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Friday helps



I stay up to watch the Bruins lose a friggin hahtbreakah in overtime only to switch ovah in time to see the Red Sox lose in 12th in La Aneheim.


Now I feel like uttah crap.


Are you kidding me? I feel like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed aftah a night at the Hotel CIA.


I mean Jesus Hussein Christ where do we even begin to sort this shit out?


I don't know where to begin but this is where it has to end: Biggie gone Smalls Papi goes 0-7 with 12 LOB, and a 3-1 based loaded ground out to the catcher in the 12th.


Seriously. That giant sucking sound you hear is even the most ahdent Ortiz loyalists gasping for air.


Is it 5 o'clock yet? I need an Irish 7 course meal.


But, hey, least it's Friday. And I'm in love.


Enjoy it while you can, Dougie, what with Craigslist shuttahring the exotic services section next week and all, a lot of your love is going to go unrequited. Heh.


Oh, c'mon, guy, like all the vices our stodgy moralists try to eradicate, the erotic services aren't going away, they are just going undahground.


Speaking of say hi to Mary Jane for me.


Hey, you know what they say, "Don't ask, don't ravel, all will be swell."


Who the fuck says that?


Well, nobody … but it's early yet.



"Friday and I'm in love" :) nice reference h,b.

I knew the second the Bs failed that 4-man charge that Boston was in trouble.

Figures the success and failures of our sports teams act like they were dependent on each other. Papi and the Sox screw the pooch in LA, the Celtics blow their lead to the Magic, and then like the aura of fail traveled all the way here, hockey fails us too.

Still cloudy here on Franklin St. and I can certainly understand why.

Big Papi's last at bat was painful to watch refreshing the the Yahoo box score. It must have been brutal in person or on TV.

From Trifecta to Die-fecta.

Ug, That was painful all the way around.

And then the sucker-puncher pots the winner?

I've always thought God had a sense of humor, but Jesus Christ.

At least I can get some sleep now.

Papi's last at bat was awful.

It sucks how quickly it's changed from him being the MAN to the last guy you want to see when the game's on the line.

Even my six year old says; "Uh-oh its Big Pop Up"

At least he hustled down the line.

Long time no post . . .

Here's the obvious question that must be asked:

Shouldn't Papi be dropped in the order?

Here's the painful (very painful) question that I hate to ask:
If we had a better option at DH, wouldn't Papi be benched?

It actually pains me to watch him. Feel like he's family after the last 6 years . . .

If I could change the lineup I'd put Papi in Drew's position. Why Drew? I remember last year when Drew took Papi's lineup spot and was en fuego. It could happen again.

If not Drew then Bailey just because.

On to Seattle !!

On the bright side, we've already beaten the Angles more times in the regualr season than we did last year...

Tito needs to move Papi down the order to take the pressue off him - he is pressing like I've never seen before. If Youk was in the line up, I'd suggest sitting him for a few days.

My move for Papi: Put him at first. Now, just wait a second and hear me out!

I think Papi is suffering from sitting in the dugout and stewing between at-bats. If he's on the field, he's able to clear his head and just play the game. We don't have Youk still for a few days and Bailey's been garbage in his place. Lugo is batting like there's no tomorrow for him. Lugo is fielding like there should be no tomorrow for him. Nick Green was batting well when he was playing every day at SS. So, put Papi at 1B, Lugo at DH, Green at SS, and move Papi way down in the lineup, like 8 or 9, until he's hitting again.

As for that shitastic OT in Boston, I don't want to talk about it. Today is the last day of my playoff beard. It's done, we move on.

Celtics, you've backed yourselves into yet another Game 7. Do it like you know how and we'll be cool. Let's take this party train to Cleveland, capiche? That means YOU, Ray Allen. I know you're playing injured right now, but tough it out and start finding those 3's again, please.

If there's any team in the entire league to experiment on, it's Seattle, winners of 1 of their last 10 games. Let's go Tito! Do that voodoo that you do so well and get Papi motivated to play again. He's sucking the life out of the room.

Also, as for the Craigslist hooker pages, at Fark.com someone said the new term for hooker will be "couch" in the for sale section, as in:

* 35 year old couch with new upholstery and new overstuffed pillows. Available for parties, may have some animal hair on it. Will throw in a free donkey.
* 15 year old couch, looks like it's 18. This is my first time selling on Craigslist so please be gentle with me. Call me at this number and ask for Moe.
* Ladies, do you need a long couch to fill that empty spot in your hallway? I have the longest couch around. It's clean and ready for you. I still have the slipcover on it. Will wrap it in plastic for delivery if you request or deliver as-is. Don't worry, I can pull it out of your hallway before anything bad happens and put it out back for you.

So, Doug can just go get himself a few couches and lay back and enjoy them.

Diefecta it is ... live by the sword you die by it? I need some perspective. I shut the radio off when Papi comes to bat. I love the big pop up nickname and it hurts to say that. My son hasn't worn his Ortiz shirt in a long time. Its dark oh so dark. That goal by who the fuck is Scott Walker was like getting sucker punched.

Of all the damn WhalerCanes to score that goal, it had to be that asshat Walker. I'm going to drink a gallon of Allen's Coffee Brandy now.

I turned it off immediately when the OT goal was scored, so I missed the fact that it was Walker. A really sucky ending to a sucky sports day that began with reportt Favre had sent X-Rays to the Vikes.

Kaz, I like you idea of putting Papi at first. Just might get him going.

If we really want to pump up Papi's heart rate, put him at short.

I'd pay big bucks to see that.

Me too Bob and while we are at it lets put tek @ 2nd for even more fun. On another topic are we the fucking slowest team in baseball?

To add to my UUUGGGHHH

son on the DL with nasty broken arm two "games" into the season

F*&%ing monkey bars

How many times this year has Ortiz made the third out with runners on, and Jason Bay waiting patiently on deck...

Oh cruel world.

The only consolation from Game 7 is that the Pens should have no problem with the Canes.

someone needs to stop with the voodoo shit on the sox. things are all fuggin' upside down. Lugo gets 5 hits while Papi couldn't buy a hit on craigslist whether he had $25 or $2500, Drew watches the ball drop on the ground then grabs it and fires to 2nd to get the out, Ellsbury with his speed can't make it to the ball but Drew comes screamin' in for the catch and double up at home - great play, but WTF Jacoby?, Kottaras pinch runs for Tek? excuse me? It tkaes until the 9th for Francona to finally give a bid WTF to the ump's strike zone?

Shit is all awry in Redsox land

ew. don't even like to imagine the monkey bar broken arm episode. seems like it would go well on an episode of Scarred.

only thing good about this morning is Doug's line:

"Don't ask, don't ravel, all will be swell."

Coffee on computer screen. Thx for bringing some laughs, HB.

Now THAT should go on the T-shirt!

The sad thing about Francona is that after an 0 for 7 like that, he will probably make an even bigger point of telling Ortiz and everyone else that this is exactly the time to keep supporting your slumping slugger. Loyal to a fault...maybe we need a directive from on high to affect the lineup change we all know is necessary (would Theo impose on Tito?). Short of that, Ortiz has to man up and go to Francona and REQUEST the change, sort of like Jose Contreras requesting the demotion to the minors to work his shit out where it won't keep killing the club.

I'm sure Theo is several moves ahead of us on the Ortiz situation.

4:30! Time for beer cart.

It's only 4:00 you say? Sorry. Can't hear you. I'm at beer cart, and the pouring sounds drown you out.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

re: papi, 4 words - bunt into the shift. at this point, what do we have to lose?

Beer cart started at 3:#0 herer.. Cya all later. Go Boston!

I'm late coming in and haven't posted in a while. I agree with Jeff H that if Tito wasn't going to do it, then the Big Father had to "man up" and tell Tito to have him sit, or drop him in the order, or something....God, it is so painful to even think that about someone you've loved for the last few years, but I guess tough love is what we need right now.

I'll be in Seattle on Saturday/Sunday trying to reverse my current streak of being in person there for 4 Sox losses without a win.

See you all on Monday.

Well,I'LL be here all weekend :)

anyone got a morning after pill? I'd like to get rid of what happened last night, thank you very much. I know that when a team like the M's loses so much they are bound to win sooner or later, but why not later after we leave town?

Maybe the Sox should add an alternate Jersey to the uni's that replaces the 2 sox with LOB for a logo

Well Bob,anything fun to yak about this morning??? :(((

Even the weather sucks.

Yes, Harwich. Abby is beautiful, Dice-K is coming back, Papi can only get better (and Lester and Beckett as well), and I had three lobsters over the weekend.

3 lobsters,Bob?? All I got was crabs :))

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