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Wrong ending

Ja wept was that a gut punch or what?


Absolutely. I was all set to wake up this morning in first place instead I'm stuck nursing the wrong end of walk off hangovah.


But in the words of Bart Giammatti, "Baseball breaks your haht. It was designed to break your haht."


Yeah, well, in the words of Bart Simpson, "I never thought it was humanly possible, but this both sucks and blows."


I know blown saves happen and happen to the best relievahs, but still I keep wondering what the frig happened to Papelbon's splittah?


Seriously, it's all fastball, fastball, fastball.


Combine that with up and right down the middle locations and, well, you'll wake up a game and a half back again.


Oh, and by the way, Lugo aims to return as a stahtah in time for the postseason.




That all you've got, "ugh"?


Lugo deserves no more.



"Without pain there is no joy
Without shadow there’s no light
One’s unknown without the other”


I'm with Doug...Lugo deserves nothing more than an "ugh" of pure disgust. I hope Theo and Terry do the right thing and sideline the erroneous douche. Stick with Lowrie.

Still pissed at Paps that's for sure, but I'm aiming to move on. I figured we take this game and we're 0.5 GB. That's still not bad considering where we were a week ago. We have time to catch up. The only problem is that we play the now-hot Toronto and then right to the Trop and then right back to Toronto. Meanwhile those dastardly Rays play the MFY after this (still might want MFY to get swept) and after us the Twins.

Oh me oh my how September became so stressful all of a sudden. Well at least the Yanks won't be making any playoffs anytime soon.

I blame Francoma for this one. Paps worked the last two days, including a four out save. A third straight was pushing it, though I also wondered about his splitter.

Why does Lugo saying "I am the shortstop" remind me of Bush saying "I'm the decider?" Must be the feelings of dread and disgust I felt after hearing both. The good news is we're not hearing anything from Tito and co. about how excited they'll be to get Lugo back out there, etc.

Lugo should just take his contract money for the year, sit down, have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up. That guy's got some temerity thinking he's the main man after all of his errors and all of his bullshit. Drew has somewhat redeemed himself Mr. Lugo. You on the other hand have not and Lowrie has done a pretty decent job cleaning up your mess, and he's a rookie for God's sake.

Seamus has a point (although I don't usually blame managers).

At Pete's last night, everyone was arguing about who would close. Paps name didn't even come up given his recent workload.

This team is humming along on all six cylinders. With 19 games left and a division title a possibility, there is no way Francoma is going to put Lugo on the field.

Unless the groundskeepers need help.

Yaz, don't underestimate Tito's loyalty to his veterans. That's been less of a problem lately, but it's likely to rear its ugly head again.

That's the one thing that scares me around this time. Tito is a great manager but sometimes caters to the sympathies of his players than the greater good, which I guess explains how the vibes that they're in it for the playoffs and not the AL East can be picked up. Well...it's worked for us in 2004 and 2007, maybe it'll work for us again.

Whoa, I just reread green fields of the mind last night. Just when I needed the red sox offense most, it stopped.

//Why does Lugo saying "I am the shortstop" remind me of Bush saying "I'm the decider?"//

More like Alexander Haig saying "I'm in charge". Lugo shouldn't even be on the postseason roster. Lowrie has done everything better, and Cora is a competent backup. Loyalty? Nah. Say, goodnight, Julio, and make a graceful exit. If they can work out a trade (Lugo for a pair of slightly used snow tires sounds about right), that would be nice.

I was at the heartbreaker last night. Paps looked way off his normal game (obviously). Killed us to see Jason Bay's HR go to waste - he was so pumped after that.

I was mystified as to why Ellsbury did not pich run right away? Would have made a big difference - maybe they would have lost anyway, but it was a better move. Would have gotten Percival all worried, Varitek would have been able to swing away if Ells stole with no outs, and they could have been in scoring position with less than two outs.

someone remind me why Paps pitched the 7-2 blowout Sunday night. Had it really been that long between appearances or did Tito forget to look at the next series? Paps is fine last night if he doesn't pitch a useless inning Sunday.

I think Ellsbury was held back as a pinch runner in order to see what happened with Ortiz. Had Ortiz gotten free pass or a base hit, Ellsbury would have been put in to pinch run so he could score the winning run. You'd hate to see Ortiz trying to score from first or second in that situation.

I doubt Tito will play loogie over jed due to loyalty to "starters". ellsbury saw a hell of a lot more time over coco than we thought he would in the alcs/ws last year because he was swinging a hotter bat. Tito will stick with what's working i hope i hope i hope.

Tito did it!

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