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Viva El Caballito!

Congratulations Dustin AL MVP Pedroia.


The baseball writahs have done the right thing.


With this vote, faith in our national pastime has been restored and the oceans have stopped rising.


A win for Pedroia is a win for all of us who've evah been told we're not good enough.


They've lifted the lamp by the golden door and said, "Give me your cocky short shits with male pattern baldness."


By voting for a guy who looks more like Joe the grocery baggah rathah than Carl the Ripken the votahs have said to the huddled masses, "Si se puede!"


Absolutely. When someone tells you you're too short to play baseball, let the voices rise …


"Si se puede!"


When someone tells you you're too prematurely bald to play baseball, unleash the righteousness …


"Si se puede!"


And if someone tells you you're to gay to be married, lift the sword of justice and say …


Ah … "This puede shit has its limits you know."



Give that boy a Cuban Cigar :)

Well done H.B. Good to see no rust from the off-season. They'd better give Dustin however much $$$ he wants.

Pedroia's ego is going to need its own agent now. Try the veal.

Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City reports that the Red Sox have traded Coco Crisp to the Royals in exchange for Ramon Ramirez.
Former Royals outfielder Brian McRae broke the story, but we're still waiting to see the move confirmed by other sources. Ramirez had an excellent rookie year for the Rockies in 2006 before struggling in 2007, but bounced back following a trade to the Royals last season, posting a 2.64 ERA and 70/31 K/BB ratio in 71 2/3 innings. Dealing for Crisp would leave the Royals with a very crowded outfield and could indicate that the team is on the verge of dealing Mark Teahen or David DeJesus

Anagram of the day: Dustin Pedroia = Super Addition.

Does the Coco trade mean an entire season of watching Ellsbury hacking away at the plate?

I think Ellsbury will be OK next season. It's fairly typical for a guy to come up form the minors and do well at first. Then they find the rook's weak spots and exploit those mercilessly over the next season. I suspect Ellsbury will eliminate a lot of those weak spots in te coming season. That's my hopeful thinking, anyway.

Hilarous strip today.

hb is right, the odds are in our favor for ellsbury to settle down and bat closer 280-290 as our leadoff guy, and hopefully take a ton of walks.

Also maybe the pressure of having coco playing well behind threw his game off. I wouldnt write off ellsbury yet.


cO c0

I'll miss the eerily Tourette's-like batting stance.

can an anonymous, creepy, lovable cartoon blogger take a few days off and still be money:


Great strip. Great news for senor pedroia. not sure what to make of the alleged trade.

A shortstop. A shortstop. My kingdom for a shortstop! (Will Shakespeare during the season he managed the Single A Avon franchise).

Happy day for Pedroia and Happy Birthday to Bob!

Hasta la vista, Coco. Y gracias tambien. [Another redundant Kintees T for the pyre].

And goodonya Dustin.

SDU, don't burn it! It should serve as a reminder of happy days. The Manny shirt is fine to burn, but not Coco.

"too gay", not "to gay", h.b. !

I wouldn't really burn it da kine especially given the attempt by Coca Cola (TM) to shut it down. It must be worth a fortune by now.

*** NO STRIP TODAY (11/20) ***

Unless something breaking goes down in next 24 hrs (AJ Burnett?), I'll most likely not publish again until Monday.

I know it sucks for you regular readers, but being able to just wing it with lots of days off is really recharging my batteries.

That's OK hb,we'll just talk amongst ourselves...or not :)

I miss baseball

I miss Bob

I just got a call. Baseball misses you too, lou.

Actually, I just wanted to say "you too, lou"...because that just sounds really wierd and funny at the same time.

So my wife is considering a job in Boston/Cambridge. Anyone want to make the case for living in the city? After some serious commuting for the last 12 years, we would live in the city. Last kid leaves HS this year, schools are no longer an issue. Both sides of the argument welcomed.

Yaz: tolls and traffic.

If you live to the west, they're doubling the tolls on the Pike. If you live to the south, the SE Expressway blows at rush hour. If you live to the north, 93-N blows at rush hour. East Boston just got told they're going to pay $7 to get to the city every day. The Commuter Rail is suck on a set of tracks.

Picking the right neighborhood in town is crucial though, depending on where you work. If you work in Cambridge, then you want to live on the Red Line, for example. The South End is nice and convenient to a lot of the city, but abuts some of the dingier sections of town too if you go too far. I live in Brighton and it's nice, but the Green B Line can really grate on you. The C Line and Brookline are nice though. The D Line and Newton is pretty decent as well.

You don't have to live *in* Boston, but I'd stay inside of 128 and near one of the better mass transit options, personally.

That's Cal the Ripken, not Carl. But otherwise an excellent and very funny piece.

YB - live in the N. End near Bob and you two can work on alcohol consumption and liver reproduction while the missus' go off to work.

Your question was answered in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald:
http://www.smh.com.au/travel/worlds-top-10-ugliest-buildings-and-monuments-20081120-6c5o.html "> It's the architecture

I may be in a minority of one but I kinda like the nasty concrete structure.

Stupid links. Cut and paste away:


Kaz also neglected to mention that you can't use a scooter, er "motorized bicycle", and commute to work without being harrassed. That's one more reason to stay home and drink with Bob in the North End, I guess

So I plugged the Soxaholix in to the "Typealyzer" (http://www.typealyzer.com) and it declared the site is

ESTP - The Doers

on the Myers-Brigg scale. That's funny.

The Doers were never the same after Morrison died

Hey HB, www.genderanalyzer.com
This website is only 88% sure you are a man. Just thought you should know how in touch with your feminine side you really are.

In fact, hb is the cute bar maid at the Baseball Tavern so (s)he is well in touch with his feminine side. And it's pretty hot actually...

The Geffner thing is 97%. tahda

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