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A lot of season left

Wow, seems they were ejecting everybody yestahday.


It wasn't pretty but it worked.


Seriously, I'll take a buttah face any day as long as it ends with anothah notch in the win column.


Especially when the win puts the Sox back in first.


BTW can someone get me a reverse gooch stat to countah this?

"Shaughnessy thinks the Red Sox are in great shape moving forward, considering the team is stocked with good young pitching and a veteran (John Smoltz) on track to join the club next month as well."


What is that the new "Curly but Lovable" CHB or something?


Somebody bookmahk that for the inevitable CHB shift latah in the season when the CHB will claim he knew all along the team sucked and only Pollyanna homah fans were too stupid to see it.


So although we are first you've gotta figure the lead is going to change hands about 50 more times before this is ovah.


Oh, yeah, the Yankees are going to be right there the whole time.


And Tampa Bay is only a few bikini waxes short of getting back into it.


Time to kick back and enjoy the grand story arc of a full season.



Note: The "grand story arc" bit comes courtesy of a comment from Soulie to the 5/20 strip.

Quadzilla has 10 homahs. Did anyone see that coming?

Say what you will about Tek (and I know he hit for shite last year), but he's one hell of a teammate. He gave himself up to that crazy minor league ump yesterday to save his pitcher. Nice work.

"Grand story arc" works nicely for what is, after all, a novel in process.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was Dice-K's fault, it was Papi's slump. And in Beckett's case, it was the time that tries men's soul patch."

And yes, I know I mixed Dickens and Paine.

As Abby will tell you, I do that a lot.

(Here all week, try the veal.)

Even the Susan Boyle hecklers got ejected. lol

Curly but lovable. Heh.

Watch out that lc doesn't drag you to court. I think he might have grounds for a copyright infringement suit. :-)

da kine,
No. And as to why he is hitting so well I am torn. On one hand I think his off field distractions are lessened and that is helping. One the other hand he got a contract that said "prove yourself" and he is cause he really is a competitor. And on yet another hand(:)) I ask is he getting help from something? I mean its so drastic a change? I don't want to think that but given the environment can ya blame me?

I am exploring my options.


lc - I can recommend a good lawyer to you. His fees are reasonable (tix to Fenway), but his expenses are a little, um, "steep" given the commutation time and expense. See if you can arrange an early August hearing date.

SDU, you out there? :-D

You know I own that, L.C.

Your options are my royalties.


BTW I'll be calling into the "Web Sox Nation" segment for Comcast tomorrow. I believe the segment airs at 955am.

If you're not familiar, they feature 3 bloggers each week who spend a minute or hitting on the "hot topic" of the blog for that week.

Dirt Dogs and the Portland Press Herald Sox blog are the two others this week.

Don't worry I'll be using a voice modulator to disguise my Tavern Barmaid real self.

H.B.'s voice?!

I have connections at Quantico...

Thanks for the shoutout, H.B. It's silver lining to an otherwise crummy week.

The Portland Press herald has a Sox blog? who knew? They don't send anybody to the games even when they are in Fenway. There's better Maine RS bloggers. Just sayin'.

As far as needing sdu as a lawyer, what's mine is hb's as we would have no significance without this creepy space. And, speaking for myself, I have no significance even with the creepy space.


But how do we know if it's REALLY a voice modulator or just a double reverse gooch type of thing?? ;D

Just keep us guessing h.b.

L.C., you're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.

am I?
am I?
do they?

AL East could take shape by early next week, but 2009 was probably the longest stretch of time when rankings went North-South (ie, TOR, BOS, NYY, BAL, TB). At least that I can think of...

The Press Herald blogger gets his game transcriptions via telegraph and blogs with quill and parchment.

lc, if you weren't significant, then why did someone ask if it was you just because someone was wearing a Soxaholix shirt at Fenway? That right there proves you are.

h.b., if I'm awake at 9:55 AM tomorrow, I'll see what I can do. Where would one tune into such an event? The CSN channel? Online? Radio?

Oh, right, Kaz, those details would be helpful, eh?

The Baseball Show

Ah, found it. It's going to be part of "The Baseball Show" on Saturday 9a-12p on the Comcast Sports Network channel via cable and also WEEI radio. It's Felger, Merloni, McAdam and Buckley. You can listen online at CSNNE.com and WEEI.com.

It also looks like if you miss it completely it'll be available for viewing on their website later in the week.

Thought I posted this..but I must not have. Thanks for the info, h.b. It's going to be part of "The Baseball Show" on Saturday 9a-12p on the Comcast Sports Network channel via cable and also WEEI radio. It's Felger, Merloni, McAdam and Buckley. You can listen online at CSNNE.com and WEEI.com.

It also looks like if you miss it completely it'll be available for viewing on their website later in the week.

I think my last 2 posts were filtered. :p

Ah, found it, thanks, h.b. It's going to be part of "The Baseball Show" on Saturday 9a-12p on the Comcast Sports Network channel via cable and also WEEI radio. It's Felger, Merloni, McAdam and Buckley. You can listen online at CSNNE.com and WEEI.com. Check h.b.'s link where you can probably watch the Web Sox Nation segment online later in the week.

Yep...it's that 3rd link that gets my post shit-canned. Got it.

hmmm 9-12...EDT??!!

Sorry, HB - love you like the brother I never had but unless there's a podcast version, I'm not getting up at 6am out here.

So - if indeed said podcast is created could someone notify.

Not sure why those got flagged as spam. Released now Kaz.

Not 9-12. My segment is like 1 minute around 955. Also it gets archived on the web too, so you can catch later if you want.

So, Kaz... Is it going to be part of "The Baseball Show" on Saturday 9a-12p on the Comcast Sports Network channel via cable and also WEEI radio. I heard it's Felger, Merloni, McAdam and Buckley.


(Ain't Typepad a bitch?)

Worst Wax Figure Ever

You are all EJECTED!

Roll credits and early beer cart....

Looks like they got the ears right :)

That wax figure looks more like Andrew Young than Obama.

I'm splitting early folks. Gonna try and listen to H.B. tomorrow, but other than that, just starting to prepare for the big move Tuesday.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I'm thinking more like Miguel Ferrer with a tan. and more hair.

But at least hb copped to having a tavern barmaid-like voice. We knew it!

Denial ain't just a river in Egpyt.

you didn't even credit me, H.B.... but I can get over it as you have a very sexy voice.... purrrr....

Abby and I were praying that you didn't sound like the Pedophile on "The Family Guy" - you don't.

And Congrats

Ha! Abby, don't worry, you're just "one of the guys" here now. :)

Nice minute of fame, h.b. They really need to think about doing that better by spending just a *little* more time with each blogger and getting a bit more back and forth going with the host. Maybe have you tell them the "thing" that's being discussed the most but then have one of the hosts riff on it with some stats and more details for a minute or two. Right now it just sounds like a "whiner line" without the humor of the actual whiner line. "Throw away complaints from the web...go! Ok, that's 3, back to listening to us talk about baseball!" It's not like they don't have 3 hours to fill. :P

Oh well, it's exposure, let's see how it boosts the site hits. :)

Abby in my notes I credit you by name, but, alas, I'm not as smooth with the teleprompter mojo as POTUS.

Agree Kaz. And Felger insists on thinking of the blogosphere as "the kids." Ironically, I know I am actually older than Felger and Silva from BDD isn't a spring chicken either.

Well, I can tell them one thing. I've left it on their show for another 25 minutes and I can guarantee you the return viewing isn't going to happen. If part of their calculation was that blog fans would start watching their show (because I doubt they were altruistically just trying to get blogs exposure to their regular audience), it isn't working for me. This is like watching The View For Men or something...random opinions from each guy, next topic, rinse, repeat. No thanks.

H.B. I was just kidding about the credit! It was great to hear you!

Kaz! I love it. Is Felger Elisabeth? Don't even get me started on The View!

Yeah H.B. I love how Felger called you "kid."

Because you know, anyone who has a blog has to be a kid who plays D&D and Doom and hangs out at comic book stores.

Funny thing is, I think that describes Felger's first 30 years.

Yeah, I should stop using "h.b." and just go by "The Kid."

I wouldn't let Felger define you, even if in mocking irony.

Better than calling you kid he mispronounced your "name" (Brachen)

I missed it. What does h.b.'s voice modulated barmaid self sound like?

Way to go hb and Abby! You can listen/see hb's appearance http://www.bostonredsox.com "> Boston Red Sox Homepage "> here

http://www.csnne.com/programs/the-baseball-show/ "> Sorry it's early. Try here

just heard the clip, nice work AG. hb try for more than 57 seconds next time. That Kevin Thomas guy sure knows his CDogs.

Dude, that was awesome, thanks for the link, SDU. Loved hearing hb's simulated voice and well done, Abby! hb, I think it's really wonderful how you bring the commenters into the Soxaholix universe, in strips and now in the publicity. Thank you again for such an amazing community. :)

nice job, h.b. i always thought brachen rhymed with "shakin." so is this going to be a regular gig for you?

//try for more than 57 seconds next time//

LC c'mon man, I was cut off practically mid sentence. I had two more reader quotes and a whole other bit to cover.

But looks like they wanted us under a minute. (My full bit was self-timed at 1:20.)

And since I don't set the pace or have any control, it is what it is.

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