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Bittah makes it bettah

Not at all. I mean you can take the Rays out of last place, but you can't take the last place out of the Rays.


Oh, and by the way Tampa Bay — Thanks for representing the American League by rolling ovah for the Phillies.


Well whatdya expect? They came into this season losahs and they are going out of this season as losahs.


But, hey, you know, at least it isn't a total loss. All 6 or so chicks who got those Ho-Hawks don't have the trim the lawn for anothah 3 to 6 weeks.



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Next strip will be published Friday, October 31st.


Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on election day :)

There's baseball on TV? Really, I haven't watched a single inning of the WS. I've used the time to watch the entire first season of Mad Men.

fuck 'em


A little fun watching Philly pound TB no?

Oh I cannot wait for the hot stove.

And Blanton hits a dinger?

Of course, as the Fox announcers keep driving into our heads "don't count these plucky Rays out, because ya know, they're plucky."

I've watched a good amount - it is baseball after all. But, not overly exciting of a series so far. No drama!

I have been rooting for Philly all the way, and have documented why, so I am loving it so far.

I think, with a fully loaded Sox team as they had last year, the sox would have done what the Phillies are doing now.

Hope the Phills win at home - lot more fun that way.

...and of course,Bob they ARE the future of baseball

or, the butcher of faceball

My pet theory is that WS winners tend to carry over their winning attitude to successive seasons while WS losers wind up doubting themselves and disintegrating along the way. Think Mets---their self-doubts have consumed them since the Yankees pounded them. Think Colorado--- where are they now. Conversely, think of the Red Sox and the aftermath of 2004. While we do not necessarily see repeat WS winners, we do see winner attitudes continuing success. I would like to see TB recognize they were flash in the pan after their spanking.

Hi all. Back from 3 days in Boston. I envy those of you who live there...what a great city! Lurked through Durty Nelly's and McGanns, all the while looking for a shirt that would lead me to exposing one of you.

But to no avail.

If the Phillies win the World Series and nobody is watching have they really won it?

Ah Christ, McGanns. That was my hangout in my mid20s, loved that place. Thanks for the sweet reminder, vermonter!

I dunno ettubloge. In '04, the Sox beat the Cards. They came back pretty good.

Although, I suppose if you look at the Astros, Tigers, Rockies, Yankees, and Giants, you could say the Cards are the exception that proves the rule.

Shit, vermonter. I hang out at Durty Nelly's during the week and take the weekend off.

It's called, in technical terms, "alcoholism."

Although Dr. Peter Perepenty, in his breakthrough work in the New England Journal of Medicine, referred to it as "he who should not be named."

Abby says I shouldn't have written that.

"You're not an alcoholic, you're a problem drinker"

Gee, thanks Abbs. Have another one.

I like the word 'plucky'. It rhymes with 'sex'.

This year's World Serious is a good excuse to whip out the Mel Brooks video compilation, a bottle of Jack and take the e-z widers out of the shelf. Time well spent and should carry the mood right past 4 November.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, boys!

From what I've heard, this year's WS is the lowest rated show since "When Things Were Rotten."

Which was a great show, BTW. Dick Gautier for God's sake.

And a theme song for the ages.

Right up there with "It's about Time"

"It's about time, it's about space, it's about two men lost in space..."

BTW, the fact that I can remember the lyrcs for "It's About Time" is somewhat disturbing. I can't even remember what I did last night.

The frozen racoon body in the fridge is a hint, but still.

Go with Joe Pesci to his mother's house and pick up a shovel :D

I tend to hang out in places like Durty Nelly's on the weekend and get paid in beer. It's called "musician". This week it's Thursday and Saturday.

'Bout time for a raise, I think.

I do love McGanns, Nat. Have a feeling I'd be there alot if I lived in Beantown. Hell, I left my family in a pizza joint while they were finishing up so I could run over there for a Guinness. Mmmm....

See you Thursday then, vermonter. I sit down at the bathroom end of the bar (kind of close to where the musicians play).

Thursday is usually my date night with Abby, but hell, we're engaged now so I don't have to pay attention to her anymore.


Wrong. So wrong. Especially if you're looking towards and AUGUST wedding.


Cafe Press running an ad in your Google Widget for "Boston Sucks" T Shirts...that ain't right.

Okay, did everybody hear that Vegas has already declared the Phillies the winner of game 5? At least in terms of original bets for that game. Seems they're going by established MLB delay/suspension rules versus the new Selig, "we'll delay until next year" rule.

They're paying out the money to everyone who bet on the Phillies in Game 5.

But being Vegas, they're also taking bets on the winner of the completed Game 5.


Attempting to create a live link. (Pardon me for using this space for experimentation, H.B.)



That's messed up, Bob. You have to go with the rules of the organization you're betting on or how can anyone trust that you're not going to just screw them out of money later.

Baseball has a rule that the most runs wins the game. What if they say "well, you should have known we were playing baseball *golf* rules and so lowest score wins!". It's just stupid. There is no winner of Game 5 yet. Anyone who bet on the D-Rays and just lost their money should be taking their book to the Gambling Board.

In the meantime, who knew that Game 5 was suspended? I had no idea it was even raining down there. This has to go down as the worst World Series ever. Suspending the likely final game. The Rays had to get a hotel a half-hour away in *Delaware*. Yeah, they're going to come in with 3 less outs than the Phillies and win this one...riiiight.

//the bathroom end of the bar//

Now THAT'S poetry!

Bob likes to sit at
the bathroom end of the bar
makes for a short walk

Bad news, vermonter,

Looks like I won't be making it tomorrow night. When I told Abby I was going and pissing off date night, she said, "that's okay. I won't get date night, and you won't get anything else for a couple of weeks."

So, dinner and a movie it is.

That said, I will be in tonight.

The team of the future waits for the future.

As lc so eloquently put it "fuck'em"

yeah, fuck 'em

Somewhat related, Bob...I got a friend whose wife recently made a deal with him: everytime he goes 4 days in a row without drinking he gets that special wake-up call.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Dear Rayzzz'

How about you show a little self respect and not wear those hats with ear flaps attached.

Good Night, now.


ps. fuck you, Rayzzz

Now THAT was plucky. Did you notice the Rays plucky-ocety? How pluck-rific they were? Never in the annals of pluck-tasticness have I seen such mother-pluckers fold like a cheap tent (or a baseball cap with foldable pluck-flaps).

Let's face it. The Rayzzz are mavericks. Say no more.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

The best part may yet to come. A pitching injury, a sophomore slump, .... and the Rays fail to capture the prize over the next several years. Like the Sox after 1975 - the Reds recorded the final out and I was thinking 'no problem, the dynasty has begun'. We know how that played out.

Congrats to the Phillies and the whining fans of Philadelphia. At least we won't have to hear them bitch and moan like cry baby sore losers anymore. Also congrats to my buddies back in Philly that set the new record for flipping cars and looting. 7 cars and 4 new plasma TV's. Wooo!

Keepin' it classy Philly

This is pretty damn funny. The guy in question is actually my buddy Brian's friend.


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