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No dreams of dying here

Well, so much for Toronto's stranglehold on the AL East.


Then again, we haven't officially moved in first yet. Let's not count the clams 'til they're in the pail.


Nevertheless, a sweep is a sweep and it's always uplifting to witness how a successful homestand can make coming off a dismal road trip seem amusingly passe.


Must be something in the chowdah.


Or in the 90+ degree spawned sundresses and pasty legs with fresh razor nicks as some guy put it yestahday.


Speaking of New York, I wondah how soon it'll be before we see Adam Lambert sing the National Anthem in the new toilet.


Why, he didn't win Idol?


Heh. Exactly!


Dude had the win in his back pocket but somehow couldn't close the deal, just like the Chokees.


Yeah, and the comparison doesn't end there. I mean Lambert was a little too old, a little too soft, and a little to sure of himself — Hell, they should make him an honorary Yankee.


Absolutely, and their 7 inning stretch sing along song should be Mad World

"All around me are familiar faces ... Going nowhere, going nowhere."



He'll be too busy counting the wrinkles on his dog's balls.

Good Lord, Harwich, I'm eating an english muffin right now.

Is Bay hot, or what (and no, Natalie, I'm not talking about his fine ass or thighs. Although, they are fine. As that sort of thing goes).

I'm going to get coffee now...

I'll be good,Bob.(Can't you see my halo??)

That's okay, Harwch.

Just got around to ready the late posts from yesterday.

SDU rules. 'I'd rather be counting the wrinkles on my dogs balls' WILL be used in a meeting soon.

Sure, it'll offend lots of people. But that's my game, baby.

Oh, and the new wedding date appears to be November 7.

One month later, and it'd be both perfect and prophetic.

Is beating the 2, 4 and 5 starters a cause for celebration or should it be expected from this team? Let's see how they do against Santana tonight. I have no confidence in Dice-K.

"Must be something in the chowdah." Love the unintentional 'roids references, h.b.

Sox are in second, and could temporarily drop to third this week. But it's pretty clear: the Sox are the pimps of the AL East. The BJs and the GBYs are their 'hos. (We can forget about the Rays for the time being.)

@Scott - Win is a win. You have to beat the teams you are supposed to beat. That means beating the pitchers not named Halliday.

What's the old saying, you can't win the pennant in April(or May) but you can lose it? You do that by beating other team's 2,4 and 5 starters.

The guy who won Idol is the husband of someone who works for my company. Everybody down in Arkansas was dialing like mad, I imagine. People figure that then the 3rd place guy went out, all his voters swung for the more normal-looking guy.

Who cares what no. starter they beat?

I'd rather lose to a number 1 starter and win the series, than beat the no 1 starter and lose the series.

Couldn't the team be a little more forward thinking and not choose tonight for Dice-K's return?

I think its the perfect night. Dice K will be out there walking around between each pitch, rubbing himself, and his half inning will last forever and Santana will be iced like a place kicker between every inning.

and Scott, let's not forget that it was OUR #2, 4 and 5 that did the beating. I'd say that's a fair judgement indeed. I agree though about Dice v Santana tonight- yikes.

And, if anyone cares, my dog's still pissed ;-)

Tell him not to frown,Buck it'll give him wrinkles-or would've. ;D

I've got a very good feeling about Matsuzaka tonight.

I wish I had a dog...

BWF - if you had used a new blade, the dog would have been a bit more forgiving.

can we rip on Papi for the rest of the day...seems to work in the HR category.

New t-shirt: Dog laying on his back - caption: "Count these wrinkles"

Just finished playing with my Godson, the Cfrown prince of RedSocx Nation, in the fountain on the Greenway. I'm soaked in sweat and water. Damn kid is in better shape than I am, and he's already faster. At 2-years-old.

Regarding Dice-K, whatever I say will either be a gooch or a reverse gooch. So let's gfo with a triple reverse gooch:

Dice-K can't possibly win tonight because although the Red Sox are far superior to the Mets, Santana is the greatest pitcher alive but he sucks and just can't lose.

Don't even ask.

The boss just released the hounds.

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Mon...TUESDAY!

has the lad been to Pete's yet? Silly question- of course he has.

Happy and safe holiday all

Donde esta lc?

[His last post 'I smell cucka' was some days ago.]

We want surly IMMEDIATELY

You want surly? Lugo IS wrinkled dog balls. And I'm TIRED of counting his errors, lazy play, and shitty hitting.

I want him off of this team. Watching him play is worse than a sriracha enema.

Yeah, he cost us this game (late inning attempted reverse gooch type situation). Sriracha enema - sounds hot.

I was all in favor of Lugo's signing, although for too much money, but man, he's got to go. That non-DP ball was a game breaker. Bad, bad, bad. Hurry back, Jed.

Is Hanley a free agent, yet? It seems as though SS is a black hole for Theo. Pay the necessary $$, and get a first rate guy if Lowrie ain't the answer. But Kaz (and many others) is right, say goodnight Julio.

Not a big fan of dogs or their balls. I saw a tshirt in a pet food store that said "sleeps with dogs".

Ahh, he's back!

How many of you dummies still think Ortiz isn't costing us tons of games? He's hitting in the 3 hole for Christ's sake! What a joke. One man, bigger than the team. That game where he left 12 runners on base - that was a great one. Only four runners left on tonight! He's getting better.

I regret that I agree.

One swing does not a swallow make.

I think we got how you feel the first 25 times Paddy.

Omir Santos, pride of New York.
Papelbon needs to chill out.

1st place btw

Did somebody say 3rd place?? Sorry BM,couldn't resist =)

A Yankees friend of mine asked me the other day what did 5-0 matter when the Yankees were able to end up 1 game behind us (after Friday's games).

I told him: What did 9-0 matter when the Yankees can't even pass anyone in the standings just because they did it?

He stopped talking baseball after that.

Yeah, I said 3rd place this week.. still could happen.. Sox have another series against the BJs coming up.

Mybad Billy,I didn't realize "12 hours,give or take" last thursday equated into this week. ;D

"The Sox may be the best team in baseball, but I venture that in about 12 hours, give or take, they'll be sitting in third place in the AL East.

Posted by: Billy Mahty | 2009.05.21 at 10:38 AM"

Don't worry, lots of ventures fail.

Hey Harwich and Kaz - I did own up to that Thursday:
No, buck, you're right. The Sox will hold on tonight no matter what. Don't know why I thought the Yanks were only a half game behind them.
Posted by: Billy Mahty | 2009.05.21 at 10:53 AM
And I thought you, Harwich, were refering to my post from Saturday (in this same thread):
Sox are in second, and could temporarily drop to third this week. But it's pretty clear: the Sox are the pimps of the AL East. The BJs and the GBYs are their 'hos. (We can forget about the Rays for the time being.)
Posted by: Billy Mahty | 2009.05.22 at 10:37 AM

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