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New stadium, same results ...

How friggin weird is it that leaving Tampa to face the Yankees in the Bronx feels like a respite?


Seriously. If I had to enduah anothah 9 innings of Crawford and the Rays right now, I'd be calling up my Emo nephew for tips on cutting myself.


I've nevah seen a guy steal with such impunity.


Are you kidding me? If Crawford sent Varitek a confidential business offer via email on behalf of Engr. Michael Abe of Benin Oil and Gas Company in Benin Republic, I'm pretty sure Tek would be happy to provide his bank account information to begin forthwith procedures for license reassignment and actualizing the rest of the project.


But back to the new Yankee Stadium, Lestah sure did look good.


And as the Herald puts it, Jason Bay Owns New York — In four games against New York this season, Bay is 9-for-15 (.600) with two homers and seven RBI.


Meanwhile, lest anyone accuse of total homerism, can I say that Teixeira hitting solo bombs from both sides of the plate was pretty impressive.


Yeah, but as is always the case for the Oh-fer-21st Century Yankees, when the game is on the line — For instance, say, with runners on first and second with one out in the bottom of the ninth — He goes out not with a bang but with a whimpah.


Clap. Clap. ClapClapClap.



Nice game, I guess, is it over yet?

I think the weather had an affect on the crowd. Most of the patrons at BitchTits Stadium were disguised a puffy blue seats, from what I could tell.

It was nice to see Phil "The Futah" Hughes maintain his steady pace to oblivion. Plus, who among us doesn't admire a MFBT playah whose mom is arrested for peddling the meth?

The game within the game, my friends,


Heh. That's right, LC. Joba's mom is a meth dealer.

Anyone surprised? From the size of his head, she must of been using while pregnant.

Couldn't believe the # of empty seats last night.

Looks like Joba does not send too many checks home.

Tom, looks like that radical price cut from $2500 to $1250 a seat in the lower bowl isn't working very well.

Just because a toilet bowl is made out of gold doesn't mean people will buy the shit.

Yeah, I hear she's the one who sold the roids to A-hole's cousin.

//Just because a toilet bowl is made out of gold doesn't mean people will buy the shit.//

Nice. Bob is the Ditka of one-linahs.

Should I feel slighted that Soxaholix didn't even get nominated for this?

TruFan Inaugural New England Sports Blog Awards


to quote GMarx: "I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member"

Fuck 'Em. I never even heard of two of them, and looking at them, they suck bitchtits.

Just saying.

[and yes, I intend to include the phrase bitchtits in every comment from now until the end of time, so get used to it.]


hb, fuck'em. True fans don't have time to search the internet for every two-bit pseudo-award to submit their favorite watering hole. Trufans do.

I riled a few Yankee fans online yesterday when Teixiera hit that late inning solo shot making it 6-4, I called him "a decent replacement for A-Rod: hitting meaningless homers in the late innings". Then they got all puffy when he was up with the tying runs on base...and I got to laugh them off to bed when he got gunned down by Papelbon. It was a beauty.

I bet they can't sell those seats because Gabe Kapler's jersey is buried in the cement under them. Really, they should be offering people free upgrades to go sit down there. It looked like I was watching a Royals game. How embarrassing.

It's hard to fill seats when you
refuse to let ticket-holders reenter
after they're told the game has been postponed!

RIP Dom Deluise.That man knew his way around a kitchen.

A dozen comments or so and no one has mentioned the exchange between Girardi and your first base coach who was peeking in at Molina?

Girardi: "You're going to get someone hurt."

Tim Bogar reportedly replied with a fusillade of language that I won't write here given my own aversion to vulgar language, you assholes.

I, for one, would welcome a return to the 70's...this series has been too Oprahfied in the last few years.

Beckett and Chamberlain? The probability for chin music is high.


news bulliten: Girardi is about as important and relevant as bitchtits on a cicada

Harwich- Dom Deluise. Blazing Saddles.

Throw out your hands!!
Stick out your tush!!
Hands on your hips
Give 'em a push!!
You'll be surprised,
You're doing the French Mistake!!

Enough said.

JO-I always thought Dom and Paul Prudhomme were twins separated at birth :)

"They hit Buddy! Let get 'em, girls!"

Just can't have enough Blazing Saddles references in any given day. Thanks, Jason.

DId anyone READ the comments in the NY press about Girardi, Hughes, and Molina? Good gravy, what a whine-fest! Somebody break out the cheese. (No Harwich, not cut the cheese. Hughes did that last night after four innings.)

The Corsican Brothers?? lol

Wow, I hope MLB had time to scratch Hughes' name off the Cy Young Award after last night. Seriously, after his first outing the NY media was treating him like he was throwing federal bailouts to the masses instead of 90 mph fastballs.

He got hit HARD last night, even the outs.

Molina was getting ripped by the 25 MFY fans that stuck around - his little bull fighting move on a harmless pop in front of his own bench was impressive.

Glad for the rain delay - I could watch the game. Eck and DR were a nice distraction.



Are those sofas down there behind home plate? Loveseats? I expect to see Tom Brady & Giselle sharing a seat...I betcha they could afford it, too.

Hey wideload New Yorkers...try Bud LITE.

h.b. trufans are pinkhats next to u

Yank pitching staff = Hollow Men to be sure.

Teix still scares me. Woulda looked real good in hanging crimson hose.

clap clap clapclapclap :))

clapclapclap clap clap.

My favorite part of the game was when you could hear "Let's Go Red Sox" being chanted, prompting the announcers to comment "That's not something you hear too often in Yankee Stadium".

...but becoming more and more frequent. lol

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