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Always room for seconds

OK, I confess that I was hoping Theo would dish a little Thanksgiving gravy for us like he did with Schilling in '03.


A "little" gravy? Are you kidding me? That was the best Thanksgiving evah!


Seriously. I won't sit here and pretend that Theo's pulling Schilling out of the cornucopia that year had me convinced they'd win it all the following season.


But I and every other Red Sox fan knew deep down in his or her mashed potatoes that by getting Schilling, Theo had sent a signal that he the gang on Yawkey Way had turned every knob up to 11.


What a turning point in Red Sox history.


Yeah, and now here we are all fat and happy.


And, according to Massarotti, potentially losing interest in the so-called "stale" Red Sox.


Yep. That's it. The Red Sox have become nothing more than a has been Madonna in a Rihanna world.


Yep it's all downhill now.


Until we totally hit the bottom.




Still recovering from yesterday's Pats game.

I'm still cold; COLD I tells ya!

So I guess we got Tackashimakilasimini or whatever his name is.

Who is this Schilling fellow you speak of?

congratulations hb on being named one of the top websites in Boston in yesterday's Globe mag Not sure if that's praise or not, but I think so....

"quirky, wry cartoon panels..." not a mention of creepy anywhere

and, Bob-

screw cold- I'm still pissed

Mexico City? 3rd rate romance-foreign rendezvous :D

Truly, MLB will put its logo on just about

Bob, I think I'm really glad I was on the train back from Maryland for all of yesterday afternoon and evening (even if it was an hour late getting into Boston finally...and then I was dumb enough to take the MBTA instead of a cab).

I opened up nfl.com at some point in the evening and saw the score. Today, I saw how the score got that way...woof, what a dog of a game.

but how 'bout dem Broons, Kaz?
4-1 over the Wings? Niiiice

at least Theo hasn't gone stale: he snagged Bogar as 1B coach...that's gotta be right up there w/ Schill. Really not so sure what the 1B coach does but Theo pilfered him from the Raaays so that makes me feel better.

yeah, you beat us but were gonna take your coach.

congrats on the mention in the broadsheet yestiddy hb. If they couldn't go with creepy, how about dyspeptic?

V. cool on the Globe piece, hb.

Bob, shall I send you some Berocca for your recovery? Found some in a Boots the other day and picked it up for future Sunday reviving. Good stuff....

The stove needs to get hot soon. I miss a good baseball fix and only the big stories and games make it across the pond. Note to self: pick up Cricket for Dummies. :)

PS- anyone else a 30 Rock fanatic? The Oprah episode when Tina Fey talks about how women have it tough because "Madonna's arms are crazy" made me laugh out loud. A-Rod does have a very strange type...

Thanks for pointing out that Globe Magazine bit.

That's pretty cool. I like that Soxaholix was part of the bigger list and not just "Red Sox blogs."


Oops, typepad played a trick on me.

Sshhhhhh.... (Sorry about your head. Imagine mine! Hah.)

Yeah, I hate it when stuff breaks. No problem, glad I could help point it out for you to fix.

yeah, you're secret's safe with me

HB, You are Hilarious. Seriously.

http://thequietus.com/articles/00760-it-s-a-question-of-mime-play-the-qu "> Here is an activity for the long, meaningless days of the off-season.

I look forward to hearing your scores.

Natalie, having played and watched (and sometimes loved) cricket for most of my life, can I tell you - it ain't baseball.

*** NEXT STRIP: FRIDAY, 12/05 ***

That's my plan at least. And if the stove heats up, then it could be sooner on the next one.

As slow as it is, I confess I'm enjoying this laid back offseason.

SDU and I have had the cricket conversation. I think he referred to it as a "500 inning interleague game between the Royals and the Pirates."

Oh, and Natalie, I still have plenty of Berocca from SDU. Hint: take two at a time. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

I wish I'd thought to say that Bob. It's good!

Just got my 10th Man Plan renewal papers in the mail today for all of you other members to keep your eyes out for it.

Only one game against TB this year. I *almost* wish I had 2 of those and only 1 vs the Yankees. Almost.

Kaz, Have you any for the August 10-13 series against Detroit. I HAVE to attend a conference in Boston the week before (no games!) and plan on going to all four Detroit games the next week. Baseball Tavern? Copperfields Downunder Bar?

Maybe I'll get my renewal today. This coming right after I paid for my Pats playoff tix. Jebus H. Christopher Columbo, these teams suck me dry (that's what she said? He said?)

//Baseball Tavern? Copperfields Downunder Bar?//

Oh, SDU, you know the answer to that.


In my years of reading this and seeing countless comments on Berocca, I finally checked this stuff out. Why in the hell is this not available in the States?!? Is it just a souped up version of Airborne or much more? Please enlightnen me.

Berocca is a vitamin tablet. You're supposed to take it with water, so most of the anti-hangover effect is the hydration due to the water rather than any vitamins B or C that you're getting from the tablet. It does turn your pee deep orange/yellow from all of the excess B12 that you'll be filtering out however. So, it's got that going for ya.

Sorry to rain on all of your Berocca-loving parades.

Also, sorry, SDU, I have tickets for August 23rd, but not the 10-13th.

I bet you don't believe in hung-over Santa either, Kaz...

Just got my renewal letter.

SDU, I have a game on Saturday, August 22 against the Skankees, if you're still around.

Oh, and Kaz, I have two games -v- the Rays; April 8 and May 9.

Bob, Yesterday I saw that the Sox signed Billy Traber to a minor league contract (again) and invited him to spring training.

Did he pitch for the Lions when you were at LMU? I think his picture is still on the wall at Tower Pizza.

Scientifically true but quite wrong, Kaz. the recuperative impact comes from the fizz and unnatural but seductive purple flavour.

And I doubt I'll be around until 22-23 Aug unless I bring mrs sdu and the 5 year old sox fan, which seems unlikely at the moment.

Shucks, SDU. Some individual games are being sold in a week or two, as well as 4-game packs. You should look at the website and see if you can score any of those for your time here.

Also, I was clearly talking about the two other flavors of Berocca. Of course the purple flavor one acts through fizz and flavor alone! Geez, that's so obvious, I figured even Matt of CT would know *that*.

Bob, as for your ticket to the May 9th game...bah, I was given May 7th to fit my plan dates...and it's against Cleveland instead. Two against Cleveland and 1 against TB. Well, I can't complain too much. The second one against Cleveland is the last game of the season (October 4th this year...pretty soon we'll be able to go to Fenway in our Halloween costumes..and NOT stand out).

SoCal, Traber graduated in 2000 I believe. I was a '90 man.

See the news? AP reports Pedroia signs for 6yrs/40.5m. Good for him. Better for us.

Time now to trade My Little Pedroia. His value will never be greater.

It's a cold world, my friends.


bbbrrrr... not that cold, surely? But I've never been to Maine in December.

I'm there now.... bet your ass you don't wanna be here. I can hardly wait for January

and don't call me Shirley

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