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Nothing left to say

Just win tonight.








I'm not a Mainer, but Ayeh.

So what's up with Cashmire Sweater on 3 days rest?


You beat me, Bob.


Because they have nothing to lose.

But I think you spelled it correctly. I guess.

TR had it right- time to "speak softly and carry (the) big stick"

Bats must come alive
Leather gloved broads stay away
Stop fucking around

You said a mouthful, hb.

Let's get it on!

Matsuzaka has dodged the walks/bases loaded situation all season long. He sold his soul to the devil in spring training and the bill comes due tonight.

I am a Mainer but ayuh makes my ears ache. How bout wicked awesome guy? As in that that dicek is wicked awesome guy.


Bert and I are going to work on the Bluebird tonight while listening to the game.

Hopefully they'll all have something fun to yak about tomorrow ;D

I'm a Vermonter and it is spelled Yup, and the state bird is the Jesum Crow.

wasn't there a King Of The Hill episode like this?

Boomhauer: "YeahIlltellyuwhatthosedamnraysfriggingsuchmotherguessIshouldntsaythatfword,uhhhmm."

Dale: "Let's fill Fenway with rodent gas! It's brilliant!"

Hank: "Dale, you are an ass. That would kill the Rays AND the Red Sox."

Dale: "Yes, but at least the Rays wouldn't advance."

Bill: "I'm lonely..."

So I'm just now learning that there are King of the Hill fans among you. Great show.

Bob, that was really funny! And yeah, hb, some of us out here really love propane and propane accessories.


Hit the ball
Throw the ball
Catch the ball

We had the second best BA and OPS in the league, fourth best ERA and tied for best fielding percentage. Why are we finding these three things so hard to do all of a sudden?

I am throwing a bottle of gin into our volcano for good luck. Maybe Madam Pele can pull it out for us!

Allens coffee brandy might work better :)

Kailua Phil, when I worked in Honolulu, the local ad award show was called The Peles.

When I left to go back to Boston, I took some volcanic rock with me just for good luck.

(Yes, I'm kidding. For those who don't know, taking even the slightest bit of volcanic material with you --- even by accident on he bottom of your shoes --- ensures horrible luck.)

Shit! What's this rocky black material on the bottom of my old shoes?

Bob/Kailua Phil, there are a couple of display cases at the Armed Forces Rec Center on the Big Island filled with letters and lava that people have sent back to the island after returning home - each letter a tale of woe worthy of a Shakesperian tragedy. It's worth checking out if you're in the area - although I'm not sure what the security arrangements are these days...

i said this last year and it worked so what the hell. here goes.... THE SOX ARE DONE...wait till next year

Grill the Rays tonight.

Taste the meat, not the heat.

Haven't we been here before? The future is ours and we'll be the ones who go on.

Looks like the haters get their wish :(

Which game are you watching, Rich?

No one in the chat room (but me).


And did I mention:


Ain't over yet!


Now THAT was a come back! Going to Tampa!!


Fuck yeah. "Mantle-like power."

fuck yea beeoch!!!!

I laugh lustily at all the chumps who left early. They should be banned from Fenway until they promise to be better people.

Thank God for T.S. Eliot. I'll explain later.

"Thank God for T.S. Eliot."

What's to explain?

With one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. That's what it seems to take for the mighty BoSox to embrace the situation. Damn! That game blew the cholesteral right outa my arteries.

I'm reminded of the scene in Fever Pitch where Fallon's character goes to the birthday party and misses the greatest comeback ever.

There will be divorces over this...

Since I've prayed since 1985 for the Sox to win a series I have to confront the possibility that it just took God a long time to answer and once he got back to me he's just been filling things in on my Sox wish list as they come up.

Great game.

I'd forgotten how that felt!

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