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Hot or not?

Happy "World Usability Day" everyone.


Awesome. In honor of the day, I plan to use as many people as possible.


So not much of a hot stove so fah.


The only rumahs are that there are no rumahs.


Ah, c'mon, guys, there's stuff heating up — catchers in particular Saltalamacchia


And Tazawa and the possible return of every Sox groupie's fave gropah, Derek Lowe.


Ah, dude, if that's your definition of hot stove than I've a got a tea light in a taht warmah with your name on it.


Psyched. Now I know what to get Mike for Christmas.


Jeez, thanks guys for making me feel like Jennifah Aniston at baby showah for Angelina Jolie.



Christmas? No, Thanksgiving comes first.

Also, I just tried the World Usability Day link...and it failed. A little toooooo ironic.

No kidding! A site that can't handle too many users - I'd call that extreme usability:)
Not... I agree.... that really is ironic.

Buchholz for salty plus another hitter sounds about right. DLowe @ 15 million. Not.

Heard that Papi is starting to grumble about not having a big hitter in the line up...

Beane/Theo willing to take/give a few from the farm for Holliday?

Theo has it all figured out. We are just players on his stage.


I had Veal Saltalamacchia for lunch.

teagarden is such a better name to make jokes from than saltalamacchia.

I love that you have used a "tea light" reference and can hear Remy working over Saltalamacchia's name already.

Hey h.b., saw your response from yesterday, danke.

Who is Texiera's agent? BoreAssHole?

I know the Sox still have a couple of his clients in the stable, but he is Evil Incarnate.

Nothing today. I'll plan to have a strip Monday, though.

BTW this is cool news. With some paperwork help of an anonymous (yet lovable) reader, Soxaholix is now a registered trademark.

This creepy site has come a long way.

Did anyone catch Milan Lucic's fight last night? He's becoming my new favorite Bruin. Here's to hoping he brings back the PJ Stock wave.


Heh. I hope that renders correctly.

Man, that football game last night was like the Tale of Two Teams. It was the best of times (Cassel threw for 400 yds and 3 TDs!). It was the worst of times (a runback TD against us? Congrats, special team...).

We couldn't win a coin flip to save our lives. I hate the NFL's OT rules.

Kaz, couldn't agree with you more on all accounts. If they had ONE time out left I wonder if the Pats would have considered going for the 2 point conversion at the end of the game. That 50-50 chance to have the ball first in OT with Favre on the other side of the line.....we were doomed.

I saw it Matt of CT. The Bruins are playing mighty good hockey. Just like the old days...exciting, winning hockey AND beating people up.

Sure is nice to see the Bruins on the upswing.

Kaz, Fernsco and et al - all aboard.

If we could instate the college OT in the NFL and the NFL playoffs in college...life during the hot stove would be that much better

Bob-no Beer Cart?

I'm at the Beer Cart, standing in for Bob who is on vacation with Abby on the Cape. That's how I scored his Pats tickets for last night's game.

Unfortunately, he forgot to mention that I paid him for "seats" and not seats, since his is the only section in the entire stadium that did not sit down ONCE during the entire game last night.

Hehe, I kid though, I had a great time at the game and I'd be glad to grab Bob's seat any time in the future too.

Beer cart's moving, gotta move with it. Yak on Monday.

*** NO STRIP TODAY, MONDAY 11/17 ***

Not much happening on the hot stove, so continuing to milk it here in the offseason.

Kaz, anybody in my section sits down, they get beat down.

Verbally at least.

Glad you had a good time. Great game, in one of those "can a game we lose be great?" kind of way.

Pujols won the NL MVP.

Manny came in fourth.

"He is dead to me now"

Dontrelle or Robertson for Lugo?

Those are significant upgrades over the sack of baseballs that I was willing to take for him, so I praise Theo yet again.

Hot Stove thought. We know Dustin came up through the system as a shortstop. So IF he can play SS at the big league level, THEN I wonder if Mikey or Youk can play second base at the big league level. IF both of those supositions are correct, THEN we could keep Mikey and sign Texiera. Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas?

Mike Lowell will never play second base. Youk probably wouldn't either but he'd definitely get the nod over Lowell.

Mikey actually has more career starts at 2B than Youk (9 vs 2) but Youk's range stats are better (of course, it's a small sample size in both cases). I hate to see them trade Mikey, but I'd love to see Texiera in the lineup. Good glove too.

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