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Through every Middlesex village and farm

Has .500 evah felt so good?


Seriously. Bragging about being 6-6 is like bragging about getting a dutch ruddah from a fat girl, yet here I am.


The best paht is Lestah getting back on track — 7 shutout innings and holding the Orioles to 4 singles. Hell, yeah.


No the best paht is ol' man Scrivener shutting this place down midday so we can partake in the Patriot's Day fete.


Listen my children and you shall hear, / The sound of Al chugging an 11am beer.



Great last panel hb

Yes! Dutch Ruddah makes it in in good fashion, perfect to the 6-6 orgasm we are having. Harwich - nice addition to the lexicon.

Plus, Yankees suck and all that.

I must have switched over to the Yankees game about 25 times on Saturday, and I busted out in laughter every single time. Looking at that score never got old.

I think they missed a piece of the uni when they chiseled it out :)

Dutch rudder? Any day that starts off with the Urban Dictionary is a good day.

Best part of O's/Sox down here in DC is listening to Jim Palmer work the game. Just brutally honest. Whenever his counterpart tries to make excuses, Palmer will pipe up with some "Well, if you walk seven runners in three innings, and then leave a fastball middle-in, patient teams like the Sox are going to beat you. There's no magic here."

Oh Patriot's Day... one thing among many I miss about Boston. Drink one for my jet-lagged London-returned ass!

Palmer just crucified the home plate umpire in Saturday's game. I've never anything like it.

Am I the only one who visits this site that's not afraid to mention the David Ortiz situation? I was at the game yesterday. He has become a joke. One AB in a Red Sox uniform will be one too many. Ortiz has no business playing in Major League Baseball. He's occupying Jason Bay's rightful spot in the batting order. I would have felt sorry for Ortiz, but his Kevin Youkilis bashing showed what kind of teammate he really is. Theo, please just pay him what's remaining on his contract, and let's move on. Make a trade for Adrian Gonzalez.

While I'm not ready to throw his corpse over his horse and slap the horse on the ass to send it out of town like paddy is, I am however worried about Papi's current batting. I was there yesterday too and it was depressing...the kind of depressing that was only reserved for watching Tek knowing he was going to crush every rally with his at-bat last year.

I don't know what's wrong with Papi's swing right now, but it's WAY wrong. He was swinging under nearly every pitch and then when...no, IF he'd make contact it was abysmal.

I'm not sure when but at least last season, and maybe as far back as 2007, I mentally began to write off Ortiz.

I figured if I was wrong, and he wasn't in rapid decline, it'd be easy to say, "oh, I was way wrong."

But if I was right, I knew that I could lessen the blow by already accepting it.

That's where my head is. I had zero expectation that Papi would do anything in 2009, so I haven't especially noticed him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scores coming from New Yankee Stadium these last few days. That's what they get for ignoring history and not having the Sox close the old one and open the new one.

The standings as printed in the Chicago Tribuine now carries only a few stats past the W-L and fills in part of the space with "Quick Hits" - some one line commentary on whatever meets editorial fancy. Today was "Manny Ramirez's First HR" against each team. He's hit at least one against every team in the major leagues (the Red Sox when he was with Cleveland).

But Saturday's was the opponent and score for each team's opening game in their stadium. The line for the MFY was the score, followed by "bullpen imploded".

It was kind of interesting in that there was a pattern similiar for each league. All the teams but two opened a new stadium since about 1988 or so. Each league had one exception that opened in the 60's. And then there was the one outlier for each league; The Red Sox beating the Yankees 7-6 in 11 innings on April 20, 1912, and the Cubs beating (I forget who) 7-6 in 11 innings on April 20, 1916.

I wonder what plans will be made for Fenway's 100th anniversary? Will the Yankees be invited to help mark the occasion?

Why don't I get Patriots' Day off?

Gotta go...another meeting. Because they're so f-ing productive, don't ya know.

(Bad mood if you can't tell.)

So I write that and a minute later Ortiz homers. :)

Francona is intensely loyal to his veterans. I'm not getting upset because I accepted the inevitable. He'll be in the lineup all year, even if he is hitting .220 with 12 hrs and 42 RBIs in August.

Goucher looking strong! We *could* have a USA winner in the women's marathon this year!

But she's white so she's gonna lose.

(good ol' gooch-reverse gooch combo)


Bah. Kosgei (KEN) wins. Goucher couldn't keep the pace up with about 400 yards to go and came in third. Not bad at all, but she's in tears after the finish line.

Merga destroyed the men's race this year, but Hall (USA) is legging it trying to overtake second!


great races by both Hall and Goucher!

We're number THREE! We're number THREE! USA comes in third for both men and women in the Marathon. Congrats to Hall and Goucher!

Now, why does the WBZ guy keep calling Kosgei Ethiopian?? They keep saying it's a big day for Ethiopia to win both races (but my work's network connection is so bad I'm getting the race coverage in 3 second chunks as it keeps rebuffering...so maybe I'm just completely loopy here).

No Patriot's Day fun out here...hell, they can't even celebrate the Bear Republic.

HB - was that a double reverse gooch on your last post?

And Ortiz looked abysmal in Oak too, but agree w/ COD...the FO will stick w/ him until the bitter end.

Watched the Marathon this year. Close exciting race but you just knew Kara would lose in the end since she couldn't shake them on the hills. Still an outstanding job in her first Boston. Expect greater things to come.

Beating up on the Orioles is like beating up on that really bad softball team in our league. Their defense is atrocious.

Keep bashing Papi. It's working. 2-run triple!! Don't count him out yet..

Ortiz has been slow out of the gate this year, but has doubled and tripled in today's game with two RBI's. Can't find too much bad to say about him today...

New money making idea for HB. For $5000, he'll goad us into talking shit about you and bring you out of a slump. Now how to market it to the Red Sox...

I was stuck in traffic Saturday and put on the MFY game to get the score (Sox games don't reach to Jersey, unfortunately) and tuned in just in time for the splendor of the 2nd inning. Waldman was gushing about Claggett - until he started pitching. It was wonderful.

I like four-game sweeps.

Yes, I know that's a terrible gooch, but if the Sox blow this game, they'll have to rename it a Sxooch.

BTW, notce that when Papi goes with the pitch instead of trying to pull everything, he can actually hit?

I follow the Cubs but not close enough to figure out why they gave up on Felix Pie so quickly. I figured it out yesterday. A disaster waiting to happen in the outfield. This guy has trouble charging a ball.

Regarding Felix Pie; yep, that's the word on him. He should have to play the outfield with an apron and a meat cleaver.

Is his last named pronouced "pee-ah"?

That's what they were calling him on TV the other day.

Abby starting calling him urine pie, but then again, she's crazy as a loon born in the sludge at Chernobyl.

Felix Pie makes me laugh. It starts with his name. I don't go for the proper pronunciation, just plain old pie - apple, pot, hair, heheheh. Sophomoric, but WTF it makes me laugh. Then I watch him play the outfield and it gets even better.

and Ortiz. good lord. well someone had to take over Tek's job - swing at everything, hit nothing, kill all rallies. I really hope the homer and triple are not just acorns of the blind squirrel.

Aunt Maude-I'll have another slice of that Felix Pie :D

there, see?? its really funny. LOL. still laughing... still laughing...

After his heroics in 2004, the consensus seemed to be that Big Papi was 'DH for life'. As long as he wanted the job, it was his. I have to think that loyalty will keep him here for at least a couple more years.

Hey Flo, got any fresh pie today? I likes me some Pie.

No, but we got some Felix Pie - it has a fancy french puhnunciation - peeyeh or somethin' like that.

oh. got anything else?

thoughts from the 4 game sweep...fri. comeback was nice. Penny kinda looked like a giant tomato in the red jersey. Are 30 pitch saves now the norm for paps. you knew lester was gonna come back strong. Papi breaks out of slump and now hitting juuust under .200.Tried to make it up for todays game(5 am hst.)got the highlights instead. hey Rays! sorry about the temp. in the cellar, not down there long enuogh to keep it warm for ya.

I thought 'DH for life' was only in Haiti...oh wait a minute.

Felix Pie has the honor of one of the most painful reasons to go on the DL of all time

went to the pahk today. was there a game? couldn't tell, since noone was watching.

That reminds me, what is a fat man's favorite numbah?

A: Pi

[It's pronounced pee-yay]

poor Felix Foot... he is not long for this league. Just saw the sweet highlights on MLB Network. Is it me or is Matt the Armenian a total assjack?!?

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