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Picking a vintage



Hey, Mahts, how the frig are ya?


I just wanted to be the first to call and say, wow, you guys sure do know how to open up a new ballpahk. Yowzah.


You know, Callaghan, I've got to hand it to you …


For a guy who could land a starring role in the fesish porn biz at smalldick.com, you sure do have a lotta balls making this call when the Red Sux are in the cellar.


Oh, c'mon, Mahty, I was referring to the spectecle of it all — You know Guiliani, Selig, Yogi, Bernie Williams on the guitah


Well, it is quite spectacular, Bill.


Yeah, it's a real Taj Mah-George that's for sure. Enjoy it while you can.


What do you mean?


Well, it won't take long for the gold chain satin jacket crowd to, you know, "dirty the place up".


Meet the new Toilet, same as the old Toilet. Heh.


Go cream your chow-duh, Callaghan.


And watch out for spiders down in the cellar.


Oh, don't worry, Mahts, we're just down in the cellar temporarily to pick out our Octobah champagne.




Great last panel, H.B.

And, strangely, good to see Marty.

I'm sure he was at the New Toilet yesterday, 1950s phone in hand.

Using the standings at the 10th game of the season? Really? Go find two bathtubs at sunset, Marty, 'cause that shit is LIMP.

That first panel always renders me glum.

Great one h.b.

My theory is that the guy that buried the Ortiz shirt at the new toilet also buried a Manny shirt somewhere, and now every team that Manny ever played for will always win at the new stadium...

hehe, good to see the new toilet get flushed for the first time. But I do hope the yankees enjoy it before it turns into a dump like the old toilet, but with more expensive seats and no history.

Oh, and worse sightlines, from what I hear.

John Henry wants to buy the NYT and Globe.Wouldn't that be some shit :D

Can the Nationals send Batshit down here to New Orleans to put a beatdown on the woman who plays the Calliope on the river three blocks from my office. That old bag gives me a headache with her "Hello my darling" crap. There is a music festival going on and she plays over bands all the time. Sorry, work, as expected, blocked Twitter so ya'll are the lucky recipients of my little rant.

OK, this is kind of fun. Animated version of today's strip:

Soxaholix Animated (Proof of Concept)

If I could get the clip-art to match better, this might have some fun possibilities.

money, HB, money.

blocked, hb, blocked


Now there is a party flatbed truck parked outside my building - blaring Irish music and the guy next to me is on a conference call - Haha!

Funny stuff today, hb. Seems I picked a great week to frolick with Honduran dolphins, drink rum punch in Belize, and play three card poker onboard. Not much good Sox news to amuse. This morning's excitement involved having the ship diverted from its course to the Bahamas to US waters to have a Coast Guard helicopter airlift some guy with a medical emergency off the top deck. I know its probably inappropriate to say but, damn, Coasties are frickin' HOT, dangling over the ocean in their little orange outfits...Rrrrroar... :)

H.B., love the Stephen Hawking version.

Actually, you should get in tough with these guys. They're local and funny (and Emmy winners).


They'd be perfect for Soxaholix.

oh my my, that video bit is a layer of creepy on top of a blt of creepy.

I'd prefer if andro-voice didn't pronounce "Red Sox" "Red Sex"( Must be the brainshild of a mfy fan) but I like the idea of "Marty Coloquin".

Damn, there goes my weekend.


Yikes. Whoever programmed that text-to-voice translation should be fired and stuffed into the computer's case to read the scripts as punishment. Geez, it was worse than a coked-up 5 year old using Hooked on Phonics for the first time.

This is how it *should* sound:
A few panels of Bill speaking through a better program

A club sandwich of creepy? A Napoleon of nightmarishness? A lasagna of lasciviousness? A quarter pounder with quease?

loved the speak & spell voice w/ the porn background music...still waiting for the secretary to knock on the door. That desk needs some cleaning.

Speaking of which - anyone catch that new Guiness ad

here it is:


Bob - you must've had your hands on this on.

Oh, I had a hand it in all right.

(I'm here all week, try the veal.)

Can't wait to see Lisa.

Ok, I can't help myself. here's one of
my favorite, being self-absorbed, comment on Soxaholix, thanks to Bob



Lou, here's how I was introduced to that site. It was just a link called:


L.C. that's pretty creepy-but-lovable.

Although, if I sounded like that voice, I'd shoot myself in the temple with a captive bolt pistol.

Forgive Kaz, for he knows not what he's done.


Game On


need more than beer if the weekend's games continue like this.

so much for the Penny Initiative - time for Smoltz or Masterson or the guy that sweeps out the crappers.

LC Bob's still at Pete's. I'm so sad and lonely. Will you come over, or at least read this link???




20-2?? in the 6th ?? All I can say is...BWAAHAHAHA

As Dr Seuss would have said:
Where goes Wang?
Wang goes bang,
A breaking ball did hang,
Indians bear fangs?
Bat on ball went clang!
There goes Wang.

[PS I loved this strip and the comments. Some real creepy shit!]

Was the strip called on account of Marathon?? lol

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