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Ring your bell-el-el -- Ringah, dingah ding

Holy Mary mothah of the dude who walked on watah, what *was* that?


That was "The Miracle of Late Hits and Wicked Pissahs" is what that was.


And that my friends and fellow citizens of Red Sox Nation is what we call Red Sox Baseball!




Absolutely, literally, totally unbelievable.


Seriously, guy — I couldn't be any more in the middle of it and yet I still find it difficult to get a friggin grip on it.


We've gone from the infamous team that no mattah how close to winning it all, we nevah will. To the team that no mattah how close to absolute defeat, you can nevah count 'em out.


Josh Beckett for Game 6?


Why the frig not? We've got to win the next two no mattah what.


Besides I've got a feeling we are going to finally see the nasty, squint-eyed, battah leering, whoop-assing redneck side of Josh Beckett on Saddadee night.


That's right Tampa Bamians — Time to ring your dinky bells and slick up your Ray-ho-hawked pubes because the Red Sox are in your dome pressuring your doodz.



Is it possible to be exhausted and elated at the same time?


Yes it is.

Looks like we have some real hits finally coming from the lead-off spot. The Papi-man returns. Let's see the Tek-mind meld return to its magic state and work out some gems. Damn, if we hadn't blown Game 2.

That comeback ended Timlin's career. No game is going to be viewed as a blow out until the final out.

Yep - feeling like Jimmy Fallon today.

Fell asleep with no need to watch my team go down in flames after dropping to a 5-0 deficit early. So I woke up at 2am from a dream that the Sox came back to win. Thought about checking the score but did not want on my dream to intrude, a freckled frown to spoil the mood, so went back to sleep with my good dream only to find out this morning... FIST PUMP -- FUCK YEA!! I knew falling asleep early would eventually work!

How. About. That.

Sox lead the series two games to three.



I went to bed at 7-0 and learned of the outcome via Doug's Twitter message this morning.

I had a dream last night that on the ESPN ticker I saw the Sox having won 15-6, then woke to an overnight email from a colleague mentioning they were losing in the 8th. Imagine my elation to get to the office at 9am and see the front page of the Globe describing the historic come from behind. I admit I got teary reading about it. Damn I love baseball. Looks like its gonna be a late late night on Sat night. Bring on rabid hillbilly Beckett and show those upstarts what the masters can do!

I found this on Youtube - video of the walk off hit from somebody that was sitting up behind first base.

Wowzers! At one point I was listening to the computer with my eyes closed because I couldn't bear to look at Gameday, muttering "come on, come on" under my breath. I'd have sprung for a month of cable if I'd known the ALCS wasn't going to be on "Broadcast". And then the joy of phoning my sister: "Wake up, we won!"

My double secret reverse gooch worked Hamulack !

Thanks for the COD!

Stayed up to watch the whole damn thing.

I still can't believe it!

Here's a great thread on the game


Can someone tell me when Upton, Pena or Longoria are going to get buzzed? Dudes are way to eager to jump in the box and swing from their shoetops. Pedro buzzed Matsui in '04, and completely changed the tone of the series. Time for the inbred redneck from Texas to do the same.

Booing Papi when the chips are down?

Great win, but that's the kind of bush-league behavior I like to think happens in New York, not Boston.

I admit it. I lost faith at 5-0 and, needing something comparatively cheery and uplifting, watched the last 45 minutes of "No Country for Old Men" instead. As I learned when I picked up the Globe from my front porch at 6 am, JD Drew equalled Javier Bardem's miraculous "walk off" from a car wreck with a bone sticking out of his leg.

I fully admit my heart was torn out by the bottom of the 6th, and I turned the TV off.. I mean come on.. 7 to nothing? The Red Sox offense had done absolutely nothing for the past 2 games, so what could possibly happen in 3 more innings? There was no way I wanted to watch the Rays celebrate on our field, so I turned it off. Well, huge mistake, I know. Huge Win. Huge.

But booing Papi? Are you kidding me? You bastards that booed him should have your season tickets taken away, you ungrateful fucks. Has there ever been someone more clutch than Papi in the last 4 years? Fenway ain't the toliet in the Bronx.
Props to Vermonter to bring that up, as I couldn't believe what I was hearing through my speakers either after a couple of Papi at-bats.

Seriously, how many of the pink hat corporate types with the company tickets left during the 7th inning stretch down 7 only to get onto Storrow Drive and hear 1st Papi's 3 run shot followed by Drew's 2 run drive followed by that ninth?

Unbelievable game. Soooo glad I stuck it out.

It's weird to think that there is a new generation of RS fans who only know (and expect) the exciting comebacks, without the lingering pain of years of staggering losses. Should we envy them, or should we pity them because their joy cannot be nearly as great as ours?

http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/story/1258402.html> On a sad note, a fellow NC Sox fan suffered at the hands of a MFY fan cretin

I need to get to mass today. Was so despondent at 5-0, that I put on my husbands lucky sox shirt and went to bed, half-heartedly hoping that denying myself the joy of a come from behind win might mean it could actually happen. Spent 30 minutes with a cup of coffee this morning before having the courage to turn on any electronics and see what happened. God, I love those guys.

Unfreakinbelievable..the Sawx are like some jaded masochist who needs his nipples set on fire just to get off.

My son is 14 and he has the proper fatalistic attitude of a old school Red Sox fan.

I too turned off the game but knew better to peak in again just in case...

Had to tend to my crying 6 month old when Crisp was at bat.

Would I be a horrible mother to let the baby cry so i could watch the Sox come back and win it?

Thankfully I was able to refresh pitch by pitch on my iphone until he went back to sleep and I caught the end on tv.

The Rays looked like they were going to choke even before they did.

I just can't believe how far we have come between Oct 16th, 2003 and October 16th, 2008. Wow. If we had know that all it took was the kid who lived in Ruth's old house getting clocked with foul ball, we might have tied him to the screen behind home plate.

The huge lead gave the Rays too much confidence. I could be wrong, but I thought Gross gets pulled for defense at times. Gross let two balls sail over his head. Madden never made the switch.

The pressure got to the Rays and only fed the Sox.

Now anything can happen.

In order to secure future wins, I will not be watching any more games. I turned the game off in the 7th last night because I had to get up at O-dark-hundred this morning and look what happened.

I watched every pitch. My wife walked out of the room like the corporate types walking out in the 7th inning. I yelled out "It's not over yet!" And proceeded to whoop it up the rest of the game.

They may lose. But if they don't give up, I won't give up.

Down 5 to Nothing
Don't discount The Natural
Holy fucking shit!

From the Globe story:

Jason Bay was intentionally walked, and Drew lined a single to right off J.P. Howell over the outstretched glove of Gabe Gross and over the fence as Youkilis scored.

My emphasis. I knew someone would make this mistake. Singles don't bounce into the stands. That's a ground-rule double and he should get credit for it.

Four runs scored in the 7th inning with 2 out. Winning run scored with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th. I know they scored about 14 out of 18 runs or something like that with 2 out in the ALDS. How many runs have these guys scored with 2 out in this postseason?

From the Globe story:

Jason Bay was intentionally walked, and Drew lined a single to right off J.P. Howell over the outstretched glove of Gabe Gross and over the fence as Youkilis scored.

My emphasis. I knew someone would make this mistake. Singles don't bounce into the stands. That's a ground-rule double and he should get credit for it.

From the Globe story:

Jason Bay was intentionally walked, and Drew lined a single to right off J.P. Howell over the outstretched glove of Gabe Gross and over the fence as Youkilis scored.

My emphasis. I knew someone would make this mistake. Singles don't bounce into the stands. That's a ground-rule double and he should get credit for it.

Ron - Drew never made it 2nd, so he only gets credit for the single. Ditto the walk off "grand slam" single I think the Mets hit a few years ago.

That's interesting Ron, but does Drew get credit for the double if he never actually touched 2nd base? Without double checking I'm assuming he touched first and did a U turn to join the celebration. When you hit a walk off HR you have to touch all the bases to get credit for it. Since he never advanced to 2nd he may only get credit for a single.

If the Sox pull this out, I'm making a t-shirt that says...

"Sox lead the series 2 games to 3."
-- lc, The Soxaholix, 10.16.08

Paging Dr. Morgan:
Time to stitch up Josh Beckett's oblique muscle and fit him with a bloody corsett.


"Sox lead the series 2 games to 3." Echoes of 1968's "Harvard beats Yale 29-29."

Boston teams haven't won a championship under a Democrat since 1968. Since then, 16 titles, all under Republicans. Nine Celtics, three Pats, two Sox, and two Bruins.

If Obama wins, this could be our last championship in awhile, so the Sox *bettah* pull it out!

Not going to lie. At the top of the 7th my mom couldn't take it anymore so she drove to church to say a Rosary for the Sox. And seriously... bless that woman!

Me: Forgive me true Soxaholix for I have sinned. It's been one year since my last confession. I left the game in after Longoria hit his HR.
Soxaholix absolver: For your penance say 3 Hail Drews, 2 Our Papi's and one Canticle of Pedroia and promise to not turn away until the last out. Now go forth and sin no more my son.
Me: Thank you o great absolver.

In re: the t-shirt. I'm in for 10. Just don't print them up quite yet.

Now, a little history lesson. Back to 1986. Henderson hits the game winnah

The game took place on October 12, 1986 in Anaheim. The Angels held a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series against the Boston Red Sox. In the game, the Angels held a 5-2 lead going into the ninth inning. Boston scored two runs on a home run by Don Baylor (scoring Dave Stapleton, who was pinch-running for Bill Buckner), closing the gap to 5-4.
When Moore came in to shut down the rally, there were two outs and a runner on first base (Rich Gedman, who had been hit by a pitch). The Angels were one strike away from advancing to the World Series. Dave Henderson hit a 2-2 pitch off Moore for a home run, giving the Red Sox a 6-5 lead. The Angels were able to score a run in the bottom of the ninth, pushing the game into extra innings.

Moore remained in the game for the Angels; he was able to stifle a 10th inning Red Sox rally by getting Jim Rice to ground into a double play. Nevertheless, the Red Sox were able to score off Moore in the 11th inning via a sacrifice fly by Henderson. The Angels could not score in the bottom of the 11th, and lost the game 7-6.

Why all that recapitulation?

The series came back to Boston... Reggie Jackson, who was playing in his last post season for the Angels was spotted shopping at Copley place on the day of game 6. "We're done", he reportedly said.

we'll see


Can Beckett please have a fucking Bloody Oblique for Game 6???????

My confession time: I saw the comeback but...

In truth I totally gave up on things around the 5th and fell into a deep sleep on the couch.

Remarkably, I woke up after Ortiz's homer but close enough to it that I saw the replay through bleary eyes.

So if I hadn't awoken, I most likely would have missed everything.

So my "being there 'til the end" definitely deserves an asterisk.

I needed some adult at 0-7 in the top 7th. Couldn't bear the quiet on the WRKO radio call. I went and circulated text messages from the hollow Men and Gerontion over bad Chinese lunch on my own. Half a bottle of red wine later I returned to the office. It was 6-7. I thought 'change nothing; you can't listen. Just GO.' So I went for a swim. Came back to bliss and many mocking text responses. Thank God for T S Eliot.

make that adult beverage...

7th inning.
7 outs away.
7 runs down.
# 7, JD Drew. .........AND yesterday was the 16th.........1+ 6 = 7 !!!!!!!!.........it was the 7th wonder of the world !!......sacred numerology at its best.........

Ron in RI

It's a hell of a thing, killing a beer. Take away all it's got and all it's ever gonna have.

Have a great weekend all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

From Yahoo article today.

Then it started. A hit, rookie Jed Lowrie’s double. Two outs came before another, Crisp’s single to left field. And one more, Dustin Pedroia’s single to right field, scoring Lowrie, giving the Red Sox a run, a jolt, a chance.

“I think there’s a sense of, hey, we’ve got our backs against the wall, this is looking pretty bleak,” Drew said. “But we knew if we got something rolling … “

In the dugout, Pookie Jackson started to yell. No one understood what he was saying. They usually don’t. The Red Sox’s assistant equipment manager, an omnipresent figure around the clubhouse, always was the most fervent in the dugout in dire times. Others followed. Keep grinding it out. Keep going.

C’mon, Papi.

Pookie knows best

I was using my laptop to chat with people at fark.com and Surviving Grady during the game (nobody ever came into the soxaholix.com chat while I was in it near the start of the game). The laptop battery died somewhere around the bottom of the sixth as we got our hats handed to us yet again.

I left the game on loud enough to hear it, but I went into the next room where my desktop computer is located. All of the sudden, I hear something about a 3-run HR from Papi. I thought I was hearing one of those United Way commercials or something. But something sounded different about it and they kept talking about it. I went in, saw the replay and then decided I had to "watch" the game a room away for the rest of the night.

That lasted until the score was 6-7. Then I just stood in my living room right in front of the TV and watched every pitch. I started to make up a little series of motions the way an OCD-er needs to wash just right in order to be clean. It got Kotsay a double, so I kept it up. Coco tied the game. I couldn't move. I did that same little clapping jig prayer until I could whoop it up in the 9th. The Sox did it again.

Game 6. Saturday. Just win.

The comments today have killed me - esp. 'pawsoxpop'. Rest up peeps. Talk soon.

I would proudly buy and wear that shirt.

"Sox lead the series 2 games to 3."
-- lc, The Soxaholix, 10.16.08

h.b., I didn't give up, and I felt it could still come, but I did stop paying attention to the game until we put men on base. We were playing terribly and I couldn't bear to watch.

If Beckett is Beckett tomorrow night.... We should know in the first inning. 91 mph, we're screwed. 96 mph, all is well.

I left my apt. when they were down 5-0, deciding they were finished, and now they go and do this ... are they trying to kill us?

well, that was fun.
More beisbol, Sunday night

Okajima san
2 lovely scoreless innings
Steve Irwin's vengeance!

Okajima San
Two lovely scoreless innings
Steve Irwin's vengeance.

Well, we didn't see the dominant Beckett, but we saw the good-enough Beckett and we saw a kick-ass bullpen. On to game 7!

It all comes down to one game.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Who ever booed Papi should get a one way ticket to Wrigley.

Sox ahead, 3-3...

Professional gamblers know how to play with house money.

Shirts? We don't need no stinkin' shirts!


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