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Recharging my batteries

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I haven't yet decided on a publishing plan for this coming off season, but I am going to take the rest of the week off.

Also the characters will be making a guest appearance on the Yankees' blog Bronx Banter probably next week as part of the "Yankee Stadium Memory" series. I'll link it up when it happens.



Heh. That Bronx Banter appearance will be H.B-larious I bet.

You have to mention toilet bowls and sauerkraut. Or, should I say, the characters have to menton them.

How odd. I too am taking the rest of the week off. I wonder if h.b. and I are one and the same...

Naw, just kidding. I wish I could take the rest of the week off though. Man, this new job is boring as hell. I don't think anyone here is a sports fan at all. It's like a mini-hell.

Rest of week off? Me too. But I know I'm not hb...not smart enough.

Will be in Beantown all weekend. Hockey and duckboats for the fam.

oh yeah...anybody even care about the series? I completely forgot that Game 1 is tonight.


Where was Manny for the key at bats in Game 7? Just curious?

Rays in 3.

From Bronx Banter I followed a link to a Wall Street Journal article on Philly Fandom.

I plan to watch some of the World Series. I usually cheer for the American League (when it's MFY I don't watch) because I feel better if my Sox are beaten by the team that wins it all. Current plan is to observe my usual bedtime unless I get hooked...

h.b., maybe you should do a Bruins strip? You could write about how much shootouts suck. :-D

3 OT losses - that sucks!!

Winterball Soxaholix? All strips written in Spanish.

Just keep Doug away from the booze before the appearance - we don't want to post bail and a night in a Bronx jail can't be good.

Hey h.b.,

Will Leitch linked to your strip in his WEEI.com post.

How 'bout the cricket-holix. The characters could tour India with the Australian team. It could be really boring. It could last 5 days and end in a draw. Every pitch could be in the dirt. The hitters could bunt every pitch but not run.

'Rays in 3' - heh!

Here's the EEI link:


Oh,the Drays lost-bwahahahaha

But Harwich, they're the future of baseball...the FUTURE of baseball I tell you! Haven't you heard? The Red Sox and Skankees won't win a division title for a decade because (did I mention), the Rays are the future of baseball!

I just learned that there's a conference in Boston from 5-8 August next year. RS schedule suggests 4 games at Fenway during the following week v Detroit. Hmm? I deel Baseball Tavern, Copperfields Downunder and sausages with ONIONS and sriracha in my future...

And a fine time for a Fens wedding?


peppers and onions, please

sounds like a plan! Bob?

well, bwf, obviously, peppers ... res ipsa loquitur

Hey,I've got a vacation in August :)

Well, my Fenway wedding is supposed to be in September (I have to wait until the schedule comes out so I can have it during a road trip).

But if everybody else wants it in August, so be it. "Abby, sweetie, the Soxaholix want it a month early, so it's gonna be in September...don't give me that backtalk woman...how DARE you talk to me like that (gunfire). Abby? I'm going to put you in the freezer now, okay? Here's your coat my dear."

(To all Boston detectives lurking: I AM KIDDING. I'd actually put her in a Tupperware storage container.)

BTW, I promise there will be a sausage with peppers AND ONIONS station during the reception, with extra bottles of Sriracha.

I think I'll pair that with a big, bold Barolo with hints of leather and tobacco.

I thought the toast was with sriracha?

mmmmm.... hints of leather and tobacco- so Natalie's attending?

Ooo, I HOPE Natalie will come to the wedding.

She's hotter than Lisa.

("Abby, dear, why are you thawing out?")

i got lisa covered


Nat has the teal dress already at the dry cleaners...

so instead of cake - the newly weds will shove sausage bombs in each other's face?

back to the Sox - anyone have insight as to why Alicea was released?

If there's one thing I could ask for this off-season, it's Joba Chamberlain getting busted for a crime.

Now that I got my one wish, if there were two things I could ask for this off-season, it's Joba getting busted...and a former Yankees announcer getting busted for kiddie porn.

Oh look, Robert Gamere just got busted for kiddie porn!

Ok, ok, ok, if there were 3 things I'd wish for this off-season...

sonoma, Sean McAdam says:

"But indications were that Alicea had a philosophical clash with manager Terry Francona, likely leading to his dismissal."

From this article at the Herald.

Kaz, I actually know/knew "The Great Gamere." When I lived in Back Bay, I hung out at Daisy Buchanan's. Gamere was always there when I walked in, already shit-faced. He WOULD buy you a beer now and then; but if it wasn't for my hideous looks, I'd wonder what that was all about.

Did I ever tell you guys that beer is good?

Speaking of which, it's off to beer cart for me.

Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Ok - so can we move on to Hot Stove? Please fill in blanks:

1. Right handed power hitter_____
2. Shortstop _______
3. Centerfield _______
4. Backstop ________

PS - None of the above may have Boorasshole as agent/rep...which unfortunately limits the field...

Future of Baseball, my aunt Ethel's patootey

Oh count me in! I would fly back across the pond for that event, and even find something stellar to rival the teal dress that is no longer. I can do leather and tobacco if warranted. :)

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