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Teixeira Stove Smolders

Hey, Bore-ass, looks like your client isn't going to have to work to hahd to "narrow his choices" since they've being narrowed by default.


So who is still in the bidding — Yankees, Orioles, and Nationals?


Wait did you just use the words "Yankees" and "cut payroll" in the same sentence?


Yeah, absurd, right?


Seriously, the Yankees talking about cutting payroll is like Nicole Kidman talking about laying off the Botox.



snow sucks.
Yankees suck more.

all my love


There must be a mystery team in the mix. Maybe the Giants (of NY)?

Hey, maybe Nicole Kidman just has naturally tight skin in her...er, on her. On her.

Hopefully by now she's trimmed the Christmas bush (SDU will know)

To add to the sucky shitiness of NY (who, my guess is, will sign Tex by mid-week) but now we have to cheer for them next Sunday?!!

I hope Mangini the ass doesn't decide to throw the game after the Pats whoop up on the Bills.

Bob - hope you've thawed out.

don't they celebrate Christmas in June "down there"?

Anyone heard anything new about Manny becoming a Shankee?

No, Kaz. IN her. SDU introduced us...

It wasn't that cold yesterday, Sonomosox. Got pretty slushy in the second half though. Thank God I ended up taking the train, because the parking lot was exactly that. If that makes any sense.

The Tex rumours change every ten minutes. The Nats are still in the running, which makes you wonder whether that's just Bore-Ass running up the salary score, or if Tex is actually interested in losing for the next 8-10 years.

Ah yeah good 'eh, its the Packer's Nancy here (TM Kaz),

1. How do you tail gate in or on a train?

2. Nicole's Christmas bush is just fine (thanks for the interest);

3. I heard her facelift involved some creepy solid gold thread and that she was impossible to work with on Australia.

4. We have 'Christmas in June' AND on Dec 25. The latter usually involves whole families bickering whilst melting over plates of roasted dead animals and birds for lunch in temperatures of 90+ real degrees.

5. Aaron Rodgers IS the future (*&?f**xx).

6. This is http://www.beyondhollywood.com/gallery/more-down-under-goodness-with-jennifer-hawkins/ "> our Hawko.


/Are you two Packers nancies really lamenting having Rodgers at QB instead of Mr. Brett "1 TD, 6 INTs over 4 weeks...oh, it must be the last month of the season" Favre?/ Kaz yesterday.

Favre would have had a much better supporing cast in GB, plus Grant probalby wouldn't have held out of camp if Brett were back, so the running game would have got going much sooner. The team was 13-3 last year, after all.

Re: Hawkins.

I'd Aussie Aussie Aussie, her oi oi oi.

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