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Yankees Toss Duraflame into Hot Stove

Because, you know, Damon's move to the Yankees has worked out so well and all.


Can you imagine the conversation?

"Hey, A.J. New York is where you wanna be. It's the ballz, dude. I mean it's not like Boston where there's always all that pressure to win. Here you just kick back and collect the checks."


"And, oh, almost forgot to mention, if you do start to feel any stress or anything, A-Rod's got the name of a really good shrink."


Of course, the Yankees aren't done spending.


Manny Ramirez, come on down! You're the next contestant on You're Price is Just Right!


I think Chrysler and GM should stop waiting around on Congress and go directly to the Hank Steinbrennah for a bailout.


Are you kidding me? Blagojevich should sell the Yankees Obama's vacant Senate seat.


In all seriousness, though, the despite all the spending, the Yankees are going to be youngah and cheapah than in 2008.


Wait, isn't that Madonna's tag line?



That's funny, I call Madonna "the Shrink" too, but I never really discussed it in public. How'd you know that was my nickname for her?

Come on, Kaz. Your user name is all over IwannaMadonna.com.

Breaking News

[his location sucks]

$82 million for a 31 year old starter that has averaged 13-12 over his career?

Last season was either AJ finally reaching his potential, or an outlier. Either way, I think Theo wins by not paying $82 million for Burnett.

Hey, Mike stole h.b.'s "senate seat" line!

Okay, Lou. Now THAT was funny!

// Hey, Mike stole h.b.'s "senate seat" line! //

Yeah, don't let anyone say that The Soxaholix aren't trying to reduce their "carbon footprint." We recycle, man!

very funny, lc-
I recommend we counter with Mike Milbury; he can handle a shoe high and tight to NY stiffs


I'll plan to have something for you tomorrow, Friday, 12/19.

I'm still really enjoying this reduced winter schedule.

If we don't get snowed out :)

H.B., SDU, Kaz, Buckner, LC, Harwich, can you all please contact my personal email? Regarding wedding invitations (God I feel girlish right now).

Will do Bob but possibly not until I return to Sydney from a godforsaken place called Dubbo (YAWN) where it is 40 degrees C in the shade. No snow here Harwich.

wait, 40 degrees? Isn't that like 112 real degrees?

That robe and wig must be damn hot....

The Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo is actually quite renowned.

And evidently, quite hot too.

//God I feel girlish right now//

Welcome to your future.

Well, I'm just guessing now, but willing to go out on a limb and say John Henry's email might be a topic of conversation among the characters today.

I was starting to get pumped by the idea of Texas T coming to Boston. I really have to stop listening to Boston sports-talk radio. They all sounded like it was a done deal. Good luck playing with the Angels, you heartbreaker.

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