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Living verite


Yeah, well, with all due respect, getting "how to win a World Series" advice from Comrade Lee is like getting "top secret hostage rescue" advice from Jimmy Cahtah.


I mean those Red Sox teams of the 70s will always be remembahed for their failures rathah than their successes.


You'd feel differently if you were a kid growing up with those guys, though.


Despite the frustrations and futilities and almost-but-not-quites, those memories are as much a paht of my Red Sox fan soul as anything from 2004 and beyond.


Ah, Christ, what next, old man? You gonna try to convince me that disco was a high art form?



Yeah, just take a look at Debbie Harry.


Listen, kid, don't mess with Blondie.




Gotta agree with Bill - my memories of the Red Sox in the 70s are not bad memories at all.

it's why my #24 home jersey says 'Evans' on the back

Hey, the '70s were as much about punk as they were about disco. Thank God.

Bhe RedSox of the '70s were what and who made me a fanatic about the team. Bad memories? Never. Bittersweet? Almost always.

Much like cyanide I suppose.

I think Doug's just bitter he lost the election...btw where's Doug's VPILF shirt.

I was certain that my Luis spin on the mound was a guarantee strike in neighborhood whiffle ball epics.

but they never should have taken Willoughby out...

Sorry for the erratic publishing schedule.

I'm sort of just winging it, specifically not working too hard to publish anything just now unless an idea pops into my head.

Also feel badly that I forgot all about the Veteran's Day Holiday. Even Google acknowledged it which is the first time I ever remember them doing so. (Guess it's OK now.)

What if you still weren't a kid in the 70's? meh. Bill Lee, ok we get it, you are idiosyncratic.

Let me be the first to say..

When is Truck Day?

(early, I think, this year, due to the WBC)


buckner was framed - 24 will always be Evans

Truck Day is still TBD, lou.

TBD can't come soon enough.

That's what she said.

Um, Kaz, she would never say that. :)

Tom Brady's dad?

Yuck. I don't like that image.

can somebody throw a log on the hot stove fercrissakes already...or at least some sriracha.

where's theo spending thanksgiving? with the peavy's? the sabbathia's? some highly average SS?

We all owe Manny a thanks. Because we dumped his salary, the Sox were able to freeze ticket prices for next year so we don't have to pay any more in 2009 than we did in 2008.

...or they said they did it because they want to help us in such hard economic times...whichever is true, you decide.

Hmm, I tried to post earlier and it was flagged as spam. Typepad's doing?

Yeah, ok.


Yeah, TP dumped your comment into spam. I just fished it out and it appears above.

It's normally pretty good at not flagging normal stuff.

And I'm not really paying attention as much during the offseason.

BTW Doug is a generation younger than Bill, so he isn't going to have the same appreciation for guys like Evans, Rice, Yaz as someone who actually watched those teams play.

In re: Evans. By far my favorite player of that era, for several reasons
1. Gun for an arm 6 Gold Gloves, which is 8 more than Manny
2. Sweet swing good power
3. In those days, I got comp tickets that were usually in the right field GS, so he was the only person in my field of vision
4. He had a lot of challenges with on of his kids, from bith. He used that as a crutch.

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