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2008 ALCS Post Game 6 Open Thread

Hart Brachen:
Last night I realized the the word which perfectly describes the Red Sox in the ALCS is brinkmanship,


Hart Brachen:
That is "the technique or practice of maneuvering a dangerous situation to the limits of tolerance or safety in order to secure the greatest advantage."


Hart Brachen:
Sounds about right, huh?



Is it me, or are those mo' hawks starting to look a little silly?




BTW Kaz pointed out that comments were not showing up to yesterday's strip after Pudge's.

Seems Pudge's comment was #50 and, unknown to me, TypePad made a config change in September such that any comments after #50 get paginated into a new set, i.e, 1-50, 51-100, 101-150 etc.

I need to put in a code snippet that will allow you to access the comments beyond #50.

Apparently, the first rule of defeating the post-2003 Red Sox in the playoffs is to never put the Red Sox on the edge of defeat.



h.b., no comments need be posted after mine.

When I say Rays, you say Choke! Rays! Choke! Rays! Choke!

The code snip worked on the comments >50.

But the archives are still jacked. Lots of little off season tweaks still to make... all in good time.

Beckett holds on.
JV breaks out of his slump at the right time.
Papi is swinging well.

Game 7 belongs to the Sox.

Fun game last night, and looking forward to ALCS game 7.

The Soxaholix chat via Gabby worked well, too. Decided to try it while TBS was um... *confused* (yeah, that's it.) And stuck around for the rest of the game with a core group of fellow Soxaholix.

Thanks h.b.!

Huge game tonight. Stop by for the liveblog.


You guys are welcome. I wore a Varitek shirt in order to allow him to break out of his slump and he did. I know correlation does not equal causation, but I think it is pretty obvious that I had something to do with yesterday's win.

Lester is the best
man to start in game seven.
Will Rays mime Cleveland?


rays fans hanging heads
Upton can't do it alone
Garza, meet Lester

ALCS done
Tampa left to lick their wounds
Sox again in 4

season long no fold
whoa young upstarts not so fast
thought you had it, eh?

da kine,

I've been wearing my Papi jersey every game for the same reason. ;-)

"Last night I realized the the word..."
Either that's a typo or it's a subtle way of saying...

"This is the day [night]

Your [Red Sox fans'] life will surely change...!"

[insert image of Nelson from the Simpsons]

Ha Ha!

Kennedy was the master of brinkmanship and where was he from? Yes, that's right, Rays. Say it again. Say "Boston."

Damn- we had our shot

That was an unsatisfactory outcome


Garza pitched lights out tonight. Tonight followed the season to a T. Good pitching and the bats never really came alive. Should be an interesting off season.

dirtdogs has it right - let's blow up this lineup and move on. thanks manny for that extra twenty mil.

Disappointing but great season...more easily said after 2004 & 2007.

Playoff Sox missed Mike Lowell as much as Manny.

Go get Vlad Guerrero please. And if head office fucks with Papi, I'm burning all Sox attire...


At least we have the Pats to watch now.


Who will Joe Buck & McCarver. "root" for in the WS while "calling" the games? Two underdogs might make their heads explode. We can only hope.

Yes, they did have their chances.

Sad sad sad. Missed the whole of game 7 to work commitments - stupid international dateline - stupid sun and earth rotation. A great season again by the boys; ups and downs, highs and lows. Lowell's injury may have been the difference but credit to the stupid Rays.

God I love baseball.

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