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mamma.com don't let your babies grow up to be Cubans

Ah the irony — for years Mark Cuban accused the NBA refs of cheating and now, hello, instant kahma.


Yeah, talk about your psychological projection.


So much for Cuban's plans to buy the Cubs.


Who and the fuck would want to buy the Cubs in the first place?


As if you need further proof that Cuban is an idiot. I mean this is the guy who in 1999 said the MP3 format would be dead in 6 months.


Hey, the Cubs annual frustrations are what make them good business investment. They have a devout and loyal following.


A loyal following of losahs.


Losahs beget losahs.


Seriously. Mark Cuban probably wouldn't have been caught for insidah trading if he hadn't jinxed himself wth the Cubs.


Absolutely. The Cubs are like King Midas in reverse, anyone who touches them turns to shit.


C'mon, one of these seasons the Cubs will turn it around and be world champs.


Yeah, and I heard so will General Motahs. It's just a mattah of more time and more money, you know. It's a sure thing.



Maybe the Cubs need a federal bailout, too...

Mark Cuban accusing the NBA of cheating...hmmm, considering his current dilemma, what do you think that might be called?

Perhaps a GOOCH?

BTW, starting tomorrow, I'm on vacation/Thanksgiving holiday through December 1. I'll still check up on you creepy people from time to time though. Have your people call my people if you need any sage advice. Or opiates.

Dustin or Youk today? I'm going against the standard line and saying the writers pick Youk.

Don't let them grow up to be Mavericks either - apparently its not a good time to be one of those either:)

hubris. plain and simple.

we learn about it studying Shakespeare in the 5th grade, the 6th grade.... we all hate learning this stuff at that age, but it does actually stick with most of us, even if only in the subconscious. But there are always those who just don't get ol' Bill S. (there are so many good contemporary examples!) and find a way to show there ass to all of our dismay and delight. what a putz.

Perdroia MVP!!!

Yeah, that's spelled Pedroia. Time to crawl back under my rock....

And Lil'Dusty notches another award joining now Ryan Howard and Cal Ripken Jr. for both RotY and MVP.

Fuck yeah.

Congrats to Pedroia! ROY to MVP! Third person to ever do it (Ripken Jr and Howard are the other 2).

Also, about Cuban, it's a bit ironic. He's paid like $3 million in fees and charity when he's been fined by the NBA for his mouth over the past 8 years. He would flaunt the rules and pay a fine. This time, he flaunted the rules to avoid paying $750k...it's all about flaunting the rules regardless of the price I guess, but I have a feeling the Feds (and by Feds, I mean his bunkmate) are going to have a "stiffer" penalty in mind for him this time.

Unbelievably, Dustin was completely left off the ballot by one voter. How much you want to bet it was that slimeball New Yorker George King. The miserable hypocrite totally omitted Petey from the MVP ballot in '99 and cost him the win (because "pitchers shouldn't be eligible for MVP"). This after he included TWO pitchers on his '98 MVP ballot).

Can you tell that still pisses me off?

I really like My Little Pony as a player, but MVP? I don't know.
I still haven't gotten over the way the season ended, since this was the best RS team I have seen.

wah, wah


Hey, lou, just wait until *next* year!

Actually, the guy who left him off was from Dallas.He had Youk for MVP - so it's kind of hard to argue any anti-Sox bias there.

Prediction: in at least one federal penitentary a "stiffer" penalty will soon be called the Cuban Cigar. BTW, let Detroit go Chapter 11 and reorganize.

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