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Single Blue-lipped Male Seeks Shortstop

Heh, yeah, you stay classy Joe.


You know for all the shit we've given A-Rod ovah the years, I nevah actually thought the man-crush on Jetah stuff was real.


How does Torre put it — "A Single White Female obsession with Jetes"?




Well, except for that paht about it being absolutely, totally, friggin' believable.


You know is scares the crap out of me to realize this guy was so close to being with the Red Sox.


If that had happened, though, who do you think A-Fraud would have gone all SWF ovah on the Sox rostah?




No doubt.


"Hey, Jason, I'm having a sleep ovah tonight … I like it when you wear your mask."


Speaking of Tek, the Red Sox put an offah on the table.


I guess Theo figures it's the only option othah than getting soaked in a trade for a Saltalamacchia or a Montero.


Besides that G.I.D.P. record is just there for the taking.



The current Skankee spin on the Torre book is that, "it's not HIS book, it's a third person account of his story in his book."

So let me get this staight. Joe Torre's book isn't his book? He had no say in what was written in his book?


The folks on MLB this AM (Sirius/XM) are saying it's Tom Verducci's book, with a lot of material from Torre interviews, but Torre did not have veto on materail from other people TV interviewed.

That said, I guess my favorite t-shirt (Jeter Sucks A-Rod) has it backwards. What I really like is that A-Fraud's teamates actually called him that.

I'm enjoying reading the comments on the NY Post article. They're like YouTube comments but with less intelligence and more eating-their-own type vibe.

I could totally see A-Fraud having had a big crush on Gabe Kaplar. Rodriquez does have a propensity for the insanely musclebound (cf. Madonna).

We all know I am the world's biggest Tek fan, but even I know when its time to move on. *sniff*

I'm a little surprised you didn't work in Pedroia's brother being arrested a couple weeks ago on child molestation charges.

Doug could/should have had a field day with that little ditty...

A little Bruins news on a Monday too. Zdeno Chara topped Al Iafrate for the fastest clocked shot in the NHL with a 105.4 slapshot in the skills competition prior to the All-Star Icecapades yesterday (I refuse to call that crapfest a game since there was no defense and the goalies were left out to dry).

Just before the competition, Chara suggested each of the 6 shooters put up $1000 for the winner's favorite charity and they all agreed. Then the NHL and each of the players' respective clubhouses put up matching amounts. Chara won $24,000 for his charity with his super slap shot.

IMHO the Sox should offer Tek a contract as "special" Bullpen coach or Catcher's coach or something along those lines.That way Tek could retire as Captain,the team would have all his experience and down the road he could become a manager.Just my drive by for today :)

don't forget that our winter Timmay got the W for the second straight year, for whatever that's worth.... nice to hear the announcers giving him a little love too.
AND, 30% of the Versus Top 10 plays of the year (that'd be 3 for you Skank fans)involved the B's.
Me, I'm just glad none of them got hurt

I think the sox played this scenario perfectly. Varitek isnt worth Posada money, hes not worth what he would have got in Arb. But he is worth 5 per.

I really cant see varitek hitting as poorly as he did last year. The guy is a .263 career hitter... with last years abysmal average factored in. He calls a great game(ill take schillings word for it, and his 4 no no's) and has been a huge part of the sox success in this century.

The only reason all these motherfuckers are turning on him is because Boras is his agent and most of the new sox fans have the attention span of a 3 year old.

I realize we all want to win, but the day that I am a cold hearted, get the best ballplayer no matter cost or tradition, then call me a fucking yankees fan and I can obsess about the bruins all year long.


Damn right, BWF, he looked good during the shootout even if he had a bunch of paper sticks in front of him for the third period. The worst part is watching the goalies who are at the top of their game being treated like little more than a pick-up game stand-in by the defense because nobody wants to get anyone hurt. These guys go from 2 GAA to somewhere around 12 GAA because it's not like the shooters are pulling back on their shots just because the defense isn't marking up or clearing the front of the net. Oh well. The one shining moment I saw from the whole game was when Martin St. Louis was chatting with the Versus broadcast crew from the bench, had his line change called onto the ice, and was slow to get off the bench...letting him slip behind the other team for a breakaway goal. That was really funny.

HB et al, I dunno why everyone is throwing Tek under the bus. OK, the guy doesn't hit like the old days and yeah, he doesn't have a Pudge-like arm anymore (actually he never did). But one could argue his experience behind the dish with this ever-changing pitching staff plus the intangibles make him the best man for the job of Sox catcher in 2009. For all the drawbacks with Tek, the Sox were one win away from a trip back to the WS last season. You throw Montero in there, or Teagarden or Salatala... and then what? 2009 is a rebuilding year? No way. Sox shoulda grabbed Molina before the Skanks got him. Now they're stuck. This is a complex staff to catch. Best to have an experienced hand behind the plate to get us back to the mountaintop. Can I get an amen?

p.s. fuqq you very much, Scott Boras, for getting the Sox into this mess. Can someone tell me why MLB hasn't investigated this assclown for tampering after engineering Manny's exeunt from Boston?!?

I got your amen right here...but I have more amens for H-Rich. I've said as much in these here creppy posts before: Tek can do as much as a coach to help the youngsters get through calling a game and dealing w/ our pitching staff.

Amen Amen, NYSoxfan. None better than Tek at handling the pitchers, and he will probably have a much better year behind the plate this year with his eye on the option for next year.

I'm not surprised the oter Yankees don't like A-Rod, since his huge paydays are one of the few things in baseball that can make even a Jeter or Giambi envious. Throw in the O as in Octobahs, and I'm sure you will get some clubhouse venom.

Now let's really stir the pot on the hot stove. Bring back Manny for $10 million guaranteed and $200,000 for every RBI over 120?

// he will probably have a much better year behind the plate this year with his eye on the option for next year. //


Last year should have been the year where this theory would hold as he was in the last year of a contract and was looking to score big in a new deal.

But it was his worst year ever.

Anomaly? Maybe, but he's tailing off pretty much as the the stats predict for someone his age.

I do love the romanticism of loyalty and "intangibles" and the alleged (but not truly measurable) game calling etc., but it's the hard data Moneyball/sabremetrics that you can actually rely upon rather than emotion and gut feelings.

I hear you HB but not sure that sabermetrics applies here. Tek is the best .230-hitting catcher in the game, bar none. And at $5 mln, he'll be a bargain. If Theo applied sabermetrics across the 40-man roster, Mike Timlin would have been shipped to the glue factory several seasons (and numerous blown games) ago... methinks there is still a smidgeon of room for calls that have to come from the gut. Tek is one of them. We lost Cash in the offseason too. To enter the 2009 season with two new catchers could backfire in Sox's sabermetric maws. Happy Year of the Oxen by the way...

The whole Tek Situation is 50% performance (already stated sabremetrically) 50% fuck Borass (about time). I also think that - believe it or not - the 'general economy' (outside of baseball) is part of Theo's wait-to-pay. Sure, Funway will still sell out. But given that Tek dropped a load last year, Borass asking for 4 years (or whatever insipid offer) is like Ron Gettlefinger negotiating a 'pay-to-stay-at-home' contract for the UAW. Not today economics.

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