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End of Story

So can we finally write the final sentence in this supposed Cindahrellah story of the Rays?


You mean the version where Cindahrellz doesn't get the bling and has to return home as a floor scrubbing wench?


Yeah, and where she tries to convince everyone that, you know, even if she didn't get to marry the Prince and live happily evah aftah in glimmahring castle and have a pumpkin coach victory parade that it was still *quite* an achievement to get to go to the ball at all and surely, surely, she'll get to go again next year.


The evil step-sistah in me says, guess again, bitch. Get your mangy ho-hawk back down to the cellah where you belong.


Seriously, it cracks me up every time I read one of these "the Rays are here to stay" stories.


I know. And weren't the Tigahs going to be the young, perennially contending leviathan for years to come aftah they, like the Rays, came out of nowhere to get to the World Series in '06?


Yeah, wow's that working out for ya, Detroit?



The Tigers lost the World Series H.B. ...

Too funny! Just goes to show how little I remember when it doesn't involve the Sox.

Editing Doug's speech to reflect this new knowledge. :)

"The Rays have everyone locked up for years."

"The Rays will be a major force for a decade."

"The Red Sox sign (fill in the blank), and (fill in the blank)."

"The Skankees sign (fill in 16 blanks)."

"Rays finish fourth in AL East."

BTW, being Friday, I feel pretty damn plucky.

"(fill in 16 blanks)"


15 days. The clock is ticking, 'Tek.

fuck 'em

Where did the Rays go wrong?

I'll tell you where. They went wrong when they dropped the "Devil". The "Rays" then went on to dilute their name by still using it to mean the "ray fish", but also "sun rays" with that stupid 70's Batman starburst in center field. Next year, I hear "Ray Romano" will be doing schtick during the 7th inning stretch every home game. Tickets will be half off for Ray Charles impersonators and people named Rey-rey. And finally, every homerun will be just "Yumm-o" with Rachel Ray doing their play-by-Ray.

"Upton is on first with one eensie-weensie out. There's the pitch (for my new show, Ray's Gay Food Day)! BJ goes, look at him go! Isn't it mahrvelous? Grounder to second. Oh, the Rays have hit into a G.I.D.P. That's a grounded into double play, you just know how I like my abbreviations. Alrighty, we're gonna be right back and I'll show you how to filet your very own Deviled Devil Ray Fish'n'Chips! America runs on Dunkin'!"

I for one pray every day that the Rays descend back into the basement. Not because they didn't play good baseball, or have exciting young talent, or put together a classic underdog story, but because Tropicana Field is the biggest joke of a monstrosity of an embarrassment of an Major League ballpark and should never be allowed to host a World Series game again. Harumph.

Looking forward to Hot Stove...

These guys sound like Yankees fans circa 2004. Har har har.

You have to be pretty shocked SHOCKED! that the Rockies didn't win the whole thing this year. I'm pretty sure last year Tim and Buck said they would.

I do think the Rays will be decent next year but not win more than 90 games.

Philly fans DID loot a luggage store the other night. Too funny and totally Philly. There was a liquor store a couple blocks away.


Yes I am bitter.

Holy nasty teeth batman! This would make a great Halloween costume for tonight...


Time to looks at the football standings to see how the Pats are doing.

ditto LC - pro sports should be outlawed in Fla - keep to college.

and the Celts are undefeated

Sox just announced that they exercised Wake's option for 2009.

wonderful sentiments, lc

Gotta give to them Philly fans - they actually http://www.kansascity.com/180/story/865869.html "> booed the car!

Eenie, beenie, Haloweenie beer cart in 2 minutes. Some of the scaaary flavors include Bud Selig-weiser and Mo Vaughn's Fat Heiny-kin.

Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have someting fun to yak about on Monday.

I hope my weekend is this much fun...


Go Pats!

whyu all the anger with the rays? the story and there succses doesnt bother me at all . i didnt feel all depressed when we lost game 7. i mean its not like we lost to the yanks.

I'm w/ Mikey. Very little pain after game 7 loss. The Rays are OK in my book. They dominated us this season and went cold in the Series. It happens. Apart from some defensive inconsistencies, there's a lot to like about them. If the 4 starters perform as they did this year, (unlikely) they will contend next year. They have 2 guys from RI on the team. That's 2 VoDilanders! That's worthy of some New England love, ain't it?

Uh-Not so much

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