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Lisa Gems

Lisa the Temp:
Lisa Gems while celebrating the anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II, the greatest modern queen of them all and who has "gems" in her crown.*

*See 2/4/09 strip


Lisa the Temp:
Well, you can take the girl out of the hills, but you can't take the hillbilly out of the girl.


Lisa the Temp:
Where are the regulars? At Truck Day, of course. Lisa thinks "get a life" but hey that's just me.


Lisa the Temp:
I bet you a 100 dinars Lars will one day be on the list of Boston superstars.


Lisa the Temp:
The artist Mungo Thompson and Dustin Pedroia are both from Woodland, CA. Thompson's work has been described as that of a "polymorphous, bastard conceptualist." I'm pretty sure Pedroia can kick his as at ping-pong.


Lisa the Temp:
The dumb bitch with 14 kids has 16 kids too many.



Lisa the Temp:
Ray Lewis sees Dallas "as a great opportunity." We assume so does Michael Vick.


Lisa the Temp:
President Obama says his staff is "worn out" after just 17 days. And now Manny Ramirez is wondering how he can sign up for that gig.


Lisa the Temp:
OK, peeps, Lisa's gotta run. Have a happy National Wear Red Day. Yes, peeps, I'm wearing a little bit, a very little bit of red all under …



From Boston.com:

//Police discovered what appeared to be a homeless man covered in enchiladas early this morning.

His hung-over body was stuffed into a duffle bag and about to be loaded onto the Red Sox Spring Training truck. An alert-but-surly passerby noticed a hand holding a Mexican beer extending from the bag.

Red Sox officials say the man, whose name is being withheld until relatives can be notified, is currently alert and responding to candy-striper care at New England Medical.//

To make a long story short:

It's Truck Day!

(Okay, this was also in yesterday's strip, but I just did it a few minutes ago, so give me a sardine and a break.)

damn, HB, that must've been one hell of a celebration if you can see the 2/12/09 strip from panel 1 already....
well deserved, though. congrats again

sriracha and candy stripers?

Oops. Wrong date. That friggin Phelps stuff was stronger than I'd realized.

Yeah, that's Phelps stuff is strong.

Sea weed.

Wow,Lisa was all over the map today :) Again congrats h.b.

You guys are so funny. h.b. please don't knock "The Hills" knock "The City" instead.... thanks!

p.s. Bob's shaking his head in horror by that comment....

Lisa's been listening to too much Larry King Radio...

"Hello Sheboygan..."

mmm, tasty

But she left off Val Kilmer for Gov.

Great strip today. I heart Lisa.

Sorry to hear about the job issue h.b. I thought we took care of those limey bastards back in the 1700's.

Why don't they have running backwards in the Olympics too if they have swimming backwards? Phelps is overrated.

My comment the other day concerning music is the truth. Nobody is buying CD's anymore putting my Dad out of biz. Technology changes with the times but I hate the smug bastards that think they are entitled to download music for free. What if I could download what you did for a living for free? How would you feel about that? That is my point.

the inept boob that I work with a.) just got in; b.) hasn't finished making business cards (like 8 days into making a freaking card; c.) is really annoying with his sideways hats.... alls I's gots to say is that if I have to listen to showtunes again today, I'd rather be laid off..... Thank you for letting me vent.... I bow to you all....

I haven't bought a CD in years because physical media just stopped making sense.

I'm quickly moving to the point where even the rental DVD in the mail via Netflix no longer makes any sense when I can do an instant download. (I maintain my Netflix subscription only because many things I like, such as early sci fi and classic tv and 60s films, are not yet available for download on demand.)

I'd argue that the Blu-Ray disc will be the *last* physical piece of delivery we will encounter. The notion of physical media will end with it.

And I've haven't illegally downloaded anything since the days of Napster and before there was an actual alternative to purchase music via download. Once iTunes launched, I've purchased everything I have. Well, I take that back. I have ripped/imported music from what others have bought, but this is no different from the days of copying a CD or album onto a cassette. And I do it far less now than I did then, simply because on demand digital download of music is *so* convenient.

Kelloggs is dead to me as well. From now on, I will only sprinkle the herb on Post, General Mills, or Quaker products.

I'd just like to say that I think it's cool that the truck driving stuff down from Fenway to Ft. Meyers has the same model XM Satellite radio as me. And, yes, my life is sad.


I don't know about the stuff in Phelps' bong, but whatever did Lisa put into her Dunkin Donuts coffee this morning!

Happy Truck Day, all! Are the crocuses up in Boston yet? Truck Day is really the first sign of spring!!

The last panel did not elict the usual reaction. Everyone have saltpeter in their coffee?

lovin' me some Lisa this morning...makes the interim before the beer cart so glorious!

Yeah, screw Kellogs and US Swim - "we're disappointed in him" and "it's the wrong message to send to all those kids" -- what's wrong is those parents that don't have the balls to sit Johnny and Suzy down and say: mommy and daddy smoked the weed and you may want to but just don't become a cellar dweller like BigBri.

Happy Truck Day all!

Oh I am surprised I was never sued during the Napster heydey, I had so much downloaded (onto my work computer no less!). :)

Now I am like you, hb, spend an exorbitant amount of money on iTunes each month. I am SO bummed though. They finally caught up with the fact that my US bank account now has a UK address tied to it, so in order for my debit card to go through I have to change my country to the UK. Which means no more ability to download 30 Rock, The Office, Friday Night Lights (or any other US TV show which has yet to air over here, and the UK tends to be at least a year behind). I am serious when I say I am totally devastated. I need a workaround! Anyone have any ideas?

Nat: Legal workaround? Set up a free checking account at ING and use a relatives address? Then point Paypal to that account and get a Paypal Mastercard. Do electronic billing so there is no paper bill to worry about.

Or you could just download the torrent files and be done with it. I would argue that it's not stealing when they refuse to sell it to you.

I won't buy from Itunes because I refuse to use that abomination of a software application. I buy major label stuff from Amazon plus I find a lot of cool unsigned artists at Aime Street.


I've never used it but the commercials sound like it's designed for you Nat.

Natalie, do you need to have a copy of the program or do you just want to watch it?

If you just want to watch it:


Nearly every show out there seems to be on hulu.com these days, especially the NBC ones.

Funny, I find iTunes to be one of the most intuitive and easy to use apps on the web.

But then again I'm a Mac guy.

Yazbread, the last panel DID elicit the usual reaction.

I had to clean it off with a Kleenex and some sparkling water.

Kaz- Hulu and any network TV website restrict access from any non-US domains. I cannot access Hulu from home (from work, yes, where my VPN makes me appear to be from the States).

May have to check out this Slingbox thing. Watching on the grainy (and illegal) surfthechannel.com is not as fun.

Anybody going to be in the vicinity of The Tam around 8:30 tonight? I'll be there with crazy Boston friends who, to their dismay, now live in New York.

If you know how to setup a proxy in your browser, Natalie, then you can bypass any of these "country" restrictions. If you don't send me a message on Facebook and I'll help you set a proxy up.

Off to beer cart. Then Pete's. Then The Tam. Have a great weekend, all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

A-Fraud and steroids. Got to love it.

Say it ain't so-LOL

A-Fraud A-Roid oh the fun to be had with names!

But damn. This was the guy who was maybe, just maybe, going to take the Barry Bonds shit stain off of the homerun record without us having to wait for the next generation to clean that mess. Now, the best he can do is replace the Bonds stain with his own.

I sure am glad he's a Yankee - it just makes me all giddy thinking of the teeth gnashing in the clubhouse, in the stands, in the skank chatrooms (oh - probably not there - they'll label it a conspiracy and blame it on Torre's book!)

Mwahahaha, the ironing is delicious!

Am I the only one who is going to say this? So he tested in 2003. Nothing was regulated then. I am pretty sure Nomar, Tek (my love), and tons of others did it. I'd be more interested in this "controversy" if he had tested in 2007 or 8. As much as I love to hate the Yanks and A-Fraud, this does not do it for me...

http://www.theage.com.au/national/death-toll-rises-from-bushfires-20090208-80jv.html "> There's been a disaster down here

It's feared the death toll will rise to 100+. A friend of a friend lost his tiny vineyard and house. He and his mom survived by staying in the cellar. Whole communities have been wiped and many many dead.

Great endowment and a balanced perspective. Gotta love our girl Natalie. Of course, the juice was back in `03, but narcissistic asshole is forever.

Be careful down there, SDU. I thought of you.

"Despondency was bursting from their eyes,
This side, then that,
Their hands kept fending off
At times the flames, at times the burning soil."


Jeez pt - long time, no hear, but returning with a big splash with Dante.

BTW all - sorry to be a downer but I'm watching the news and feeling distressed and as Australian correspondent to this creepy space I thought I had a duty to report.

go away, asshole.

xx oo

I think he means PT, not you, sdu. Stay safe

Same as it ever was.

I meant pt, not sdu

God, sdu, was reading about those fires this morning. That is some seriously scary shit. My thoughts are with you and yours, and everyone affected in Victoria.

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