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1 City, 3 Teams

Anothah night of Boston teams cubing the win — (Bruins)(Celtics)(Red Sox) = V3


Is this the friggin greatest sports city in the world or what?


Absolutely. Right now I'm happiah than Carrie Prejean at a wedding "between 1 man and 1 woman ™ ".


Of course, there is always someone ready to take the bloom off the rose.


You know I've had it with these Monkey Fighting* Flakes and their "Is so-and-so done?" Monday to Friday Refrain.


I mean it's all "Is Papi done?" "Is Tek Done?" "Is Brachen done?"


Jesus Mohammed Obama people do I have to put it on a t-shirt?

Size Mattahs!


So before you hit publish on your next tweet or blog post or MSM column just do me a favah and unzip your sample size and take a long, hard look and then ask yourself, "Is it adequate?"


And if you have any doubt, put your sorry junk back undah wraps, sit your sorry ass down and watch, I dunno, 60 or so more games, mmm-kah?


Wow. That rant made my bitch tits tingle.


Always glad to help out, bro.



Great Strip today,hb. Clearly Brachen is far from done!

Great win last night. Got to watch the last 2 innings at the bar after softball. I love M.S.T.

And I do think Lester will struggle all season. Too many innings last year. Hopefully he will bounce back in 2010.

and the streak is alive.

What troll is going to take a thrashing today?

Nice wins, boys.


Vermonter! game 7! have fun

I'd buy that t-shirt.

er, for the Mrs., that is...

Watched the game in my mommy's basement last night. She brought down some Dr. Pepper and Hot Pockets. I like the ones that are reduced fat, because I need to drop a few pounds.

Mommy seemed weird though. I think she had a gentleman caller or something, because she was bleeding "down there."

And by "down there," I mean her va-jay-jay, because I have to state the obvious in moronic, obvious ways that only prove the points of the people opposing my point of view.

Anyway, looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in Chilowith. You know, zinc storms with passing mercury showers.


"I've had it with these monkey-fighting trolls on this Monday to Friday blog space!!!"

LOL!! lc, what do you think of my Samuel L. impersonation?

Circle's got her A game today :)

Hey Buck, one of the bartenders at Pete's/Durty Nelly's is going to be giving free mohawks outside the Garden before game 7. I think maybe, just maybe, it would suit you.

In any case, it's better than a faux-hawk.

Yes, put it on a shirt.

Thursday is going to be awesome.

This one's a classic HB. Fine work.

PS - Some one tell CHB to keep his motherfucking fingers off of my motherfucking hockey!


Hmm, I think I did it wrong.

OK. I need to revisit the whole t-shirt operation soon, so I'll plan to make a shirt.

I'm thinking "Size Matters!" in large text and then in smaller font have "Beware the fallacy of small sample size."

BTW would you prefer "Matters" or "Mattahs" for the spelling?

Does it cost more to have two printing runs with different spelling? If not, do both. I'm torn between the two. (Much like BigBri with his "stepfather" and "uncle.")

Oh, great idea, Bob. With the CafePress setup, it's print on demand, so easy to offer both options.

I need to remember some of the other ones you guys wanted.

I think I have them written down somewhere, including "I'm Lou Clinton, Bitches!"

I wouldn't wear it, unless it was sleeveless to show off my gunnnnzzzz

Caps force Game 7. Bs force Game 7. Sox Win. Celtics Win.

If I can get a Caps win, and a Bruins win tomorrow, I'm a happy, happy camper. The playoff beard will live on!

anyway, in our polymorphic subspecies in this creepy space, we're all louclinton aren't we?

[I'm pretty sure bbsf won't get that one]

//we're all louclinton aren't we?//

Exactly! That is what I was thinking would be the underlying meaning of it.

On the back of the lou shirt can it say "look it up"? I would buy one in every size.

So, Nat, you're saying size doesn't matter.

Well, lc, in my experience that depends on what precisely one is doing. :)

"Look it up" on the back is easy. I just need to figure out where to put the logo/branding.

I think there are some great t-shirt ideas out of the keywords report people search on.

For instance, this is just the coolest:

"blah blah blah fishcakes"

And, of course, this ain't bad either:

"teal dress whiskey"

Maybe on the back it could say "Soxaholix: Keyword search"

In other words, for some activities smaller and tighter is better; for others, um, "baggy" is perhaps more comfortable.

(Enjoying this thread from a random gate at the copenhagen airport where my flight was diverted due to en route electrical issues. Awesome.)

Is blah blah blah fishcakes a "television without pity" thing? I thought they had coined something like that...

Ah, now wonder "blah blah blah fishcakes" looked familiar. It's from one of my fave sites, Television Without the Pity.

The search ends up here because one of you suggested ""blah blah blah fishtacos."


Just thinking that perhaps the ultimate insider Soxaholix t-shirt might just a simple monochrome clip art of a dress in teal color with "Soxaholix" in small print underneath.

On the other hand, as most wouldn't get the reference, it may send the wrong branding message.

Ad Man Bob, help me out here.

how about a teal dress with the logo on it? I'd be as likely to wear that as a tshirt.

ok, perhaps not

Remember when that person at Fenway asked me, "Are you Lou Clinton?" (I was wearing a Soxaholix shirt.)

Maybe you could make a Tee that says:

No, I'm not Lou Clinton, bitch.

Or, one that just has Surly on the front, and Lovable on the back.

Bob, I think we're cool on the LC shirt, it's the teal dress idea that has me confounded on how to play it, if at all.

How about the word "creepy" and the logo?

Circle is on a rant! Bitch tits tingling, indeed.

T shirt - Starting with your take above, h.b., how about getting a circle into the graphic somehow - a nod to her as the ranter, then on the back "Is It Adequate?"

If you put A-rod in the dress, then it would appeal to the masses on that level, and the faithful who knows what the teal means? Other than that, I got nothing...

Creepy works. As does the idea of using Circle for "size matters." Can do both with and without.

Another teal dress idea -- The simple teal dress and then the tag "Chicks love Soxaholix"


I have to go downtown and get bonded (for my parking permits when I move, not for any criminal activity.)

I will think on this.

Teal, teal, circle...for some reason Paul Lynde keeps coming to mind.

"I'm h.b.and you're not" That would keep everyone guessing.

...even us.

I'm very excited, Buck. I can't believe YOU are missing it, but your seats will be well-used!

Game 7 Baby!! Go Bruins!

not going to get any work done today...bitch tits tingling, brain on full t-shirt mode & sexy Circle dancing around my office in a teal dress.

hb - If you're going w/ some exposed bra straps (cuz if you're wearing a teal dress, you've had some drinks and things come out) - the logo would work in there.

T Shirt Mottoes...

F: Soxaholix
B: Circle's 2nd to last panel from today, in its entirety.

F: Soxaholix - Home of the Teal Dress
B: Mommy's Basement Dwellers Not Welcome Here

F: Soxaholix... A Special Kind of Creepy

F: Soxaholix... Coffee on the computer screen

F: Lisa mmmmm Lisa

Take a copy of the Dave Roberts steal of second from the 2004 ALCS. Photoshop him into a teal dress.

Underneath that put the text:
Steal Dress.

Soxaholix logo where ever you please.

Or maybe:

sTeal Dress

I too am still a-tingle after that sweet Boston trifecta last night... so good, so good! But I gotta ask, is STATS like a low budget AP that Yahoo Sports uses? This assclown calls this a preview lede? WTF?!? whatta jackass: By ANTHONY GIORNALISTA, STATS Senior Writer "Kevin Youkilis can't help and Dustin Pedroia is banged up, but the Boston Red Sox will need somebody to step up at at the plate with the potential of another poor Tim Wakefield start looming against the Los Angeles Angels..."

"My Resplendance is Adequate" over a teal dress w/ logo?

well, feel free to spell it correctly of course...

Coulda been worse than electrical problems, Natalie.

Just sayin'.

Whatever the design otherwise, can the printer include a built in sriracha stain somewhere on the chest or belly. It will save Bob the effort.


yeah, with onions....

And peppers.

Oh, and H,B.: two words:

Anas crecca.

Could be The Soxaholix "Veritas."

How 'bout
'Im Lou Clinton and so's my wife'

And a nice haiku?

How about a nice Haiku?
'I'm Lou Clinton and so's my wife.'

[This could be a double post, my pc's being funny this morning]

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