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A streak starts at 1

Wow, talk about just what I needed


Wakefield takes a no-no to within 5 outs, goes a complete game, *and* aftah 7 he'd thrown just 67 pitches, 50 for strikes!


And how about the quote that is now permanently etched into the stone of Red Sox mythology:


Timmah is da man.


But, as I happy as I am this morning, let's keep a little perspective.


Oh, I know, with the knucklah and the inherent inconsistency that comes with it, nobody would be shocked if Wakefield gives up a half dozen runs in his next staht.


Well, there's that and then there's also the need to see some evidence that the rest of the club is getting into some sort of consistent, winning, groove.


Yeah, I'm not going to put on my promise ring until these guys get back to .500 at least.



A good day. Wake was fabulous, at least according to the radio call (apparently Tokyo is blocked for mlb tv on the internet!! And the
http://www.japanball.com/swallows.htm "> Yakult Swallows
beat the dreaded Giants. They still got beer keg girls and the Swallows fans do some weird shit with umbrellas when the home team score. And the Weather Woman who through out the first pitch was PIPING HOT. With apologies, http://picasaweb.google.com/soxdownunder/JapanBaseballEtc?authkey=Gv1sRgCLSQrZTAjcqMkQE# "> pics are here

'Through?': a little too much Yebisu perhaps.

am I the only one who knows NOT to talk about a no-hitter in progress? Crap like that jinxes it. Paid professionals should know better.

Rolo, unlike some morons, nobody here even posted a single comment during the potential no-no.

Call it what you will: jinx, gooch, hoogly-moogly satanism; we know the ins and outs of baseball's rituals.

That said, Abby called me yesterday in the 7th and said, "Wakefield's pitching a..."

Ug. Never mind.

We're now getting married at Anton LeVay's house.

Any fugu yet, SDU?

Come on, what's the worst that can happen?

the beer girls swallow? Gotta love Japanese baseball.

Nice job, old man.

Totally off topic, but I thought this Bruins commercial was funny.

- closing my link tag

Mullen Advertising up in Hamilton-Wenham does those spots, COD.

They're pretty funny.

Husband called and said I am not going to tell you why but turn on the game and I screamed NO DON'T SAY IT!!! I love me some Wakey. Besides, he's definitely the hottest Sox since Timlin's gone and that was even before yesterday.

Couldn't agree more about Wake, birthofsoxfan! But not so much about Timlin.

Bob, I wasn't ragging on you guys, I was ragging on the announcing crew, both NESN and Radio. The people who earn money to do nothing but talk about baseball apparently didn't see anything wrong with saying things like "Oakland has zero hits through seven innings" or "The only baserunner Wakefield's allowed was one error" ...

Even if they didn't say the words, they were talking about it and jinxed it.

Rolo, I was talking about the announcing guys, not you.

I completely agree with your analysis of their asinine behavior.

I don't know, this is crazy, but maybe the paid announcers want to make sure the less educated viewers don't switch away from an epic pitching performance.

Oh, BTW, K.G. is out for the rest of the year.

Celtics are cooked like a tailgate quail.

And now for something completely different:

A toilet paper dispenser in Denmark.


Love the pics SDU. Bladerunner meets baseball. Let me guess - in Japan, beer keg girls are treated like we treat beer vendors in the states. They are doing a job, fans want a beer, dōmo arigatō. I can only imagine what would happen if we had keg girls in the states. It would not be pretty.

Keg girls at Fenway?

Oh God.

"Yeah, baby...pump it! Pump it harder!"

Followed by tinny frat boy laughter and some woman in a pink hat pulling up her blouse.

Bob, reverse gooch? The Celtics have done *better* without KG than with him over the past year or two. That's not to say that he's a slouch, but that the team has seen the adversity and overcome as needed. One thing I love is when people count our teams out..and they get a chip on their shoulder. It's awesome to see that fire in their competition afterwards. I think by saying "oh it's Cleveland's year", "you can't stop LeBron", "we're done without Garnett"...all it does is send our team out to prove a point. Prove it they shall.

Wakefield just gives you a good feeling inside to see him still pitching. He's like the Ted Kennedy of the Sox...elder statesman, always standing up for the little guy, battling on in a younger man's game now. It's awesome and I hope the rest of the team takes something away from that masterful performance yesterday. I was going to leave another fan note on his website forum (seems like I visit it once a year or something) and it's been killed. :(

Going to the Bruins' Game 1 tonight. Fuck Montreal. We want it. This should be fun. By the way, COD, check out the Bruins' Tuck Rule on Youtube too. The sound effects in that one are the best.

Wakey gives old men like myself hope that we can not only survive but excel in our weekend sporting events. Plus he saves the bullpen.

Jinx talking about a no-no? Really? C'mon.

I can't comment on the gooch, Kaz. That would either reverse it or not. Can't say, or else it'll either reverse ir or not.

It's complicated shite, folks.

"He's like the Ted Kennedy of the Sox.."

Minus the alcoholism and leaving a girlfriend in a car to drown, of course, but otherwise, yeah, just like that!

old doesn't make you special, is all I'm saying

HB - you are so puritanical. Just because you have sex with a woman a few times does not make her your girlfriend.

Speaking of announcers, John Madden just announced his retirement - Now here's a guy...

COD - Great B's ad. THanks for the link. Still chuckling.
Bob - That toilet paper dispenser is just wrong. Can't be real.
yazbread - re: girlfriends - funny!
Everyone else - GO B's!

Well, geez, h.b., always thinking of the negatives!

I would have said "the Robert Byrd of the Red Sox" but I didn't want to link Wakefield to the KKK either.

how 'bout toilet paper dispensing girls...probably have them roaming Amsterdam.

Is it just me or does the guy in the tuck rule commercial look strangely like a younger(thinner)Ron Jeremy?

thinner being a relative term :D

I'm just going to put in an oar in for the "gooches/jinxes are bullshit" crowd. I've seen the rule about no-hitters flouted a couple of times and Orsillo and Remy talked about it (as meaningfully as you can without saying the word "no-hitter") the night Buchholz threw one. I don't say the magic word in front of polite company because I know it pisses people off, but I've said the words while they were happening (to my wife or friends) and heard others speak them and they happened anyway (Lester's no-hitter, Randy Johnson's perfect game). A dude from one website I frequent called his mom during two different no-nos (one from Nomo, one from Lowe) and said, "Pitcher X is throwing a no-hitter." His mom didn't like it, but they happened anyway!

The Red Sox weren't cursed because their aren't curses! But I understand the compulsion to keep it quiet, like it'll break if you touch it, so just...stating a POV.

i think the 'don't say it' rule adds to the excitement of the no hitter - that having been said, i certainly don't get angry when it's broken. i've noticed on 2 recent sox no hitters (bucky and lester)that joe castiglione is pretty solid on not saying 'no hitter' while dave o'brien and the other guy (not troup but the kind of terrible one whose name i can't remember) are not fazed at all by saying the magic words. maybe it's a generational thing...

Danny Ainge-heart attack :(

Cleveland 10
NY (AL) 2.

Oh, the humanity.

Danny is only 50 and trim - he must have really bad diet.

Uncle Gene.

B's win Game One. Habs suck (Price and Kovalev are the only things MON have going for it right now). That was a great game.

Oh, and I have to thank Buckner Was Framed for selling me the tickets. I hope you got to see it up in Maine tonight, man. It was definitely a good game.

Kaz, did you have his 5th row, sort of behind the net tix?

I love those seats.

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