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Well, what do you know, the Sox can still dish out some little ball when they need to.


The way they've been playing the past dozen games or so almost has me thinking about winning the division again …


But having been a bit premature in that regahd a couple times already this year, I'll remain circumspect.


Yeah, I'm with you. Let's just sit back and watch how things play out.


Of course, watching the Yankees game last night, the ESPN crew didn't have any problem at all declaring that the Yankees are still in it and will more than likely kick mofo ass because, you know, cue eerie music, they were exactly 7 games back last year on this very date. Oooooohhhh.


Yeah, and they were 3 games up in the '04 ALCS but in the end the results were the same — Yankees loosahs.


So I guess it's fitting that the first MLB use of instant replay involved A-Rod. I mean being he is the greatest friggin playah who has evah lived and all.


But Christ 2 minutes and 15 seconds to determine whether a ball was fair or foul?


Seriously, I've had relationships that took less time than that.



Wow if Doug's relationships lasted longer than 2.5 minutes, he might have to sort his life out, unless the girls were total bitches.

No surprise ESPN rides on Yankee d*** again because they've got a cute streak going on. 3 games? Magical. You know even if it sounds crazy I might want TB to kick the shit out of them today just to shut ESPN and YES up. I won't be happy until all of them are down in the dumps with the Yanks.

screw that. I'm calling it. East Div Champzez. 3 back.


//Let's sit back and see how things play out.//

Hmm, I was on "vacation" the last two days, so I essentially did that.

Come back to work today and it's a frigging firestorm. Hell and brimstone, horns appearing in my office window, and a spiked tail hopping into my office, poking me in the eye and demanding my soul.

BTW, if you put your cursor at the very bottom of the page, right under that pie-shaped section of the bleacher seats, you'll see where my seats are located.

4 up in the WC - 3 down in the East. I like our chances for the playoffs. Playing texas over the weekend - I predict a pitchers duel. Not!!!

Well, I've got Kazmir starting on my fantasy team today, so a 13K shutout by the Rays would be perfect.

MFYs 7 behind the Sox with 23 left to play. Time to start reserving tee times in the Bronx.


Thats always a tough dilemma huh? I hate picking division rivals in fb, but you cant just pick the sox... unless your me. Oh they laughed during the draft but I have the week off for finishing in first and getting the bye. Thanks to Youkilis, Papi, Manny, Dusty, Beckett and Paps.


I'm in 2nd place, so I can't not start Kazmir today! I've had Pedroia on my team most of the year, and I've had Bay most of the year too. That's it for Sox though.

Completely off topic, but I had a hell of a time on my commute home yesterday.

Regarding the Yankees still being in it by ESPN...

Last year they were 7 games back, but they did not have TWO teams ahead of them in the Wild Card race, AND two teams ahead of them for the division. That is a different story.

Kaz, you ask if it's worth your time to contest a $25 fine.

The answer is yes, if you're in the right.

I once spent months battling with a huge bank over $10. Was it worth my time? No. But they were wrong and shouldn't be able to pocket MY money.

Of course, I'm an a-hole, so take all of the above for what it's worth.


Same thing happened to my neighbor here in Denver. Only he got slammed for 11-points on his license. I think it's 12 and you lose it for a year. He too had a 50cc scooter. The a-hole cop did not have a clue about the law. He was just flexing his roid muscles. To top it off my neighbor is a teacher here in the Denver school system too. What a nice way to treat a real public servant. So yes go ahead and fight it. Maybe some day they will actually enforce the laws properly.

And you do know the difference between a scooter and a moped right?

Scott, everyone calls what I have a scooter. The law calls it a "motorized bike" because of the engine size, speed capability, etc. Scooters are like the Razr kick toys or the beefier motorized versions but basically, if you have to stand its a "scooter", if you can sit it's a "motorized bike", if the engine is 50cc or bigger it's a motorcycle. That's how the MA law classifies these things. So what I own is a "moped" or "motorized bike", but colloquially it's a scooter.


Interesting. Everyone has a different definition. I haven't seen the type where you stand. Most here in Denver have what you call a motorized bike. Over 50cc is classified as a motorcycle. Mopeds are the very old scooters that required you to turn the pedals in order to start the engine. Most people here use the term moped for the 21st century scooters which is incorrect.

Wait, Scott, I think I screwed that answer up:

you do know the difference between a scooter and a moped right?


By all means fight it. If you just pay and forget it, the a-hole cop gets away with it and, much more important, your insurance rates could go up. Furthermore, by all means write a letter to the head of the MA State Police. Concise, factual and polite. They take such letters very seriously and it will go in the cop's file.

I didn't get that joke. Since when did pit bulls wear lipstick?

Kaz, a simple caution should you decide to plead not guilt: in Maryland, and I expect in Mass., the judge has the right to impose any allowable fine (not the minimum $25 you got), so if the max fine were, say $500, you could end up paying that if you plead not guilty and then are found guilty. On the other hand, (here in MD at least), you could plead "guilty with explanation" and then give your explanation, and get the fine reduced, but more importantly, get any points reduced or thrown out. Of course you'll have to check Mass law on that.

Kaz what a dick that cop was.


Hate to double post but
http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=184084&title=the-best-fking-news-team-ever "> why is the GOP conferring in St Paul ??

Kaz, la luta continua! If the Sox hadn't kept fighting from 3 down in '04, where would we be now? Fight the power. Living in NY, I've been taken to task a couple of times such as jumping a subway turnstile. They fined me 75 clams for said offense, and needless to say, I didn't have $75 to my name. I fought it, showed up with my story in order to tell to the prosecutrix (?!?) and she was kind enough to waive that fine. I've been protesting fines (i.e., wanton taxes and levies) ever since. So Kaz, either pay that $25 and forget about it or protest the citation and fight the carabinieri douche...

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