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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

And the Bruins win to go up 3 nil ovah Montreal …


And the Celtics win


And the cops catch the Craigslist Killah.


All in all I'd say that's a pretty fine Patriots day for the City of Boston.




So this is my favorite line in the stories on Markoff


Wait, wait, don't tell me I think I already know what it is …




Ah, sweet irony, forevah I am your bitch.



My wife creepily looked up his profile on some wedding planning site, and I must say: his (ex-?)fiancee is teh hawt.

Réalisant mon espoir
Je me lance vers la gloire...
PsychoLucic aye, aye, aye...

Oh, Sox Rule! etc. etc.

Psycho Killer...

Great strip...

Do any of you guys think its fucked up to publicize markoff? What if they got the wrong guy? He will be tainted forever unless some dude turns himself in soon, which isnt gonna happen. Im not doubting the cops are wrong, but what about innocent until prven guilty and all that.

The reality is once you are pegged as guilty in the press the truth is no longer relevant. He'll never shake the image, even if he is 100% innocent.

Im not usually one to care, but this shit is ruthless.


Thats there wedding album at theknot.com, check out the recent signings. ffffucked up

"Innocent until proven guilty" or "presumption of innocence" is only a legal standard in the courtroom.

That said, I was once wrongly accused of a crime myself. And since I refused to admid any guilt or wrongdoing (even after offered a most generous deal), went to trial. "Not guilty," obviously, but I understand the consequences of an overzealous prosecuter, believe me.

But still, "innocent until proven guilty" only applies inside the courtroom. Not in here.

Upon hearing he was a doctor, I thought he had serious Season One Dexter Ice Truck Killer potential. I know, I am sick. I watch waaaaay too much crime TV.

Saw the game live from London yesterday; so awesome. Spring is here!

I don't understand how any deal could be considered generous if you're innocent.

I haven't seen Markoff since our days on the Duke Lacrosse Team.

I have one of Markoff's gloves. Found it a few years ago while trapsing through Brentwood after a commercial shoot.

I agree Billy. That's why I didn't take the deal. The judge said, "no time at all, the charge will be expurged from your record after six months. Just take it, buddy." (Literally, that's what he said.)

I said, "nope, I did nothing wrong. Let's go to trial."

The prosecuter nearly fainted.

Then, he lost his case.

On retrospect, in was fun. At the time, I was shiting my pants.

I heard Markoff killed Natalee Holloway too.

Well, he was with that Dutch kid at the time, so there's some difference of opinion on the actual killer.

Plus he stole billions of dollars in a crazy ponzi scheme ... oh wait that was Madoff.

Did Markoff ever cancel dental coverage for his employees? Just sayin'

He did pull his employees' teeth while demanding information from them. Something about, "Is it safe?"

I guess have all moved past lthis, but I went to Freindly Fenway yesteray for the first time in 2009. First, the important news: the ailing large gentlman down and to my left was not there, nor was there anyone in the seats that seemed to be genetically connected to him, so RIP that guy. The park was 1/3 emplty at game time. a cold day to be sure, but the beeahs were flowing in monumental quanitities. I think the RS crowd has officially jumped the shark, since noone, except for you humble observer watched even a portion of the game. 2 strikes by Masterson? silence, rumble rumble, noone on their feet. I think larry could have rolled out a donkey show at 2d base in the top of the 6th and no more than 500 people would have noticed. We are a complacent bunch, esp. when the hapless Birds are in town. Of course, the mood shifted into high hilarity when Neil Diamond dropped in via record player for the mid-8th inning. Oh-Oh-Oh indeed. Then, the crowd left. I was among the last remaining to see Hunter Somebody make his major league debut in the top of the 9th. Good for him. Then, surrounded by a few drunks who little knew where they were, I was able to score a used souvenir cup to the existing strains of Tessie.

I must say, the recementing of the seating bowl over the winter is a major acheivement, but somehow (although they put new red seats with cupholders for the special people, they managed to save a few dollars by RE-INSTALLING the grandstand seats, which are already chipped.

And the RS won.

not that anyone cares, but there it is.


Posted this at Universal Hub, but thought you all would get a kick out of it as well.

On the next Law and Order: SVU --

The story has all the makings of a Law and Order episode. We've got the initial crime...dead prostitute (with a heart of gold). Suddenly another prostitute just outside of the city is hit up for the same crime but her pimphusband keeps him from killing her and they can both ID the suspect and weapon now. Stabler struggles with his family life; his wife calls to leave him again as his mother is driving her to the hospital to have a baby. They track a suspect using overly sophisticated non-existent computer monitoring through the classified website that he's using to choose his victims, Frankslist. The ISP forwards them a copy of his webcam video feed with a new software that can use your computer's mini-cam even if you don't have it turned on. They find out he's a rich med student and confront his fiance who is absolutely no help because she's as in the dark as everyone else in his life. She shows them the used antique dining room table that he bought on Frankslist to refurbish for their wedding gift to themselves. They follow the guy until they see him heading to meet another prostitute. They break in to the posh hotel room and he makes a break for it. Benson almost lets him get away because she's too busy identifying with the victim until Merloni pops up from around the corner of the building and clotheslines him. On the witness stand, Alex starts to crack the "Richy Rich" veneer and expose the attitudes and gambling debts that our Mr. Perfect was trying to hide from his family and fiance (who then starts to silently weep in the courtroom as she realizes what's happened). He confesses to doing it for the money....at first, but eventually he liked the power too: something he wasn't getting at home with his family and friends expecting him to be the perfect well-off white boy doctor always dominating his life.

Plea bargain.

Cut to Munch talking to Stabler in the station house on his way out the door to an empty house: "You know, Elliot, sometimes we just have to admit we're not perfect to the ones we love. You should call your wife."

Fade to black.

Roll credits.

Well, now I seem like a real douche posting that completely non-Red Sox comment right after lc's valid observations and anti-Pink Hat screed. I should really care about this..bu...but....but...is that "Sweet Caroline" I hear? Awesome! I love that song! "So good! So good! So good!" Ok, what was I saying?

Kaz, Bravo! That was suberb.

LC -- I think you're onto something. Sad. I have no answers. Watching a sporting event, especially baseball, and participating as a fan requires a certain degree of work/focus, and I just don't think there is much of that going on these days. And I suspect you're just as likely to see similar behavior at Churchill Downs as at Fenway.

I went to Churchill Downs once. I keenly remember two hot topless twins blowing dudes in the infield. I think it was 1979. You won't get that at the Fens.


Well, Fenway Park...maybe not. But a friend did tell me about these two hot topless twins who will blow dudes in the Fens these days.

They also said if you close your eyes you'll never even realize that it's two guys.

I thought Bob Gamere was in prison.

Way late to the party as usual. Good stuff today. HB, lc and Kaz. Wow, three hits to load the bases.

Bob- you drove them all home with the Marathon Man reference. Awesome! I got to see that film being made (shot a lot of it at my Alma Mater). Still can't listen to a dentist's drill without thinking of "Die Weisse Engel".

You think you're late Rob :( I know a simple answer to all this speculation-ask Miss Cleo.

Maybe Markoff is a latter day 'Burke and Hare'. I'd look twice at my anatomy lab 'partner' before resuming work.

LC. One of my best kept secrets is that you can always get scalped tickets to Patriots Day at below face value b/c it brings all the amateurs out. "Oh, that will be fun," they think in December, then when game time rolls around they head out of town for school vacation or whimp out b/c of the cold. I've gone 3 of the past 5 years. Watched the marathon with my kids this year instead... I would have taken them to the game, but can't afford it even at a discount.

Has Fenway jumped the shark? I know I go less frequently b/c I can't game the Internet to get tickets. Definately a lot more connected people than fans, but still a lot of fans. Go on a Tue or a Weds night against the Twinkies in April and you'll see some real fans.

I'll be in standing room in section 23 if anybody wants me.

Kaz- hilarious. But come on now, no role in your episode for Fin? Every SVU episode needs the unintential comedy of Ice-T. Throw in a cameo by his wife and you are in insta-Emmy territory! :)

Heh. I sold two extras at face value to a guy who sat in his seats with his dad for two innings. His dad was visiting and he wanted to show him fenway "as part of the Boston experience"
easy $

another sickening feature at fenway was on display yesterday, namely its antiquated structure. Ryan Freel [sp?] got hit in the head with a pickoff throw and was on the field face down for a few minutes. He gradually got up and walked off the field, to mild disinterest from the crowd. A few minutes later I went downstairs to get the requires Fenway Frank and an overpriced, yet yummy, beer. As I am returning to the ramp to go back up to the seat, here comes poor Friel on a gurney on his way to the hospital. The EMT's [all of whom were name either Danny Sullivan or Angel Martinez} has to push the poor guy, still in uniform, through the drunks and merry makers to get him help.

Hey, your mileage may vary, but that's a punk move to force they guy to run the gauntlet. Problem is, it's not a move at all, just a necessity in The House That Booze Built.


Surly but hilarious today, L.C.

I once saw EMTs treating somebody in the "Big Concourse" behind the bleachers who I think had a heart attack. People spilling beer and relish and Srirachi all over and around him as the EMTs are pounding on his chest.

I'm convinced the Sriracha brought him back to life, but don't know for sure. I was on my way to take a "squat just above the porcelain" dump.

OK, so I had an idea this morning to start a Twitter persona in which all the Tweets were in haiku form.

It's working out well so far. I'm hoping to do at least one a day every day.

Can't guarantee much will come of it or that it'll be worth your while, but if you wanted to add it as one of your Twitter follows I'd appreciate it.


I love the omnipresent location hb-lmao

Those tweets are funny as shit. I go on Tweeter for the LOLs from comedians and whatnot, and the haiku fits perfectly. Where is Doug's thingy? I couldn't find it.

hb, love the haiku twitter [no real surprises there].

Da Kine - Dougster is here:

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