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Lester getting supremely frustrating

Seriously, they may as well form their own K of C council.


Toss in an open bah and free flowing Jamesons and it could get as crazy as my sistah Linder's wedding.


Well, minus the blitzed and shirtless Fathah Seamus jumping on the head table and doing a "Somebody to Love" karaoke, of course.


Jesus wept but Fr. Seamus did the best Freddy Mercury impersonation evah.


Absolutely. I mean not only could he hit the high notes, but he had the ovahbite too.


Whatevah happened to him anyway aftah he was "disappeared"?


Last I heard he was selling tourist trinkets in Sainte-Anne de Beaupré.


Well, here's to hoping he maybe asked the Blessed Grandmothah for a little help with Jon Lestah.


Taking a 6 ERA into June, Lestah could use some divine intervention that's for sure.



I don't know if it was the pressure of 2008 looming over him or he had a fluke year, but Lester's gotta get his act together. Beckett's turning around slowly but surely as is Penny, but damn son...

My head hurts. Real bad.

X was great last night though.

I tried to follow the strip today and just can't process. Yet, anyway. I'll try again later.

Yeah Bob,mine too.Got ahold of some bad Corn wine at Old Joe's place last night.

I miss Remy.

Harwich, was there a chicken on the table, and did you say grace?

I guess today's strip was a real dud.

Funny, because this is one I thought was super awesome. Almost every time I think I have a good one, it falls flat. Yet when I put out what I think is just a piece of crap I get the "coffee on my monitor" feedback. I haven't a clue.

But onward it goes just the same...

I miss Remy too, but if you're playing a drinking game, you can't beat Dave Roberts and "productive".

It's not a dud, H.B. I just can't read words in sequence quite yet (seems like that's the case with quite a few of us today; sweet, sweet grain alcohol).

The strip might as well be called "What I did on Summer Vacation". The Freddy Mercury reference took me back to our London trip of a couple years ago, where there was a theater with a ginormous gold-plated statue of F.M. on the overhang. Believe there was a Queen musical going on. Natalie, any chance it's still there?

The Sainte-Anne de Beaupré ref goes straight to the summer before that when we visited the cathedral at Mrs. Rob's insistance during our Quebec trip. BIG gift shop there; I still don't know how, but I found a cross from there in my hip pocket after we returned home (unpaid for). No idea how it got there, but I was so full of Catholic guilt that I sent them a rather large check by way of apology.

Funny, shortly after that, all the frogs, locusts, boils and lesions that had come on so suddenly left again - and just as quickly. And I had thought it was just the Canadian water or something...


So, wait a minute, h.b...you think Lester needs some time alone with a fat, shit-eating, Harris Milstead? Well, I guess that *would* give him something to think about and clear his head of his occasional bad innings...

What's so weird about Lester is that nearly all of his runs against come in his first 15 pitches or his 76-90th pitches. Basically the 1st or 5th inning. So weird.

Been thinking about that first panel, too, by the way. I heard that Obama looked for a Latino, Muslim, female, parapelegic, single, lesbian, divorced, mother of 3 who loves abortion, guns, and has a PhD in nuclear energy with no strong feelings about torture or file-sharing...but she wasn't interested in the job.

Seriously, though, I'll celebrate the traits that did get diversified, like gender, political bias, and race, and excuse the factors that weren't so easy to shake up like religion. But it's still a point well taken.

The strip's fine h.b.,it's this damn mighty wind that keeps getting in the way.

Sure is, Rob. We Will Rock You, right in the heart of the West End. Haven't seen that one yet- just caught Jersey Boys, which was amazing, and made even better listening to Brits try to do Joizey accents.

I heard that Sotomayor is a Yankees fan. How can she be comsidered fair and impartial?

I've just ordered a case of Tek's Captain's Cabernet for Lester's "Devine" intervention

Ah jeez! Thanks to Nola, I just got Kaz' intentionally punny Harris Milstead reference. "Devine"/Divine intervention, indeed. I'm running on 3 cylinders today, and I only have four to begin with.

Natalie. Thanks for posting in. I have a couple pics of that big Freddie Mercury statue. Relative size would suggest about a 14 inch overbite. I found the whole thing pretty funny. Wonder if the show's any good?

hb, I laughed my monkey nuts off, but the coffee was well and truly consumed beforehand. If'n it was still in my mouth, it would have ended on the keyboahd.

devine/divine. ugh. maybe i'll take the rest of the week off. i feel like lugo.

you have better hands. At least that's what Lisa said.

Wished I knew about X last night but at least I did see Freddie Mercury when he wasn't dead.

Strong strip, don't be so hard on yourself HB

Today's strip had it all - politics, catholicism, pop culture, a wee bit of baseball and red sox angst. Don't worry that Bob can't read; red liquor will do that.

And I see that this Sotomayer chick http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/15/us/15sotomayor.html?_r=2 "> saved baseball

She saved baseball... why? because "She loved Nancy Drew mysteries"???

From SDU's link: Judge Glenn said lawyers generally regard her as representative of what he said is called “a hot bench,” meaning that questions come fast and furious and lawyers have to be fully prepared.

Yeah, right...and a twat is a nun's hat, your honor. We know *exactly* what you mean by "a hot bench"...

SDU, as X sang on Tuesday, "Smoke in one hand looking for a drink, drink in the other hand..."

God I love that band. Smart punk equals Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, mark my words.

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