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Connected as it is with the power of maintaining the trunk in the erect posture

So it looks like the end of the Quadzilla era. Sigh.


Catchers come, catchers go, but it just won't be the same without Caesar Gluteus Maximus behind the plate.


Seriously. With all due respect to Mssrs. Saltalamacchia or Teagarden et al, you most likely will supplant Tek's offense, you may match his defense and you may very well live up to his pitch calling capability …


But, gentlemen, when it comes to Tek you will nevah recoup the Glutes.


I just hope we can part ways with Jason in pleasant, amiable manner.


Ah, hello, his agent is Scott Boras.


Yeah, right. Boras is one of those bitches who isn't content to shack up with your old boyfriend, she has to come 'round and key your car too just for good measure.



You think Tek is gonna end up in Detroit, the nursing home of elderly catchers?

So Bob...would that make Pudge the codger who desperately tries to make himself look younger by going to one of those more "hip" teams like the MFY? Of course the MFY have their fair share of ol' coots.

Boras was going to have him file for FA no matter what. If he can't get a team to pony up for 4 years he very well may find himself back with the Sox on a two year deal.

Awesome strip.

*sigh* This feels like a breakup, one that you know is for the right reasons ("it's called a break-up because it's broken") but still hugely emotional.

It's like Hef with his three girlfriends- time to move on to the younger models. Let's just hope our new "girlfriends" aren't as skanky and contentious as Hef's identical twin replacements.

(Sorry, this analogy is really falling apart because do I really want to be equating the Sox with an octagenarian who needs a horse's dose of Viagra and hurricaine-like stiff breeze to get it up? ;)

Anyone recall another player who had such a miserable year in the year before he became a free agent? At least Tek did not put up Posada-like numbers this year.

Yeah, Natalie, that sounds way more like the Yankees.

I think the Hef analogy should go as follows. Tek is the aging octagenarian and the young ladies are ballclubs that continually rotate ownership of the catcher. The problem is that one day, one set of these ladies/caretakers is going to wake up in bed with a corpse whose bodily functions let loose sometime during the night and they will be mentally scared for the rest of their lives. I think the Sox should pass on the corpse scenario.

doesn't really matter to me.

Hopefully Tek will be back in some capacity with the club either a part-time catcher or coach.

I have one more video from Philly to share. Must see stuff. Enjoy.


Tek, with Boras as agent, was filing for free agency even if he had no plans to leave the Sox. Filing is not a gaurantee that he is gone, just that he has opened bidding among all parties, which is what Boras wants.

That said, I exect the Sox will make Tek what they think is a fair offer. Boras will not agree to it. Then, some other team who is desperate will over bid, and there you go. Last time around, Tek wanted roots and security for the kids to go to school and all that. Now, he's getting divorced, so relocating is easy.

He could be back if no other team overbids. His heart is here, but Boras' heart is in the bank.

Catchers are unfortunately not a dime-a-dozen. And, while Tek's pitch calling and handling of the staff is highly rated, his defense and offense sucked hard this year. I don't think I saw him throw out any runners this year - I probably watched 2/3 of the games. Hell, I was all but begging Tito to put Cash in there in the ALCS simply because with 2 on and 2 out in that Rays series, you knew Tek was either grounding out or striking out (I was subsequently wrong, he popped out). I even thought Tek's pitch selection and location was suspect at times (go ahead and flame me on that, I was a catcher in high school) - let's throw that inside fastball to Upton.. he cant hit that..boom.

Anyway, the problem here is, Boras$ will demand top dollar even if no other team deperately needs Tek's limited services. So, he will hope to drive the price up and pocket a few mil more than Tek is obviously worth. Sadly, if another team really wants him, he is probably gone ala Damon. Which, if his '09 is the same as this year, that could be a blessing in disguise. Theo better put in some extra work on that farm system.

Red Sox toolbar anyone?


Tek should go with what dignity he has (which is not at an all time high, but is still considerable). Enduring this season, with the unmerited All-Star appearance and horrific offense while getting 10 or 12 mil, was embarrasing and undignified enough. Coming back next year with a Boras-inflated contract and sucking all over again would be much, much worse.

I agree with a post from a week or so back here: Tek's game-calling is good but overrated--would Cash or any other middling replacement have served up any more Tampa Bay homers than Tek did? How about just one or two brushbacks for Upton, Pena and Longoria--anything to disrupt the unholy rampage they were causing.

Off topic, but was wondering if any of you would be interested in two Pats tix for the Thursday night, November 13 game versus the Jets and Brett Fav-rey.

Face value. Email me here:

[email protected]

And no, I'm not Abby. I really am Bob.

Nice one, Abby. When Bob finds out you've sold his ticket there'll be hell to pay. I'd so love to see Favre just once even playing for the Jets. But unless they move the game to Sydney, I'm a no show.

And as for Tek, thighs and clubbing A-Rod in the head notwithstanding, I'm with lc.


No, not Glenn. (Thank God.0


NO STRIP TODAY (Election Day)

(But I am working on the Bronx Banter piece. I'll link it up when it goes live.)


Speaking of which, GO VOTE PEOPLE (not you, SDU)!

I bought Bob's tickets to the Pats game in case anyone was still thinking about it.

What, I can't vote? We should secede from the union. Bastards!

http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/Homer%2BSimpson%2Bobama/video/x6y4nx_homer-simpson-tries-to-vote-for-oba_shortfilms "> This doesn't happen in America - maybe Ohio but not in America

Hey, I just did one of Kaz's clever links and got censored! Maybe in Ohio, but not America:


Timlin's gone

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