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Living through our vocations

Christ we finally get a game at a reasonable staht time and it goes down like that?


Guess we should have been more suspicious of Beckett's health status reports. I mean he goes from a "potential season ending" injury to "nah, just kidding, he's fine" in the span of week? I don't think so.


Well it was obvious there was something wrong with him.


Absolutely. I mean he shook off Tek so often that I thought Beckett had the fucking palsy.


Well, the Red Sox bettah close this thing out tonight because I can't take too much more of it.


What, the stress?


No, the friggin Frank TV ads.


Seriously, it wasn't enough to bombard us during the 2007 ALDS so TBS has to ratchet it up for '08?


I hate Frank. I hate TBS. I hate Ted Turnah. I hate the entiah city of Atlanta especially their godforsaken shit hole of an airport.


Like I've always said, William Tecumseh Sherman had the right idea.



Hey Bob,How were the in-laws?

I'm impressed that you didn't have a delayed strip today after last night.

In re: dreadful TBS ads - I don't know if some of the ad are regional, but my 5 year old said last night that we should consider getting Patch Perfect and when I said "We don't even have a yard," he responded "Yeah, but they say it grows on concrete." Great he wants us to have to mow our carport.

I got up at 4:30 AM yesterday for a horse show, and watched all 12 miserable innings last night.

Productivity will suffer today.

Painful game to watch. LOBs aplenty, a noncompliant Beckett performing miserably, a near useless Lowell, an ump who seemed to hate Ellsbury, an unlucky and/or slumping Pedroia, and a smug LA team just unrelenting at the plate.

I can only hope that Lester and the gang learned their lesson about LOBs and fucking go on the offensive. Lowell needs to sit down. I don't care about player feelings and neither should Tito right now. We need to win. Lackey gave us big issues until the 6th inning. We need to strike before that and Lester needs to repeat his performance if not better. We cannot afford giving teams hope. That's what happened in Tampa and now look...

No complaints about Buck Martinez? First off, he gooched Beckett by mentioning that he had not given up a homer to a right-handed hitter in ages. Second, he claimed that Ortiz's injury prevented him from hitting to the opposite field (does Ortiz even know what the opposite field is?). Personally, I think it is a toss up between the Frank TV ads and the Sarah Connor Chronicle ads ('the most anticipated series of the new season').

That. was. PAINFUL.

I didn't think for a minute that Beckett was going to be all that last night -- oblique injuries take *months* to heal, there's no way he was going to be 100% after only just over a week.

But leaving the bases loaded in the 10th? ARGH.

I am so tired.

Last week when I complained about the 10:00 start times in Anaheim, somebody here said, "well, it's the Angels' home games so they should start at regular times for them."

Well then WTF is up with tonight's 8:37 start? Isn't this a "Red Sox home game"?

Even if it's a short playoff game, it'll go past midnight.

Bud Selig throws like a woman, and schedules like a network TV ho.

Harwich, the in-laws were fine. The GF's doctor father even took out my prostate for free. Even though I never actually asked him to do that.

BTW, I knew we were going to lose last night when Pedroia smoked that ball in the bottom of the 11th, and (was it Figgins?) stuck his glove out with his eyes closed and snagged it (watch the replay).

Oh well. Frankly, we should never have been in that thing anyway.

without pain there is no joy.

I sense joy a-coming.

lc [palling around with terrorists since 1965]

...at least it wasn't your liver,Bob :)

Atl does suck. But talk to me in 2 months and I will be singing a different tune.


Should have been Byrd last night. Should have given Beckett until the next series especially when up 2-0. Expect Lester to shut them down and get some big hits (or just hits) from Dustin and Bay.

I need some sleep. Cannot have LA in it just for that reason!

TBS sucks. However, the worst of TBS is still better than Tim McCarver.

And the ALCS is also TBS, not FOX.

So let's count our blessings, shall we?

Harold Reynolds is a guy trying to sound like Tim on steroids. They should just STFU.

Buck tells the same story each hour. Enough with the Vladi has a bigger selection comment from Sciocia.

Ah, Christ, they have the ALCS, too?

I guess Frank TV commercials are better than listening to McCarver. I can always go take a whizz during the commercials.

Do we think that Tony Gwynn's voice might finally break during the playoffs?

hb, nothing is worse than Frank TV commercials. At least McCarver isn't TRYING to be silly, nor does his fat head fill my screen every 5 minutes. I told my wife I'd kick Frank square in the sack while doing my best Phyllis Diller, just to even things up a bit. I don't condone violence, but the occasional exception can be made when its considered a public service.

Did anyone notice the Frank ad, when he said he'd wouldnt stop till we threw up. Well i went in bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat......fuckin liars!

yazbread, you are so right. Buck Martinez was on FIRE last night (and I really wish he were actually on fire). How, if you are TBS, do you give the BOSTON series to Buck and company when Orsillo is Mr. Red Sox?! I could easily tolerate listening to Harold the Rapist if only to get Don's crew for our series instead of the way it is now.

Another one to add to the
"Ortiz opposite field" and "Beckett homer": At one point, Coco comes up and gets breaking pitch after breaking pitch and Buck says that the fastball is coming...but Coco is a great fastball hitter, so I say "no, it'll be all breaking pitches". Not a single fastball. THEN, Ellsbury comes up just after that and Buck says he's a good fastball hitter, but Ellsbury hasn't been able to catch up to a good fastball in months. So I predict all fastballs. 4 fastballs, strike out.

Ugh...80% of the Pink Hats could call the games better than the guys TBS has in the booth right now. And you're right, where's Batman to take out the Joker on the sidelines before he sprays us all with laughing gas?

Someone make them stop saying "feed the middle". Please.

I went to bed ater the 11th. Couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

Unrelated, but what's with the "Sugar DVD" adult netflix ads? Is that the clientele you're aiming for hb?

I'll take the commercials over McCarver anyday. I can skip through the commercials (thank God for Tivo)but I really don't like to mute the game.

What about the Viva Viagra commercials? Have you ever tried to explain that to a 9 year old? Let's just say it is not pretty. Something like, some men in other families..

FrankTV vs. McCarver?....Hmmmmm, kinda like having to tell the warden whether you'll take the gas or the rope.

The "Sugar" ad is part of a BlogAds media buy meaning that the advertiser bought a block of ads on hundred or more websites. I do have a choice to reject any of these ads that are part of the buy, but I didn't think this was so bad, especially when the characters, over the years, have made many, many references to porn.

Besides, SugarDVD was recommended by Flavor Flav, Tori Spelling, AND it was in Oprah Magazine! How bad could it be?

Exactly, Kaz. And I know I'm not the only one who finds Tori Spelling's imprimatur on a product to pretty much be all the credibility I would ever need.

Ah, the rich complaining that their money is not green enough! What I wouldn't give for a dose of franktv or mccarver right now. Week 5 in the uk and still no broadband or cable at home (long stories). I feel like hauling out some brit victorian lit as that's how I feel as though I am living, disconnected at home except a blackberry. Have pity, boys and girls, it could be worse! Go sox! I will have my fingers crossed in my sleep and wake to espn scores on a tiny monitor!

Did the California Angles hometown announcers do the game last night? They were clearly rooting for the Angels. They couldn't say anything good about the Sox. So much for being neutral. Fucking pissed me off!

I hope Lester gets the job done and somebody gets a flippin clutch hit tonight.

piling on the Viva Viagra ads problem... too many utterances of "4 hour erection" and "...have sex" in the early hours of the game - I'm succesfully raising the kids to watch baseball and root for the redsox and am tired of explaining what the problem is with a soft weiner (hah, Dad said weiner!). These ads could wait until midnite - we'd still be watching these fucking games, er I mean post-season celebrations. But then again, we're either winning and no way I'm taking a break to screw, or we're losing and am in way too bad a mood about all the 0'fers and "Papi has to start his swing too early to check it" crap to screw then either. Oh, and they should fix the Viagra ads to suggest watching the Frank TV ads would get rid of the 4 hour problem.

My complaints on the Viagra ads.

1. While there are undoubtedly many men with ED that look fit, trim, healthy, and relatively youthful, the underlying etiology probably suggests that age, heart disease, diabetes, etc... drives its use. [Hey, I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night]. I guess a bunch of overweight men with liverspots would not be a great campaign.

2. What is it with those men singing the song? Hopefully they don't pop a pill while in each other's company. Please feel free to fill in the crass punchline.

I blame the Curly Haired Boofhead who gooched us with http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2008/10/04/by_now_its_a_given/ "> this shit.

I also thought, for what its worth (viz sfa) that Francona managed game 2 poorly and won and game 3 well and lost.

And Bob, worry not, the prostate is a much overrated organ.

I don't have a problem with porn either, just thought it was an interesting departure from the usual t shirts, ect. ads.

After all, if it's recommended by Flava Flav, then it must be quality!

I agree about the boner pill ads, especially the viva viagra ones (I wonder what Elvis is thinking about them right now?, of course he would probably be a big customer). Too many, too early.

Of course, I think there are entirely too many ads for pills of all kinds on TV.

Bob, I said that about Game 1. However, I'm super-annoyed about the 8:37 start. WTF?

I suppose that there's no Frank TV ad where he's doing McCarver. Yay?

As others have said ... McCarver is worse than any commercials, because DVR.

Jason Bay - MVP of series (IMO)- who'd've thought it!

I just had a haht attack

Awesome game!! Bring on the Rays.


The entire left field grandstand was going APESHIT!

So so awesome.


This never gets old.

Repeat.This never gets old.

This never gets old.



you're welcome

From one you'd not think,
He drove in Bay for the win.
It's Jedi Magic.

Lucky to be there Kaz. When we lost yesterday, I thought "oh well, at least Kaz gets to go tomorrow" and whadayaknow!

And tres nice Haiku lou.

Unrelated to the Sox, SDU, you are a defense attorney, right?

If you get hired for this case, do me a favor and throw the case after somehow working it so that you not only lose but the kid is also forced to get the help that his parents aren't giving him. If anyone wants to sanction you for throwing the case, refer them to me.

Yikes, Kaz, what a story but, at 7 years old, I fear he'll plead
http://www.aic.gov.au/research/jjustice/definition.html "> doli incapax

If it comes my way I'll be sure to forgot.

Whew! After Sunday's game (thank for the tix, Bob) I was beginning to transition from Concerned to Anxious. And any time before midnight seems like a reasonable hour to be celebrating.

SDUE gets the award for best haiku of the year.

His name is Peter
A lawyer from Down Under
Bercocca saves me.

SDUE. That's what he tells his clients when the money's due.

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