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Merrimack St.

One hit and no pain. They should name a dying mill town aftah him.


Reminds me I think the Lowell Spinners should make Flo Ridah's Right Round their theme song this season.


Yeah, because nothing says wholesome, New England family entertainment with a soupçon of Puritanism quite like a song celebrating the the joys of oral sex.


Hey, just trying to do my paht.


This coming from the girl who took an entiah week off from work to have her tramp stamp removed.


Don't you judge me.



1. Why would you want that removed?
2. Why would that take a week?

Was it the Pawsox logo?

She also had breast implants done at the same time.

Tit for tat, don't ya know.

BTW, Abby thinks Mike Lowell is hot as the surface of the sun. Then again, she evidently thinks I am too, so I don't read much into that.

Sorry, but this is a sore spot for me as I actually live there and grew up in the town next door--Lowell is not dying. Aware it acquired that reputation in 80's and 90's but much different in last decade.

I think the whole friggin country is dying myself. I mean look around.

lived in Lowell for a short while in the 90's. Had to get out before we died too. Then once we left good music came to town, better bars,... everytime I move out of a town it gets better once I leave. your welcome.

Better watch out though - the rest of the country is dying. Lowell may become the new Boulder.

Yes - my wife thinks Mikey is pretty smokin' too. So, I'll pile on to Bob's comment about that phenomenon.

Jeez, this is getting depressing.

On a brighter note, I am holding in my hands my just-arrived season tickets. They smell winning-ish. (A note of raspberry and leather, with just a hint of chewing tobacco.)

Ignore the copy of this comment on yesterday's post. Doh!

Isn't there a big BBQ and beer fest in Lowell every year? Last time I was in Boston (2004) my friend's competitive BBQ team was competing there. Microbrews and BBQ - it don't get better than that!

I'm pissed about the Braves moving the Richmond Braves down to Gwinnett County GA. It was a 45 minute drive for me when the PawSox played in Richmond.

Check out Jayson Stark's piece about the Sox v. Yankees offseasons over at ESPN. He seems to think the Yanks may have overpaid... Hmmm, really?

Raspberry,leather,and chewing tobacco? Bob,you've just described Pinky Higgins :-)

I've had Dead or Alive in my head all day thanks to you, h.b.

Grew up in Chelmsford. Worked in college in an old mill sitting on one of the many canals. Everytime I get back to the area and pass through Lowell all I can think is 'what a shithole'. But I do miss the old Worthen Bar.

Yeah, mrs sdu's on board with Circle, Abbie and Mrs Jeff in NC. When she saw Circle's first frame this morning (AEST) she grinned like the cat that, um, ate the cream.

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