

Jerry is more than a beloved broadcaster, he is one of our own.

I've got no smartass remark today,just a heartfelt "Hang in there,Jerry-We're all pulling for you"

get quick back to the booth, remy

Melancholy, indeed. Doug is a "real" human being after all. :-)

I can only hope it's not the Big C in another location.

first game home after a roadtrip that ended with two wet marathons in the Guilded Toilet, the results were not unexpected. Look for a bounce back tonight.

Look, dammit.

May both Rem Dawg of the Red Sox Nation and Allison Iraheta of the Red Hair Nation have great comebacks!

Oh noes! First I find out Remy has teh C, then I find out that - being one of the 5% of Bostonians who still loves Manny - it will be that much harder for me to defend him.


No gooch, reverse gooch, or double-reverse gooch today.

Just get well, Rem-Dog.

Breaking News about Manny!!

I can't believe it.


In less imporant news, Manny has been suspended 50 days for a positive drug test.

Classy strip, hb.

As much as I've enjoyed Ecks' blunt ramblings and frequent use of "cheese" (culminating, I think, with his reference to Saito's "sneaky cheese" during Tuesday night's game) there is just no way of replacing Remy in the booth. He and Orsillo are the best game calling/color pairing in baseball.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, as I like to keep things from getting too overly personal, but the Remy thing really hits close to home for me, as my dad has been fighting lung cancer for about a year and a half now. He's doing pretty well, though, all things considered.

I enjoyed "sneaky cheese" but I really want Rem back in the booth, healthy, as soon as possible.

Just had my folks send out the Boston Globe Mag article on Remy a few weeks ago...great piece.

Looking forward to more from Remy...get well soon.

And best of luck on your dad's continued track toward health, HB.

Gokey's performance was as if a millions of Steven Tylers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Remy could have done better. Get better, Remy.

Wonder what Manny took...

Get well, Remy, we miss you.

In re: Manny

I want to puke

Ya know - many things could be said about Manny. But I never thought cheater was one of them. This sucks.

late to the party - but still worth adding: get better Rem! we are all pulling for you!!

who the hell cares about manny? can't wait to see what kind of shape he comes back in (if he comes back)

Get well soon Remy. He is the best!

RE: Manny. Did they report what he allegedly took? The entire Phillies pitching staff was on some stuff last season and had no repercussions other than one of their relievers getting suspended. I won't call him a "cheater" quite yet.

Wishing the best for Remy. Cancer sucks.

RE: Manny. Y'know, I can't even get the schadenfreude in gear, and I'm not sure why. I want to gloat about it, but it's just not happening. Damn.

Based on his behavior over the last few years I'd say Many was taking some sort of psychotropic substance.

Get well soon RemDawg!

Re Manny: Gammons says it isn't steroids or hgh. Seamus is probably right - probalby something to combat multiple personality disorder. The two Mannys - Manny-at-the-Plate and Manny Otherwise.

I thought Manny's statement sounded genuine, but who knows. He pointed out that he has passed every test over the last five seasons or something.

Boner pills.

Hmmm, Manny in one bath tub, A-Fraud in the other?

As for the sports world, all I can think about today, HB.

kudos to LC for sneaking in "bitch tits" today

the streak stays alive

I'm betting he's been coked up. It's gotta be something big to warrant a 50 game suspension (isn't that bigger than 1st offense - steroids that the MLBPA got worked into the contract?).

Mmmmmmmm, gonadotropins....


go nad go

HCG is a women's fertility drug typically used by steroid users to restart their body's natural testosterone production as they come off a steroid cycle.

From the ny times:
'The officials investigated Ramirez further and found evidence that he was using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (H.C.G.), a fertility drug for women that has been known to be used by athletes to generate the body’s production of testosterone after steroid use.
H.C.G. is similar to the drug Clomid, which was regularly used by Balco clients including Jason Giambi, who admitted that to a federal grand jury.'

Guess that gets him an asterix. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/MemoriesOfManny02# "> Sad


Kaz, bank details PLEASE.

Best wishes to Remy, swift recovery please.

"Oh, only every single day, Mr. Roy, only every single day."

Only an x-smoker could have the insight to put that in the strip. Nice.

Based on his behavior over the last few years I'd say Manny was smoking weed.

the thing about MR taking HCG for a re-start is that he passed, according to him, 15 drup tests in the last 5 yrs.

maybe, just maybe, his Brazilian requires a lot out of him. It's "hard" to have two Manny, Jr's

if that was true then the "little blue pill" should have sufficed.
He juiced.

...and masked.Asshat

This brings a whole new meaning to "Manny being Manny."

Manny Being Womanny.

sdu, I'll email you my bank details if that's okay. :)

Out here in Chicago I never get to listen to Jerry cover the games. But I sure do remember him playing in them. God speed your recovery, Jerry.

Maybe Manny was just trying to get pregnant? Are we really sure he knows about the birds and the bees?

RIP Dom Dimaggio :(

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