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5 nil

Two series with the Yankees, two sweeps.


They MFY's haven't just been swept, they've been ShamWowed.


And Jason Bay? Yeah, I'm saying Wow every time.


Who would have imagined that the "19-18" chant would be replaced with "We want Torre"?


Mystique and Aura, baby.



George Steinbrenner must be rolling in his grave.

And Hank Steinbrenner must be locked in his room with the Ben and Jerry's.

Shamwowed? They've been Elmer Fudwowed!!!

This just never gets old :)

Why didn't Beckett drill one of the Skanks after Bay got hit? Why I ask you, why?

I was so looking forward to a bench-clearing brawl.

"Old time hockey-puttin' on the foil,coach"

I love the 'bring back torre' chants! Those fans couldn't run him out of town fast enough a couple of years ago. Happy day!

I love that the mfy hitters will all be waiting to get plunked the next time they face Beckett!!

Oh, and speaking of being Shamwow-ed, should A-Fraud (occasionally) be named Slap-Chop?

Slappy McBlueLips is too classic to abandon of course.

"Hi, I'm Alex for Slap Chop...Madonna, you're gonna love my nuts. Linguini, bikini, martini, hyrogonated HGH...Call now, because you know we can't offer these seats for just $1,250 forever."

I know it was raining, etc. but I really get a kick out of the absurdity of those plush empty seats behind homeplate. There's no way they fill those things every game- it's like The Pitcher's Eye

I happened to switch over to the MLB network right as they were talking Sox/Yanks. HR was saying that since Beckett's suspension, he hasn't been pitching inside, and pointed to last night's lack of retaliation as further evidence. Is Beckett really that worried about another suspension?

I especially enjoyed Castiglione on the radio talking about how fidgety and spastic Chamberlain is! He almost sounded concerned... I really hope that in interleague play some National League pitcher teaches Chamberlain a lesson about showboating on the mound...

A couple of things:

I had to go to bed on Monday night in the 5th innning due to a 5 am wake up. In my 45 or so years of Red Sox fandom, it was the first time I ever turned off a Red Sox - yankee game feeling confident that we would maintian the lead and win. EVER.

Last night, the only people in the stadium that didn't think Joba the Hut was throwing at Bay intentionally were the umps. He wasn't even warned, let alone tossed. MLB has to suspend him or somebody is going to be seriously hurt. For our part, these are the things that make me really miss Pedro, and wish we would sign him to special contract where he only plays against the yanks and Rays.

Finally, off topic and despite the fact that we come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, it was still pretty cool that I got to meet President Obama on Monday. He is a charming man, much thinner and somewhat taller than he appears on television.

I had pegged the retaliation to come as Beckett went over 100 pitches, and had 2 outs recorded. It was all coming to pass, then he let Jeter on and the set up was kaput. It'll happen next time they play - question is, does Damon get it or Jeter the captain. Maybe Beckett could just turn and fire into the dugout and put one in Chamberlain's meth, er mouth.

wasn't the right time to retaliate at 4-3 in the pouring rain. Guy to do it should have been Saito, but I imagine something will get done the next time they play.

Special K and Singleton gave the Chevy Player of the Game to Joba. 4 runs in 5.2 is the best performance? Haven't they ever watched Bull Durham? Strikeouts are fascist.

Yes, i have to watch the games on YES. Pray for me.

Quite enjoyable listening to Michael Kay go on and on about the depth of the Sox relief pitching. It might be a long summer for the Yankees.

No Rich, this doesn't get old.

I just worry that my kids have only experienced the Sox in this decade. 35+ years ago I learned to be a baseball pessimist from my Dad. I'm happy for all the wins we get. Heaven help my kids 35+ years hence when they'll lament that the snow was deeper, the ice cream tasted better and the Red Sox used to win ALL THE TIME.

Chamberlain's a lunk head but I'll skip the meth jokes.

Someone should take Girardi's shoelaces; will he make it to the All Star break?
I wish someone would drill Joba in the mouth, but maybe his mother is punishment enough.

I too wanted Beckett to put his first pitch in Jeter's ear.

I don't care what the inning, situation, or weather. He should have hit Jeter.

Somehow I bet MLB will be a lot less willing to over rule the umpires and suspend a starting pitcher in this case than they were in Beckett vs Oakland.

Yankee teammates were probably suspicious when Joba was asking everyone to buy a package of sudafed for him.

in re: retaliation
glad we didn't do it. need to let some hints out about right before the next series...maybe it needs to be done then, or the next series...

And I'd like to wait for Bowden to come up to do it - he throws heat. Beckett can just come inside on a few guys as a warning - bring in Bowden and give 'em a slap-chop to the ribs.

Seems I hold the minority opinion. Perhaps that's why I no longer coach. They were all probably too cold and wet to fight anyway.

Go Bruins. Go Celtics.

In RE: hitting a Yankee retaliatory-style...

Save it for a game or three from now, and wait till we're up or down by a ton. Have it in their heads that it might be coming anytime. Sweeping them was the best retaliation anyway.

It's May....

It's Bay...

while it is "only" may, when the end of the season comes and you missed the playoffs by 3 games, you lost those games in april...there's no such thing as early.

I wanted to note the untimely passing of the WSJ's John Wilke.

Not only was he a lifelong Red Sox fan, but I've been told he was also a regular reader of the Soxaholix.

You can read the obituary here.

Condolences to his family and his friends.

Sorry to hear about John Wilke. I recognize the name because I read quite a bit of his Microsoft anti-trust articles back when that was happening. He appears to have accomplished quite a lot to be proud of by the age of 54. Much love to his family.

His friends put together a blog to record their remembrances at http://johnrwilke.blogspot.com/

In re: Wilkie.

I never met the man, but his beat and my real life intersected often and his voice in print was both profound and whimsical. What a shame to learn, only now, that he was a fan of this creepy strip.

God bless you sir.


I like to think that Remy reads Soxaholix.

Hang in there original Dawg.

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