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And the keg girls go ... doo doo doo doo ...

Ok, so I think the expression "And the crowd goes wild!" was somehow lost in translation for Dice-K.


So much for the friggin "gyroball".


Remembah when we were all giddy with our pennyanny dreams of the gyro and were envisioning Matsuzaka as Mothra and how the naysayahs were all "He's at best a 3 or 4 guy and not an ace"?


Well, say hey to nay.


Ah, dude-san's got 8.82 ERA in 16.1 innings. That doesn't buy a whole lotta benefit of the doubt from where I'm standing.


But Matsuzaka sure was lights out in the WBC. Woot!


Exhibition ace / harvests so many bushels / how unripe the fruit.



Unleash the trolls :(

Batters miss pitches,
Pitcher messes up badly,
No win for nation

...at least he didn't lose his head...

Abby had a great line at Pete's last night:

"Watching this guy pitch is like watching grass grow with paint drying on it."

I love that crazy biatch.

MFY breath loud,
Red sox lose first shortly,
year 2 thousand bitch

I think "Valium would have helped our dash":)

Abby needs to become her own Soxaholix character.

That is so far easily the best line of the 2007 season!!!

Steroids rule their room
Big Tex is next on the list
I hate the Skankees.

Marty is coming soon, I suspect. (How can I hate a cartoon character so much?)

Both BOS & NYY now equally susceptible to Yogi's famous comment on intra-divisional dynamics:

"The other teams could make trouble for us if they win."

Jason O,
Where ya been? While you aren't one of the trolls, the MFY's winning has piqued your interest eh? Well don't worry it won't distract you for long.
:) They have been beating sub 500 teams and one historically sub 500 team.

I'll be a Character anytime in your life, h.b.....

mmmm.... h.b.

Abby, you do realize H.B. is a female bartender at the Baseball Tavern, right?

Wait...interesting possibilities here.

Vasoxfan, you have not been paying attention.

As St. Senator Clay Davis might say: Sheeeeeit, son, I been down with it all season.

You missed my prediction that Ortiz's season will map Giambi's '05 campaign? Which still stands, there's a lot of baseball left. Sheeeit, Tex looked lost for 5 weeks himself.

Both Matsuzaka and Wang caught some pitching-specific version of SARS or something when they went back to Asia in the offseason...they'll both be fine.

I'm just happy that Toronto faded earlier rather than later so we are saved the happy horseshit about how great Cito Gaston is, etc.

I'd be a fucking awesome manager with Jimmy Key, Tom Candiotti and Al Leiter in their primes. Add Juan Guzman throwing 98 in the 7th inning plus The Terminator Tom Henke, with those fucked up glasses, slamming the door.

Bob, I have no comment. I'm marrying you... 'nough said!

"That is so far easily the best line of the 2007 season!!!" What am I missing?
The Yanks' A.J. had a gem of a quote after his gem of a game last night: "I didn't leave anything over the plate today," said Burnett, who was victimized for three homers in his last start. "I stayed true with everything I threw, which makes a big difference. If you don't make mistakes, they can't really capitalize on them." Err., no they really can't.

sign is for the deuce
in the dirt to the backstop
number five starter?



Did someone say rehab-stint-in-minors-call-up-Bowden?

Hmm. Might have been me.

Great opening line, HB.

no poetry here.

To copy the Nats manager re Cabrera, when it comes to Dice-K, I'm tired of watching him pitch.

Dice-K... dic k... dick.

I fell very trollish today. Paint drying on grass growing is perfect.

and here I thought it was 2009. welcome the futah. I'm in it.


vasoxfan, the Sox are still in first. If the season ended today, the Sox and Yankees would both be making the playoffs (one as division winner, one as wild card). The first tiebreaker is head-to-head record. 5-0. Sox hold first over the Yankees.

Our starters need help?
Then show me Bard and Buchholz!
What's up now, bitches?

My hiku left something to be desired. I was trying to tell the MFY's in my life who were claiming that the sox will lose first place shortly to shut the fuck up by reminding them that the last time they won the WS was year 2000.
J.O. Now that you mention it .... early onset alzheimers i guess. Thanks for being civil.:) Although these previously mentioned yankee fans are coming out of the woodwork now.

Surprised steroid free BB hasn't slunk in yet :)

Oh, NOW I gotcha vasoxfan:

MFY breath loud:
"Red sox lose first shortly"
Year two thousand, bitch.

I misinterpreted the first two lines to mean that the Red Sox had lost first for a short time because the Yankees were playing better (louder). Now I get it.

The offense has scored 2 or less runs in 5 of the last ten games, and only 3 in one other. This team is not built to win that way, regardless of what the pitching staff is up to.

Much better!!

vasoxfan, you say "They have been beating sub 500 teams and one historically sub 500 team."

Not quite the best way to look at it, considering they also matched Philly pretty well and took 2-3 from Texas. But it's true -- no reason to believe the Sox don't still have the Yanks' number. (Triple reverse goocharama.)

Billy Mahty,
Texas is playing over their head and they would have gotten swept by Philly if they hadn't gotten lucky with that arod homer off lidge.

And now for something completely different: another Vince/ShamWow parody.

My fav line? "Punch it like you're punching a midget."


So, that was a fun inning...

Redmond, Gardenhire, Varitek, and Francona all tossed. Mauer took over catcher from Redmond but since he was already DH that means MIN lost their DH position. At the end of the insanity, it's 3-1 Boston in the top of the 8th. Go go Gadget Bullpen!

Henn plunked Ellsbury in his 3rd at-bat, Kottaras hits into the double play to give up a free out in the 9th, and Lugo with the infield out...

I guess it really wasn't meant to be. Damn.

After Tek was booted, we had three guys batting below the Mendoza line in the lineup.

Strike 3.

Pretty entertaining last three innings. Not pretty, but entertaning.

I missed why tex was tossed. What happened?

We had the game on in the office here so I saw the Twin's ejections (Bailey looked out, but I'll take it) but why did Tek & Tito get tossed?

Bob - the W is always pretty. Some just need more time in the powder room than others.

Beckett threw a close pitch that the ump called a ball. He screamed towards our dugout because he was pissed at the call and started to stomp off the mound. Tek covered for him to keep him in the game by jumping up and facing the ump and shouting at him instead of letting him focus on Beckett's behavior...and either said something or bumped the ump enough that he got tossed. Tito then came running out and basically said "What the fuck are you doing???" and got tossed for it. The ump was fresh from the minors and a last minute fill-in and probably had a bit of a hair trigger after already going toe-to-toe with MIN the half-inning before. But there you go.

Thanks Kaz.

Paint drying on grass
Abby and baseball Tav girl?
Life is beautiful.

vasoxfan, you're not convincing. i'm reserving judgment on the yanks' winning ways until june 9.

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