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Big Game Bob

Christ, I know I'm getting old when I see Oklahoma's Sam Bradford in the post-game losah's pressah and my first thought is "Jeez, isn't it past that kid's bedtime?"


I mean what is he like 14?


I mean haven't they been to something like 4 BCS games and lost every single one?


Somebody call Shaughnessy — It's the friggin "Curse of the Ma and Pa Joads"


"Okie use' ta mean you was from Oklahoma. Now it means you're a dirty son-of-a-bitch."


I think their coach needs to take a long, hahd look in the mirror.


Yeah, with that much season ending choking on the bit I wouldn't be surprised if Bob Stoop had some connection to the Yankees.


Ah, yes, the ol' "Six Degrees of Miseration"


But, you know, this losing thing is nothing that can't be fixed with a glossy computah simulation set to a Twisted Sistah song.


Fuck, yeah. Clap.Clap. ClapClapClap.



Maybe I should go by Robert from now on.

BTW, is it 4:30 yet?


Im back. not that any of you should give a fuck. I just couldnt handle the site after the alcs. It was kind of painful. Hot Stove is cooking though. Smoltz to the redsox? Maybe we can get chipper in a trade by midyear if lowell doesnt work out. The media here in ATL are not happy about the braves org letting smotlzie walk. I think it was a genius move by the sox. They guy is still good (2.00 era in 5 starts last year) and a hell of a competitor.

It's 4:30 somewhere, Bob.

BTW, if anyone finds a black piece of metal with a little pink RMV registration sticker on it anywhere near Brighton, let me know. I just lost the back plate on my scooter somewhere.

Is that the same Lisa Olsen who used to work for the Herald back in the day and ran into someone's (Ray Claiborne maybe?) manhood in the Pats locker room?

Some fun facts for Friday given the Smoltz signing....

Average age of Sox starting 5, assuming Smoltz isn't ready day 1: 31.8. With Smoltz instead of Penny: 32.8.

Average age of GBY starting 5, assuming Pettite returns: 29.4. With Hughes instead of Pettite: 26.6.

Is that assuming Wakefield is in the mix? Because I don't think he's coming back.

And if he is, his skewing the age up doesn't really mean a whole since he throws the knuckle and will probably throw it just has effectively when he's AARP eligible.

Your age point is a good one though.

But if I had to choose between younger legs in the field behind the pitcher vs younger arms on the mound, I'll go with the former.

There seem to be more cases of pitchers reinventing themselves or otherwise learning to pitch rather than just throw (cf. Martinez, Pedro; Clemens, Roger) as they get older rather than defensive guys getting more speedy and quick with the glove as they get older.

Great job as usual h.b.

A few comments. It was the stinking mormons who campaigned in Cali and ultimately got the gay marriage ban passed. Blaming the black vote is simply racism IMO.

It was Zeke Mowat's missile that Lisa Olson was accosted by.

Love the Smoltz signing. That guy still has something left in the tank.

A few proof reading comments.

It was the stinking mormons (sp)

Eliminate redundant phrase and correct spelling error.

OK, just so I'm clear:

Racism = bad.

Religious intolerance = good (unless intolerance is toward Muslims, then it's very, very, bad).

Off to a rest-of-the-day meeting, so have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about around 2:00 on Monday.

Religious intolerance is bad. Religious indifference is the key. Unfortunately, were I to want to extend my marriage rights to my gay friends in California, then the religious just stuck themselves square in the way. I find it extremely hard to be indifferent if they're going to keep putting their hands in front of my face while screaming "I'm not touching you!".

I shouldn't have to tolerate that and so I won't. If that makes it religious intolerance instead of religious indifference (which I'd prefer), then so be it. But who's fault is that? I certainly don't think it's my own.

I tolerate all kinds of stuff I feel I shouldn't have to.

But I do it just the same.

Big tent, civil society, agree to disagree and all that out of fashion stuff.

I thought is was very interesting that the millions spent by the Mormon's went largely unreported. While the "black vote" was blamed for the bills passing. That is all I was trying to say. The adjective used was to express my displeasure.

If you have never read Jon Krakauer's book on the Mormon church I suggest you do.

I hear you.

I just get amused by how the whole politically-correct thing goes out the window in some cases.

And didn't the new President Elect make it pretty clear where he stands on the issue gay-marriage issue? Or is he a secret Mormon doppelganger?

Ah, well, back to baseball...

Despite the tenor of the recent strips, I think we do have a Yankees leviathan on our hands for '09.

"Big tent, civil society, agree to disagree", etc. All only work if everyone buys into it. I'm guessing Rosa Parks was also told that she should have just tolerated all kinds of stuff that she didn't feel she should have to, as well.

so HB, you're saying we shouldn't be indifferent to the Yankee leviathan but we should be intolerant.

yeah, I can do that. as our spiritual leader, I will follow.

Hmmm... so the new President is against gay marriage, but I'm willing to bet he thinks Rosa Parks was one swell ol' lady.

Personally, I think the government should be out of the marriage business entirely, be it hetero or gay, just get out of it.

But I believe that about many things. The less government, the better.

Meanwhile, though, if you put things on the ballot, in front of the people, you live with the results until the next election.

"Six Degrees of Miseration" is prolly the funniest thing i've heard this week.

that shit is going right into my vernacular rotation.

shit, at 6'7", 300, CC is a leviathan all by hisself...

Mothra v leviathan... has a nice ring to it. There's a T shirt in there somewhere

Is that assuming Wakefield is in the mix? Yeah, that's with Wake.. I didn't realize he might be out, and I figured I'd rather have Wake start than Penny. But with Smoltz instead of Wake it would be 31.6, not much different.

I totally agree about your assessment, which is why I threw it out there without a judgment call. I am pretty sure the Yanks' bats will still have a few years on the Sox. And the wisdom of an older pitcher (especially these ones) can't be underestimated.

if you put things on the ballot, in front of the people, you live with the results until the next election. Unless, of course, they're unconstitutional.

BTW, Milk is a great movie, and quite timely.

Atlas Freakin' Shrugged...right on, HB.

I never knew about Mitt Rommney's former MTV career. Man, bring back Grecian formula and the AquaVelva Man.

Welcome home Nat-if you're around try to catch a Bruins game,those guys are on fire :)

Leviathan - aptly put. Should it sink to it's watery grave, which is entirely possible, I offer the following:
MFY- Burnett, Texeira, Sabathia - 62.5 mil base salary for 09
Sox - Smoltz, Penny, Baldelli - 11 mil base salary for 09

I love Theo

If I may weigh in on the Gay Marriage issue...
Gay marriage is a moral affront to the overwhelming majority of Americans. That alone should be enough to table the issue. Perhaps the left supports legal marriage to irritate and punish the right for all the years of unfair discrimination. Could it be a subconscious a revenge tactic? If it's equal rights they want, so be it. That's fair and could be had with a civil union that guarantees the rights of any couple to enjoy the same privileges as a married man and woman. At the same time it doesn't offend the majority of people who's religious beliefs are greatly disturbed by altering the traditional and historical definition of marriage. What's this about? Equal rights or pushing through a particular moral agenda? Equal rights? By all means! Minority rules over majority? That's not democracy.

This post may be lost to the "archive" so I'll probably post it again on today's new post, but here goes.

We get Saito. He's another reclaim from the DL pile for a 1 year deal and little money. This is great news.

The likelihood that any one of our new players goes down during the season is pretty high now. However, the likelihood that too many of them fail to live up to past expectations starts to actually become quite low. It's a statistical risk, but for a low cost, it's a worthy one.

Agreed, Kaz.

I'm ex-Saito'ed.

//The Red Sox added a pitcher who has 88 career saves and a 1.95 ERA in 180 games. In 2008, Saito posted a 2.49 ERA in 45 appearances.//

I wonder if Wake could teach him the knuckleball?

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