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Teixeira goes bottom for Yankees top

You know, aftah seeing Teixeira at his Yankees pressah yestahday, I'm convinced this guy was born to be a Yankee.


I mean, c'mon, the smile, the pearly whites, the clean cut corporate look, the Stepford wife … if that doesn't spell out Y-A-N-K-E-E-S, I don't know what does.


Seriously, what a no-no hole bleachin sycophant this guy is. "Don Mattingly was my Idol." Fucking-A, unctuous.



Hey, you've got to tip your cap to the Yankees, though, for being clevah enough to wave the right carrot.


Yeah, well, desperate times call for desperate measures.


OK, so here's anothah way to look at it. When Teixeira was wooed, he is impresses by a smoke and mirrors computer demo of digitalized images of what Teixeira might look like as he ran out of the dugout at the new Yankee Stadium.


Schilling, on the othah hand, when being wooed back in '03 was impressed by the level of Red Sox fan knowledge and enthusiasm as expressed on Sons of Sam Horn.


Compare and contrast. I'm just sayin'


Eithah way, in this case I'm willing to let Cashman have the final word: "Winning the winter means squat. I want to win the summer."



I simply can not wait to hate on this guy for the next eight years. Sports hate will sustain me warm on this cold, rainy DC morning.

//"Winning the winter means squat. I want to win the summer."//

Fine, Brian, We'll be happy with winning the Fall.

Twisted Mistah??

Yeah, I'll learn hate him too. Wish I coulda loved him but not at the expense of Youk and Mikey.

How i wish that on his first at bat at Fenway as a skank, the crowd went dead silent. Alas, i've no doubt it will be a wish unfulfilled, but the imagined image of his deflated ego upon the realization that we, the hated fans of the enemy, just don't care about him makes me all gooey inside.

Is it just me, or does Mrs. Texaria have sort of a creepy southern baptist preacher's wife look about her?

So, question - who has a more punchable face, Tex or Joba? These are the questions that keep me up at night. I still say Joba, but that douchey look on Tex's face at the presser makes it close.

wow, who knew that Texiara was Portugese for "sloppy party bottom" ?

Here's to Texiera being booed from my seats in DC for the next 8 years!

is somebody bitter?? awwwww....

Do we have a BigBri sighting?

Much like those grainy Bigfoot films, it's hard to tell.

Although the tabloids say Bigfoot's natural habitat is its mother's basement.

// is somebody bitter?? //

I think we're more of an IPA, actually.

thought we were an absinthe kinda crowd?

ESB, IPA, Absinthe? anything will do. It all goes down smooth while making fun of the mfy's. It's an easy hobby and takes no special skills or malice - the targets are so big and obvious. Bitter? No! More like salivating at the promise of another great star player eating his shit sandwich fed to him by the fine yankee fans who won't understand why he hasn't delivered the world series by the end of spring training.

See how easy this is?

Can anyone give me the executive summary on why the Celtics are in free-fall?

Sunny, 25 degrees C, Summer holiday. Not much internet coverage. No mobile phone coverage.


http://www.mirvachotels.com/quay-west-resort-magenta-shores/golf-course "> I don't think so!

While I'll admit that my yankee fan coworkers are not your typical mfy fans, to a person, upon seeing me for the first time since the Tex deal, they begin the conversation with "Hey our payroll went down from last year". A very defensive attitude, almost like they are positioning themselves to be able to explain why this year's drunken sailor spending spree has once again failed to bring home the ring. I love it.

Jeez, SDU, way to rub it in. Why don't you just pay $180M for a vacation or something?

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