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Now here's Marty...

Feel something, a leviathan perhaps, closing in behind you, Bill?


Well, I did catch the aroma of hair grease and heard the jingle of imitation gold jewelry, but 'leviathan'? Not so much.


Try a little harder, Bill, as what you smelled was butter because the Yankees are on roll.


That's funny, Mahts, because when I hear the words "Yankees" and "buttah" I don't think of roll... but it rhymes with roll, though.


Joke while you can, Callaghan, but here's the deal …


And, oh yeah, icing on the cake, even off the field this year's sure to be christened MVP has found his old mojo.


Wow, settle down, Mahty.


I haven't seen anyone this excited since the time your 2nd wife discovered the solo joys of a Sybian machine.


That's right, stay classy, Boston fans.


Meanwhile, prepare yourself to spend the rest of the season counting up your games behind in arrears status.


Oh, fuck, that's scary, Mahty, because we all know that once the Yankees get a lead in games up, they *nevah* surrendah it... Oh, Mahty, could you hold, please, I've got a Mr. Roberts on the othah line.





"Mr. Roberts, how are you? It's been far too long... Yeah... I know... Yep, 2007... Say, could you place a call to your former colleague Mr. Ortiz for me? He's been hard to get a hold of lately."

Who else thinks that Dave has his cleats in a travel bag or something and would be willing to jump out of the booth and go back on the field if the circumstance called for it?

Coffee on the monitor again :) Thanks h.b.

Pitching, pitching, pitching.

If the Skanks big names perform better than our big names, they'll probably win the division. Then again, Wang is one of their big names. 3.5 inches big. Heh.

BTW, if I could choose one pitcher to steal in free agency eventually, it would be Roy Halladay. Doc is a dirt dog through and through.

Marty is the classic straw man, red herring, what have you: The proposition that any thinking Yankees fan is anything other than cautiously optimistic on May 19 is risible.

It's also amusing when Red Sox faithful assume the behavior patterns of Yankees fans they so disdain: By throwing up past success to make themselves feel better.

It's as if a candidate said during a campaign that counter-terrorism measures like internet/telecom surveillance, rendition and military tribunals are abhorrent, then said candidate kept the programs in place when he was in office.

But that might trigger a reassessment of ChimpyMcBushPretzelChokerHitler's supposedly "misplaced" spproach to asymmetric warfare being waged on the US.

Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry, that's an unacceptable departure from The Charlie Rose/Tom Friedman/Jon Stewart axis of conventional wisdom...I must be high on Boli.

Boli Wood??

Wow, Jason, quite the segue.

This strip made me laugh.. I love the ribbing. Butter indeed.

Bob - just saw your comment from yesterday: re Black Flag at Loyola Marymount. Very cool... those were the days (or so I hear, a little before my time - in my day we got House of Pain to come play, haha).
I would not have been able to name the Flag singers. My book rec for the era is Our Band Could Be Your Life, Azerrad.

Kate Hudson? That's not much to crow about.

The characters are all caricatures, marty no more or less so. Consequently there will rarely be a one to one mapping onto a real fan.

With that said though I've run into quite a few pindickers who are crowing about Yankees streak on may 19, may 18, may 17, etc.

The Twins are an inefficient team, NY.

Last time I checked you're still 0-5 against us. Keep having fun in the Wind Tunnel that George Built because that's the only place you can get your wins.

i had to go through the alphabet to find the word that rhymes with roll... and actually, a lot of words rhyme with roll.

... but it's hole, right?

ARod is just making up for missing April when he usually hits all of his awe-inspiring homers. Talk to me again in October.

For all the games in a row won, NY is still a game outside of the Red Sox in the standings. Whoopdeedoo. They're a whopping 3 games over their Pythagorean W-L, which means they will regress as soon as they're not playing Baltimore, Toronto, and Minnesota again.

Wanna hear something really sick so far? The Yankees, Jays, Rays, and Red Sox are 4 of the top 10 teams in nearly every single offensive stat category in the entire MLB right now! The Orioles are even in the top 10 of about half of those categories as well! The AL East is SICK this year.

When you look at how many MFY wins were by 1 run recently, and how many Sox losses by the same margin, there's not much for anyone to brag about. It's not like the Sox have had a strong lineup lately.

Then those Yankees fans are idiots, hb. BOS has beaten NYY 247 times in a row this year and it's only May...the Twins are a slightly above average club with 2 great hitters.

Taking 2 of 3 vs. the Jays? A reasonable person has to wait till the ASB to draw any conclusions there.

BTW, the pessimist in me sees Ortiz's year mapping Giambi's 2005:

At the end of May: .231/.376/.347

At the end of September:

Mahts has bitch tits...and J.O - I sure hope you're right.

one of the nice little treats that came with winning a few WS titles and already having a nice win streak this year even w/o Papi's help is that I no longer watch the AL East standings each day. I just checked the standings lastnight for the first time in almost 2 wks.

Our team is playing well, notwithstanding our collective bitching about the lack of perfection we seek (I count myself among the bitchiest in this regard).

From what I've seen thus far, the MFY's will need to play their asses off to keep up (4 HR per game, walk offs every night), while we are already keeping up with the League leaders by playing basic good baseball without our best in the lineup and without all the heroics. A great feeling of contentment - which is the ultimate FU to any MFY fan.

re: the Jays and maybe the Rays, gotta wait til the ASB to see what's real and even then you never know who will pull a Mets finale.

You know, back before the SAWX were shown to be juicers and liars and cheats (oh my!) Bill's comments would have bothered me. But now that it's been confirmed that the SAWX aren't "battling evil" and, in fact, are just as evil as everyone else, we all know they are frail and incapable of holding up under pressure. Of course they might just be missing their "main supplier" as well...

I smell cucka

like i said, contentment. That hog smoker BigBri (buttsex for free and feelin' fine!) is lookin' us up and down and smilin' at it all, wishing he had some of that, and I just don't care. The redsox are playin' well, playin' better than his skanks, and it really fucking bothers that ass2mouth shit wipe. Very satisfying indeed.

Now go drool over Jeter's stuffed jockstrap while you continue your quest for the world masturbation championship.

yes, fellow soxaholix, I know we shouldn't encourage the children - it gives them big ideas - but sometimes its just fun to tease the little prick.

(Somewhere in a basement in Missouri):

Mom! I wanna nother sodie pop!


Only if you give me some lovin', Bri.


I just can't understand how Skank fans can rip the Sox for steroids. There entire team is stocked with 'roid users. Christ, their clubhouse is a pharmacy.

Oh, wait. I forgot. They haven't won a championship since 2000, so current steroid use doesn't count.

"Another A-Roid, from A-Rod!"

That leviathan sneaking up behind Bill is really BB- don't drop the soap ;D

Marty's talking with Bill, but I'm seeing Mike instead. Did I take the brown acid, AGAIN?

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