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You seen the Eric Van AL Rotation Depth Disparity Chart thread on SoSH?


Incredibly, according to Van's data, most of the clubs do not even have five guys who project as 1 through 5 starters!


Seriously. And I would be feeling some definite scrotum-tightening reading that the Yankees and Ray each have 5 guys who all project to be 4th starters or better and two more capable guys in case of injury …


But then I see that the Red have nine guys who qualify as 1-5 capable stahters.


This is going to be on frig of an AL East battle.


And we're going to love every minute of it.


Except, of course, for those times when we are beating our fists on the ground and frothing at the mouth in angry frustration that things are going 100% our way.


Oh, c'mon, we'd nevah behave like that.



Bit of marginal SOSH/Sox/stats trivia: Eric V was my roommate for one semester at -- to quote Natalie -- "a superior northern ivy." He was what we called a "floater" -- someone with no apparent friends who got dropped into, in our case, a quad occupied by a threesome (not that kind, Bob). A strange cat who we rarely saw because he slept while the rest of the world was up, and vice versa.

the velvet rope crowd strikes again

Sounds like Eric V liked hebral "remedies" almost as much as baseball stats.

Bob, even if he did I don't think we were in any condition to notice.

hb, you have mail

I had a roomate (when I was at the superior southern Ivy) who smoked PECOTA once during a trip out West. He slept a lot, too.


I see 38 pitches is shilling for a job this spring.

I smoked PECOTA on a road trip once, and then solved the Pell Equation and developed the NFL's Quarterback Rating System.

What is it with athletes and boats? Let's hope for the best...

This Sox team should be the most vanilla, boring, AL East champ team ever! We might need to go all Michael Phelps on some PECOTA just to stay awake for the games.

Can we get Tavarez back? Please? I was so hoping we'd get Milton Bradley...

I didn't have a roommate named Rob...

I didn't have a roommate named Rob...

Oddly enough, Sonoma, neither did I. But most all of my roommates did. :-)

By the way, I was working on the assumption you were schooled in Hanover (northern Ivy). As I, well, I won't say "studied"; how about attended - nah, not always; ok, graduated from the smallest of the Ivies down in Morningside Heights, I was trying to riff on being the southernmost Ivy.

Spent some quality time in Hanover. The coeds were hellish cute, and I always enjoyed competing in the Dartmouth Relays. Of course, this all means bupkiss if you went to Cornell or some other place...

Okay, I'm going all stream of consciousness, so I'll shut up. (Jeezuz, lou, is this how it feels? I'm all dizzy now...)

By southern Ivy I thought you meant those finer academic institutions south of the MD line such as Thomas Jefferson's academic village - the place my liver received its training.

I'm a unapologetic New England escapist.

And here I thought you meant Princeton, RinCT. Wouldn't that be the southernmost? :) I also think I said, THE superior Northern Ivy, and we all know which one that is. I kid, I kid.

Picked my Premier League team (the Spurs) and watched them lose on penalty kicks to Man U, which felt like Sox Yanks all over again. I think I chose right!


Columbia men (indeed, all well-bred individuals of good repute) refuse to acknowledge any of the lesser institutions beginning with the letter "P" proclaiming an Ivy heritage south of 114th St.


U of P is the southernmost ivy geographically, if not culturally. (That distinction still goes to Princeton.) And, yes, I should have said "THE superior northern ivy."

Funny how Cornell and Brown never quite make it into the discussion, regardless of how you slice it.

Uh, I went to The superior Connecticut public university -- the one with ass-kicking basketball teams.

so, back to the Sox...

It looks like our end of the Coco trade coughed up a couple long balls...(head hittig wall) ugh, things aren't going 100% our way!

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