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Jukebox hero

You guys remembah Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd?


Hell, yeah. Who can evah forget him saying "I am The Can, and I am going to come right at you with my best shit, and if you can hit it, I want to see how far Bo Jackson can hit The Oil Can."


And then Bo Jackson taking Can's first pitch 515 feet ovah straight away centah.


Well, The Can's still at it. He's making anothah comeback try.


Isn't this like hearing how some 80s band is now playing at the county fair in front of 50 fahmahs in overalls?


Hey now, guy, you've gotta respect the aging rockahs *and* the aging ball playahs like Can who are willing to risk embarrassment and will play for nothing simply for the the chance to play.


It's just in their blood.


And Boyd did say he hopes to be playing when he's 50.


Yeah, when you put it that way. I wish I was that passionate about something that I'd be willing to do it forevah and for nothing.


But you are.


I appreciate your new found élan here, Doug, but I confess I don't have much love for being a mid-level marketing managah.


No, dude, not your job — I'm talking about being a Red Sox fan.


Think about it. You'll be a Sox fan whethah you're rich or poor, healthy or dying, happy or sad.


Absolutely. I mean speaking for myself, while the nuances have changed slightly, my rooting for the Red Sox today is intrinsincly no different than when I rooted for the Red Sox when I was 6 years old.


And it'll be the same when you're 96.


OK. You're right. Being a fan of the Red Sox is the constant.


And while I'd be willing to go watch the 49 year old Oil Can to see if he has indeed been égiven back the fastball,é you won't catch me watching Foreignah play at the Hopkinton Fair, OK?



Oil Can claims he's 49?


My buddy Reed and always joke about how Etta James says she's 70 or 71, but Reed's mom in South Carolina was a child when Etta was performing as a grown woman.

And Reed's mom is now 74.

Nuf said.

I want to see her kick Beyonce's ass ;D

...and I still like Foreigner :)

mmmmm, Beyonce's ass....

What about Etta's ass?

isn't that redundant?

Touche,Buck :)

I always felt that Oil Can was one of those players that should have stayed with the Sox. They would have kept him around for another 10 years under their old system of evaluation. Once he left the team, you knew his career would be over soon.

I loved OCB. Too bad this team didn't have more of that fire in the playoffs last season. Maybe if he had pitched in Game 7 in 1986 things would have turned out differently.

I can't be the same Red Sox fan now that I was then since I can't afford tickets anymore...

About 1997 or so, the once formitable group Kansas played a little venue called GrangerFest in my neck of the woods. It immediately recalled Spinal Tap playing at the amusement park.

An Auburn equipment manager once told me that after a full contact practice, Bo took off his shoulder pads and ran a 4.3 40 yard dash in cleats, on grass. That's hand-timed, just fucking around after practice.

Appropos of nothing, checking the link to the Hopkinton Fair shows a sign-up link for the Demolition Derby. That immediately took me back to the early 60's as a youngster living in the Dakotas. Best day of summer was going out to the rodeo fairgrounds to see the bullriding followed by the demo derby. Nothing quite like the combined smells of manure, hay, dust and burning crankcase oil and radiator fluid. Good times!

Hell, although I didn't know it, I'll bet I saw Oil Can play his rookie season for the Pards minor league team.(http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Bismarck-Mandan_Pards)

49 y.o. my ass... :-)

Like Annie Savoy says, you gotta respect a ballplayer that's just trying to finish out the season...because "baseball may be a religion full of magic, cosmic truth, and the fundamental ontological riddles of our time, but it's also a job."

Love that quote. :)

Oh, and Rob in CT, out on Nantucket every summer they have a demo derby. Nothing is funnier than hanging out on one of the world's most affluent islands with people usually dripping in furs and pearls watching beaters smash each other into pools of oil out near the airport. Thanks for jogging the memory!

Nat - what I find particularly funny about your demo derby post is that they must have had to ferry those old beaters out to the Island to compete. I'd never have guessed they did that kind of thing outside of the Midwest, let alone snooty old Nantucket. :-)

Sort of like Caveman J.D. playing in snooty old NY. Oh, wait...

Can't wait to see the Grass Roots at the Northeast Kingdom Organic Craft Fair in Hardwick this summer. I am hoping that they can get Bobby Sherman to be the opener.

As for Nancy, his aches and pains are a surer sign of winter than a robin.

What the hell does Boyd have to do with Etta James? You are an idiot.

Thanks, Cristof. You're not the first to say that, nor will you be the last.

BTW, you're a pedophile.

Enjoy your day with Timmy.

Hey Cristof,always a pleasure to meet a long time stalker-first time troll ;D

I say, "Give the guy 15 minutes!"

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