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No warmth could warm

How did we go from one of the richest teams in all of baseball to Dickensian paupahs in just a couple months.


I'm guessing that is was years and not dollahs that sent the Sox packing.


Hey, at least now we don't have to worry if it'd be Lowell or Youks who would be expendable with Teixeira on board.


This is the worst hot stove season evah.


Sometimes the best move is no move at all.


Yeah, well, if come midsummah we are Olivah Twist getting the tah beat out of us the the Yankees as Fagin, then we'll see if you're singing the same tune.


Chiil, guy. I mean for all the Yankees offseason spending, people are still saying stuff like this: "That's not a baseball team. That's the cast of 'The Big Chill,' with Cano playing the Meg Tilly character."



Brilliant ruse/canard/facade, hb.

1) He knows that the Red Sox are fucking getting Peavy. (Jake, that is)

2) Hence, the characters lament the poor Sox using the "Teixiera maneuver"

3) Which creates an atmosphere for an "Epstein is a genius!!" strip in the future, post Peavy donning the hanging sox (guffaw) at a Fenway press conference.

Too clever by half?

Why should I care?
Why should I care?....

Out of my brain on the 9:45

meh. no cry over spilt tex.


Thyese things usually work in one of two ways (emotionm-wise):




And just read John Henry's quote:

"After hearing about his other offers, however, it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor."

Operative word, "hearing."

In other words, the fecal matter that comes out of Bore-ass's mouth, which J.H. is smart enough to ignore.

BTW, Bucker and SDU replied to my request and sent me emails yesterday. Why not H.B., L.C. and Harwich?

Bob,I sent you an e-mail but I'm not 100% sure on your address.Let me know how I can contact you. Rich

oh well

i make my self feel good about this thus -

Boras is bad for baseball and an owner willing to step away from the table before overindulging is good for baseball

If the guy, Tex, wants to play for the team and contend with his teammates, he signs with a contender. If he only wants money (which is OK by me), he signs with hi bid. If he only wants money and signs with the Sox, will he really play for the team when it matters? (oh manny, what to do with asswipes like you)

I like Mike

I like Youk

Money don't buy champs, reference yanks and rays.

Merry Xmas!

I think JH and Theo are calling Borass's bluff. If he has to come back to the Red Sox looking for a deal now it puts the Sox in a much stronger negotiating position.

If Teixeira hits a 450-foot homer in an empty 42K seat stadium, and no one is there to witness it, does it really happen? or matter?

Good for John Henry for calling the bluff and showing some stones

We still got stuff to cheer about

Regarding the Chokees' hot stove: one of the big signings spends more time on the DL than Carl Pavano and Matt Clement combined, and the other is a Blooming Onion(tm) away from a heart attack. I ain't worried.

Agreed all the way around...except for J.O. Good to see you back but have NOOO idea what you could be talking about.

It would be nice to have Tex on board but if he doesn't have the balls to play w/ a contender so be it.

Does K. Warner know how to play in the snow?

Hope all back in the hub survive that wicked storm.

Harwich, H.B., L.C.:

[email protected]

The Hot Stove feels even colder from abroad, where updates are only those I seek out. Perfect strip to sum up how I have been feeling, especially with the Dickensian slant. Although y'all have the snow, and its been 45 and sunny here in London. Go figure.

Merry Christmas to all and the happiest of New Years. I find myself stateside in Jan for the first time since leaving and cannot wait. Who knew I'd miss the "small town city" as James Taylor called Boston. Love to all...

Waddayaknow Bob,I haven't killed ALL my brain cells after all :)

Anybody want my Pat's tix for Sunday's big game?

Face value ($234 for the two tickets).

My guest (and ride to the game) is dealing with his kid's bad fever and had to cancel on me.

Since my office is actually closing because of this pitiful snowfall, you can email me at:

[email protected]

First response gets 'em. Or, first person to show up to Pete's Pub/Durty Nelly's tonight gets 'em.

If you can't make it tonight, I can meet you somewhere tomorrow and hand them off.

Anyhoo, have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Jason O, dude, a Quadrophenia reference! Color me impressed, and quickly dialing up the iPod.

Soulie,shouldn't that be "9:15" ? Nice pickup though :)

Actually it is 5:15 from Quadrophenia, the better of the two rock operas from the Who(in my opinion).

Sorry, Bob, I'd go Sunday but I have so much going on right now to get ready for the holiday trip down to my parents' house in MD that I just can't.

E-mail sent to you though.


I agree with Surviving Grady; I think Henry is bluffing to pull the rug out from under Texiera a little bit. Get some power back in the buying situation.


Can you scooter in the snow? I don't think I'll try to find out...

SDU - enjoy the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere while we New Englanders are putting up with 50 straight hours of snow. In enjoy the winter and all but this is goddamn ridiculous.

You are right Matt. I'm back in Sydney where it will be lovely blue skies and 25 degrees C (about 80 'real' degrees) today. Turned on the telly to see the Patriots up by 21 but v. v. cold. As a Packers fan I love football in the snow; especially on the television. [Good call on Favre/Rogers btw. NOT] I wonder if anybody braved Bob's tix?

/Good call on Favre/Rogers btw. NOT/ Yeah, seven losses by five points or less really stings. One more TD drive per game and we are 12-2. What really frosts my balls (an appropriate analogy at the moment) is that Rodgers went to Cal, and as a Stanford guy, I really hate having to cheer for the guy. At least we beat the da Bears - hope to do it again tomorrow night.

Are you two Packers nancies really lamenting having Rodgers at QB instead of Mr. Brett "1 TD, 6 INTs over 4 weeks...oh, it must be the last month of the season" Favre?


I was rooting for KC yesterday but they folded in the second half. But the Jets gave me an early Christmas.

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