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Spring just got a little closer

So back before the Tampa Bay was good …


Not so long ago.


Exactly, back when they were the Deevil Rays and they sucked, and they threw at our guys heads …


And Batshit Tavarez went batshit.


Right and Batshit when kung fu with cleats and all that …


Still, I always looked forward to one thing in the Boston v Tampa Bay series …


Rocco Hussein Baldelli.


So we're not worried about his health issues?


And second, he's getting his treatment in Boston the same city he'll be playing in.


Home of the greatest medical staffs and hospitals in the entiah world.




And he'll be taking his meals here.


Home of the greatest seafood in all the world.


And he'll be getting cheered here.


Home of the greatest sports fans in all the world.


And he'll be returning to where he grew up.


Home of the greatest Woonsocket in all the world.


Can I get a witness?


Fishmongah, wrap it up, we're eating haddock tonight!



(In best John Candy voice):


Great strip, HB.

I'm pleased with the Rocco signing, but I ultimately think he's gonna have about the same impact as Lou Merloni.

Home of the greatest fishmongahs in all the world :)

Haddock Circle? I thought you always got Scrod (Badoom)

HB, don't make me fucking LOL while I'm drinking my morning coffee at the computah or you will be responsible for the damages.

Harwich, that was funny.

BTW it looks like Soxaholix is back to the regular 5 days a week, as I've been pooping strips out this week with ease.

No guarantees though. I could constipate at any moment.

Like shit through a Gossage, eh, H.B.?

Saw this yesterday and thought of a November strip: Black support for Prop. 8 called exaggeration

Chowdah for everyone!

cook me up some mofo bouilliabase, Theo.


The strip worked on all levels today...

Very nice piece of work.


Chowdah? I don't even...meh, that's getting old.

What about Smoltz? Out of the pen and extra depth in the rotation. What's 5mill between friends?

In re: Seafood - I'm still pissed at CMP for not restoring my parents power after the ice storm. Freshly frozen lobster was to be making the trip out west for xmas. Thawed early - no lobster this christmas for me. Damn you CMP!

/Exit polls found that 70 percent of black voters backed Prop. 8 on Nov. 4, even as they overwhelmingly supported Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, who opposed the same-sex marriage ban./

Voters are nothing if not inconsistent. In 1984 at least 7% of Massachusetts voters cast their ballots for President Reagan and Senate candidate John Kerry. Go figure...

Am looking forward to cheering for 2 guys named Rocco and Smoltzie. Gotta disagree with Chops--sweet Lou Merloni had about 1/16th of Baldelli's potential. So Rocco is the new Coco and Smoltzie is the new Schill. Thanks for everything Schill and thanks for some occasional nice things, Coco. Hope Tacoby can put things together this year.

We brought back Josh Bard
who now hits, twice as hard

Rocco Baldelli is signed
He'll play for us in 2009

We're getting a gem in John Smoltz
42 and throws lightning bolts

So we don't get Texiera?
Still looks like Theo's got it all togeth-ah.

A little something to get you excited about John Smoltz pitching for us this year.

Think he'll wear #5?
just sayin'

//Jeez, SDU, way to rub it in// - Bob, yesterday. If you had to travel backwards in time for 24 hours to attend a a game at Fenway every few years, you too would gloat about little things like summer in January.

[BTW, our http://www.abc.net.au/backyard/stories/s1019261.htm "> LOBSTERS are bigger too too]

Love the two pick ups today. I hope this allows us to dump Buchholz and get a catcher. We need to get Montero from AZ.

Awesome strip. I am excited for Baldelli and Smoltz. At least there was movement of some kind by Theo.

I am headed on Sunday back to the greatest little town on earth, the Hub itself... cannot wait to soak all of Boston in (although please God tell me y'all are done with the snow?)

Natalie, it's about 10 degrees this morning, with ice all over the streets.

Snow predicted for the weekend.

Welcome back!

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