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No strip today (morning appt.)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Oops. Totally forgot until I got my robocall reminder last night that I have my annual mortal coil memorandum and vices vs virtues remonstration otherwise known as an appointment with the doctor.

"Doc, you seem curiously unaware of the curative properties of Sriracha and sausage …"



...and beer, lots and lots of beer :)

Good luck, H.B. Hopefully there won't be a sigmoidoscope involved.

BTW, I turned Abby's dad onto the glories of Sriracha. Of course, he's an anesthesiologist, so he's really into gas.

Be sure to count how many times he asks you to prepare for the prostate exam. If it's more than once, then he's got ulterior posterior motives.

say hello to dr. jellyfinger for us

Men are so funny. They view the annual exam as an indignity. If you have ever followed a woman through childbirth and its related travails, you have to realize that we have it sooo easy.

Done. I'm in very good health, according to the doc.

And I owe it all to red wine, the chronic, and Sriracha.

Oh, Sriracha, is there anything you can't do?

"Moon river...."

"Using the whole fist there, doc?"

Re: No strip today

Funny, that doesn't agree with the pics that your doctor just sent me seem to say.

And, trust me, they don't say alot anyways.

[Groucho-walk towards the exit]

Ah, proctology and sriracha, a comforting combination of themes. I'm in the http://www.tamworthcountrymusic.com.au/index.cfm?page_id=1253 "> country music capital of Australia
It's 11pm. Still (according to CNN) 5.something hours 'til the big speech. I wanna stay up. But I can't.

Your Inauguration Day, SDU, was my election day. I had to pull an all-nighter. As for today, I have an offsite in Weybridge, UK and won't be back until after the speech is concluded. So bummed, but my Tivo is set! Cannot wait!

Anyone else read Shaughnessy's piece in today's Globe on BO and basketball? It made the Politics section. What overwrought drivel! I really wish FireJoeMorgan.com were still around to dissect the level of bad that was his opening four paragraphs: positively Plashke-esque!

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