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There's gonna be a haiku tonight, a haiku tonight, I know

Tampa Bay manages to avoid reversion to suckitude in game 163, but their collapse remains imminent. Heh.


Seriously. The Rays could be hoisting the World Series trophy on their shoulders and we'd still be all "any days now those fuckahs are going to revert to the mean!"


So how are we feeling about Dice-K tonight?


Well, it's like this:

A red crowd pales
Thunderstick thicket silent --


And this:

A distant rumbling
The rally monkey cowers --
Caballito hooves.



Red Sox way out West.
The inscrutable one deals.
Back home Two and Oh.

Dice-K delivers
Eleven wins in a row
A pleasant flight home

From the Pedroia link: "Glenn Diamond, the coordinator of TBS’ well received baseball coverage..."

Bullshit, and now a haiku:

Sox will win again
Soon my home game two tickets
will be useless. Damn.

Inscrutable grin
Gryo-ball like a sharp knife
Sushi chef says "Hai."

Jeez, Yer darn right, Gwen.
Phony platitudes abound.
Make her go away.

Ah, thanks, waitwhat, for pissing on a what was a good all Red Sox haiku parade we had started by going off topic...

waitwhat has no clue
Yankee troll put politics
in red sox haiki

the next west coast trip
may be when Sox are facing
other L.A. team

dice delivers win
with customary deep counts
victory quells nerves

Does anyone know if they do day-of tickets for the playoffs? I would imagine they probably don't, but I don't have anything else to do Sunday except listen to the Pats game.

OH, and:

A cool breeze back home
the leaves support our home team
this time red means go.

Hearing no thundah!
One-fifty pitches in six.
A win is a win.

With respect to the form of haiku
About nothing it gets much ado.
The limerick, I say,
Is the elegant way,
To banter with each one of you.

Re: Daisuke, well, who knows
Which way the gyroball goes?
Roll dice! Chips will fall where they may.
Two road wins are an awfully nice way
to send our goodbyes to Halos.

Red Sox and Halos
Rally monkeys destroyed by

Angels meet Pythag.
Dice-K and bats are engaged.
Beware the Rays gents.

That work fellas?

a mother's sartorial haiku for today

Son in Papi Shirt
Me in my W S Champs bling
Wee lass outgrew hers

I'm blinding my coworkers today and enjoyed watching the reflections off the crystals dance on the ceiling of my car this morning. Kaz has seen one of the shirts in person so he knows what I'm talking about.

The Swarovski crystals really do shine quite a bit, don't they?

Ball spins darts dips down
Dirt bound with impatient swing
Bench beckons bad Vlad

Game 163 for the Rays; game 164 for their opponents.

It was interesting to watch the Central Division playoff game. The White Sox's players commented on how the fans seemed more alive and into the game than any other game all year. Some of that's going to be because of what the game meant. But my wife and I figured that it was also because everyone there was a fan. This was an extra game you had to buy tickets for the night before after the previous game. There was nobody there because someone in a corporate office bought tickets 3 months before and gave them to a sales rep and a few people he was trying to sell something to in them, people likely to never buy tickets on their own. Every single person there was a White Sox fan who was sitting up that previous night either on a computer or lined up outside the ball park trying to buy a ticket. That park sold out in an hour.

no plate bases loaded

hat up brow wiped hat down stare

K 5 4 3 done

I have to go into a series of useless meetings in a couple of minutes, so it's time for this boy to sign off.

(Rest assured that any meeting occuring at or after 4:30 will involve beer however.)

Anyway, have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Mothra mows them down
Nice Eagles reference HB
Angels cry again.

With apologies to Basho-san:

Angel Stadium
An old Vlad runs too slowly
Cries of angels heard

Happiness abounds
Bliss follows two more wins, but
McCarver returns

Superfluous, su...
Superfluous, superflu..
Superfluous, su...

http://picasaweb.google.com.au/soxdownunder/AwayVeryOpener#5181689384405362434 "> Superfluous, su

Hey SDU - Have you travelled extensively in that part of the world? If so, in which of the ASEAN countries would you be most/least comfortable traveling in rural areas?

Steve, personally I haven't really travelled too much in Asia [just Thailand (rural) and Tokyo (not so much rural)] but lots of my friends have. The country that gets the best reviews consistently is Vietnam. Thailand is great too, especially the north around the Mekong/golden triangle area. Places like Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia sound fab but I suspect are much more difficult to travel in. Hope this helps. Oh, and Iowa's nice!

linking Tomase
he lied to gain coverage
my foot, his wide ass

Halos serv'd a JD shot
'Cisco sucks horse dick

I love this game, I love this team...the catharsis continues!!!!

I felt really sick*
From beginning to the end
But J D came through.

* I had a sore tummy, headache and hives and said 'fucking Francona' on numberous occasions.

Otherwise, ditto what Genghis said.

Dice-K walks another
Violent chest seizure again

I've always felt that angioplasty or Holy Fucking Shit make the best 5 syllable line.

we were in right field, first row. got real quiet, real fast. angel fans started talking a little more crap as they scored, finally thinking it was over when frankie came in. after drew's bomb, the row behind us emptied out. real fans, even with another at bat. the writing is on the wall- in boston!

Sox explode in first
Halos claw their way back in
Drew and Paps slam door

Thanks SDU. I'm starting to hear a consistent story about Vietnam.

Great win. I thought their manager was going to break out in tears there after JD hit it out.

Rays refuse to lose.
Terry turns and points to Joe.
After them, you're next!

J.D. Slugs one out
Rally Monkey Starts a pout
Haiku Beckett wins

Dodgers sweep the Cubs
Another year of cock tease
Please Sox, crush Manny

Becks not performing.
This is not enjoyable.
Please bats, help us out.

What do we need now
Another 3-run single?
I hate Texeira

Beckett couldn't pitch.
Bullpen could not last this long.
Damn pesky Angels.

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