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Good young man is polite

So a new study suggests that people who watch TV are unhappiah than people who spend time reading books.


So what happens if you spend your time watching TV about books?


Or spend your time reading books about TV?


I think that just means you're a weirdo. But speaking of studies, did you see that the international doping agencies are now viewing Viagra as a "performance enhancah" in more ways than one?


Poor Palmeiro, the Onion is already all ovah him.


Hmmm, let's see — A drug that regulates blood flow and allows the vessels of the cardiovascular system to relax and that has been around for 10 years and just now the it's dawning on the bureaucrats that it could be used to gain an athletic edge?


No wondah the dopahs are always 3 steps ahead of the anti-doping agencies.


Wait a second, are you suggesting that somehow the free market is more efficient than government run agencies? And here I thought that government could save us all. Jeez.


Ahem, meanwhile, Tazawa?


Yes, if you trust the Google translation, it seems he's already decided on taking the Sox offah.


I love how Tazawa refers to Dice-K as "the presence above the clouds."


Yeah, wait until he meets Lestah and Beckett — Through morning mist, what mountains there?



In re: Tazawa [or Viagra]:

I couldn't hit that.

Loves and kisses.


Search the YouTube
See Tazawa in action
Domo, Japan, Domo

The Google page-o-translation is Comedy Gold.

Ya mountains of marriage, "I want a quick 2"

Events reliable suppress the ball out of the way to victory!

Ah, the wind has been felt good. Indeed.

Ah, the wind has been felt good. Indeed.

am i the only one that got a headache from reading that?

@mikeya2k1 - Read it. Had an actual migraine later in the day. Connected? You decide....

Yankees fans are a little butthurt over us taking Tazawa.

Cry more, LoHuders, your tears sustain me in the off-season. Good luck getting any FA pitchers to fill that gaping hole your mom calls a lineup.

Not that anybody would be reading this, but please enjoy the tnxgving holiday and thanks for making me smile more than I otherwise would.


Enjoy the holiday pilgrims. When you break the wishbone, think Teixeira and a catcher that can hit.

Happy Thanksgiving all, and pray that Chuck Turner wasn't in charge of your holiday stuffing

Late to the party as usual, but wishing you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. GOd bless us, everyone.

bah humbug, the 53rd state don't get thanksgiving.

No turkey for you!

Happy giving of the thanks.

(literal double translation from English to Japanese and back)

Happy Turkey Day all :)

...and especially thanks to hb for this creepy site.

Apologies for dropping off the grid and missing the chance to wish you all a great Thanksgiving.

Hope all of you did have a nice one. Was perfect on this end. There really is nothing like a from scratch giblet gravy.

I plan to post something new next week, hopefully Monday, but no promises.

Wicked funny, folks! Might even say it's pissah! But just be glad that Diane Wilkerson is not in charge of your stuffing!! She's got a lot more stuffing, if you catch my drift!

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