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At last the game is just a game

Without a doubt this is the most relaxed I've evah been at the staht of postseason play.


Now, don't get me wrong. By being relaxed I don't mean to imply that I'm particularly confident in the Red Sox chances.


Seriously. All the pressure is on the Angels. We are the banged up and iffy underdogs.


Like Bob Ryan wrote the othah day, we are playing with "house money."


But it's more than there being pressure on the best-record Halos or the upstaht Rays to prove they are for real …


For the first time in my life, there is absolutely nothing to prove for the Red Sox. They just have to go out and play a baseball game.


And if they get beat, be it in 5 games, 4 games, or swept off their asses in 3 games, it won't be because of "the Curse" or Harry Frazee of racist ownahship or Manny dogging it or any of the other myriad palliations we've heard and bought into ovah the years.


No, it'll simple be because they were beat by a bettah team. Simple as that.


I don't think it's possible to explain to someone who wasn't a Red Sox fan long before 2004 just how incredibly liberating a feeling this is.





nailed it, hb.

for me, I'm sleeping through the ALDS unless the games are on during my waking hours.

I passed up tix for Sunday and Monday's game. Instead, I have ALCS and 2 WS games.

If they don't get that far, they don't get that far.

Good luck boys. Love you, love the show.


Yep, I can barely stay awake past 11 PM EST. I'll be learning about the west coast results on Sportscenter the next morning.


I feel the same way, but I think it has more to do with the fact that there is no possible way we can lose to the mfy in the playoffs this year.

Regarding Manny, I hope he loves it in LA - so much so that he stays out there in the NL until the end of his career.

Absolutely. I got tickets to ALDS Home Game 2 (now known as ALDS Game 4) through my partial season plan and by winning the lottery. But when I won the lottery then got locked into the virtual waiting room for over an hour and couldn't get tickets to a guaranteed playoff game (Home Game 1) and had to settle for the first "as necessary", I just didn't worry or cry about it. Just going if the game happens and enjoying the ride. Absolutely right, hb.

Don't forget "Sox in 2" which runs all night and into the next day. You can watch the game in 2 hours and see every play that matters with some of the mound-wandering left out (that's what she said).

note from a cubs' fan:

I can only look through the window at the candy you just described. We're still full of your old dread yet reaching for something denied our grandparents. You know, like immigrants.

"Palliations" - nice HB. You get a new Thesaurus or something? Haven't seen that word since college.

Agree with all, this sanguine feeling is a nice change. That said, go kick some Angel ass, boys!

Tivo for sporting events just doesn't work for me. I can't get into a game on Tivo if it's already completed. The exception being classic games. My wife absolutely can not understand how I can stop on ESPN classic and watch game 6 of the 75 World Series, or some other classic game.

Wow I hate to wade against the tide, but now fucking way I am I gonna be happy unless we win the world series. We have a real mvp candidate in pedroia. A b+ lineup if beckett can pitch and team unity again with manny out of the lockerroom. I know Im talking to a bunch of vets, but you guys are spoiled by the last couple of years. In theo I trust... but the good years are far and few between. The Sox need to do the most with what we have when we have it.

Oh and this was just a huge reverse gooch? My bad.

Let's play a new game:

"Everytime _____________, an Angel cries"

1. Someone tries to pronounce Mark Teixeira's name.

2. Someone says "whatchu talking about" is Reggie Willits' middle name.

3. Someone says Joe Saunders is a serviceable # pitcher.

4. Tim McCarver opens his mouth.



We were chillin at the park
Just waiting for the sun to go down
It was me Shylo and the homies
A Lighter Shade of Brown(on a Sunday afternoon)

I said chill(chill)
All the vatos in the park stay ill(ill)
Playing horseshoes to win the bill(bill)
Carnisata nappin on the grill(grill)

Could not agree more with today's strip, though it would be nice if owah Sox administahd some payback for 1-8.

Hey mf - just to give you something else to thing about - in case no one has told you yet, D-Lowe is a big game pitcher.

Dammit, yazbread! I was going to use that with lc's game.

Been listening to ESPN all morning, and as the saying goes, "Wish I had a nickel for every time...."

D-Lowe might be a big game pitcher, but I've got mf's back. Go Cubs.

Screw LA. Just because Manny and Lowe are on there doesn't mean I'm sympathetic to a city that claimed they'd destroy the Celtics.

Strip is right on - maybe we're getting used to having the Sox in the playoffs. There isn't that despiration or dread there used to be. Sure, I hope they win, but they are going to have to beat some good teams to repeat, and there's no shame in playing hard and playing smart but getting beat - not as much celebration and no parades, but no shame either.

I would love a Sawx-Dodgers Series

1. Everytime the Sox played in Chavez, an angel would cry
2. Nomah,DLo, MR24, Bill Mueller.
3. Doc Chuck Steingerg is with the Dodgers..we might have to bring back his buttboy Glenn Geffner just to have a good reunion.

4. Tailights in the CR parking lot as Sox clinch (heh) in 5.


"Everytime _____________, an Angel cries"

Vlad Strikes Out?

Reasons why I want Cubs vs. Red Sox:

1. Cubs friggin' deserve a WS shot after this season and their century drought.
2. I would rather watch a team that's still far from grace play a team that once shared its pain. Two respectable once-underdogs now grappling for 2008 dominance.
3. Manny's attitude and just the fact it's LA again doesn't bode well with me. The Lakers/Celtics was fine, but I don't want to see LA fans again...they bother me more than Chicago fans ever would.
4. Trusty Tito squaring off with the oh-so lovable Lou Pinella.
5. Superfans and Bill Swerski.
6. Regardless of who wins, I'm happy.

Thanks for your graciousness, Colin. fyi: My preference all along was to beat the Yanks at the stadium in a blowout game 7...close that mofo up the right way.

"Everytime _____________, an Angel cries"

Fox shows the Dave Henderson clip?

Damn right. Couldn't have said it better. Finally, finally, I'm free to simply enjoy the series. Win or lose. Heck, I've gotten to see the Sox win two rings in my life time. Rest of it's gravy.

Lester wins tonight 6-0. Dice takes the next one 8-2. Finally, in Game 3 Papelbon pitches the clinching save for Byrd in a 5-3 victory. Next we get the tired Rays after their extended series vs the Chisox. We take them in 6. Then who do we sweep? Whoever the NL sends in. Remember, there is no Lugo bad karma. And how about Ellsbury and Dustin making life miserable for Chad and A-Hole being A-hole?


Please don't say things like that with such bold predictions. I am highly suspicious of guarantees. People all around me thought the Patriots (sorry for bringing it up h.b.) would steamroll the Giants. Look what happened.

Guarantees are a surefire way to jinx things. Cease and desist. You can hope or think, but never guarantee.

Reverse gooch needed stat: Angels in 3. Four at the most.

Thanks Bob. I needed that. Perhaps I'll overlook your putting yourself over children stance because of your speedy reverse gooch action.

I have this feeling that the boys are going to surprise us all and go on a good ol' Octbober woop ass parade. But I'm also very happy and satisfied with my own c'est la vie attitude about winning the whole thing again. The strip today is dead on.

Because if I ever start to assume the WS championship is my favorite team's God given right, I may as well be a fucking yankee fan

Sitting in the canary islands drinking beer playing scrabble...but for all that awesomeness, I'd give a hell of a lot to be sitting in the hill tavern watching the sox tonight. I love that even despite two ws victories we are still fundamentally superstitous enough for gooches. I have faith in our boys vs the angels. Have to let others handle the vigilant play by play, as even if I could get baseball over here, west coast games are the true witching hrs. Soak in boston playoff spirit for those of us pining...and of course report back!

WHAT-no Mike Timlin?

Angels are not hungry enough. Sox in 4

Almost a reversal of last years series with the Sox being banged up this time. And the Angels have added a HUGE bat to their lineup. Angels pitching is better. I have no confidence in the bullpen if the starters go down early. I seriously hope they figure out these Angels pitchers because if they didn't it's going to be over in 3 guys. The Angels have that air of confidence and they are healthy.

I am so tired of some fans stating that they "deserve" to see their team win. How bout the Cubs make it to a few WS first and lose in game 7 before I start feeling sorry for them.

Well if you believe in BP's Seret Sauce, you'll like this:

"I probably ought to tell you right now the Red Sox have the best Secret Sauce score among this year's playoff teams, followed by the Cubs and Angels. The Brewers, Phillies and Dodgers bring up the rear."

SI's John Donovan at:


I absolutely DETEST these announcers. I don't even know who they are, but they summarily suck at TV baseball and should kill themselves.

And did they ask the third guy to match the color of the red wall behind him as some sort of chromakey gag??? Fucking awful, the whole TBS broadcast team should be dragged out behind the LAAoA stadium and shot.

I like Buck Martinez. He does the morning show for XM radio. Used to listen to him for 2 hours a day during a hellish commute last summer. He shows the consumate skill of a great radio guy - he can fill the air with talk about nothing on and on and on.

Yeah baby! Jacoby showing up in time and even Paps being Paps...woo hoo!


And with LA's current love of 'whacky Manny'...unlikely he ends up in NY next year. Perhaps the Mets but definitely not the Yankees. He belongs in LA. Or SD.

Lester: awesome

A prediction not a guarantee (did anyone see that word?). I was off on the score but not on Lester's dominance. The dreads have no power over the Sawx! Now for Dice and Josh/Byrd.

I have a fearful buddy who couldn't get revved up in the full enjoyment of complete optimism for both the Saux and the Celts. I hope last night clicked it up a bit for you Colin.

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