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The space between

Yeah, but it still makes me shake my head in wondah that there was a time we'd spend the entiah day today coming up with reasons why that .01% would kick in.


Gotta love the modern era.


Hey how about Matsuzaka? Is he ready for the playoffs or what? Dude was dominant yesterday aftahnoon and is now 18-2.


He's really refined his repertoire: changeup, 2-seam shuuto, 4-seam fastball, cutter, slurve, and the *very* slow curve.


What about the gyroball?


Ah, the gyro inhabits the space between.


Only by not naming the gyroball, does the gyroball exist?


Precisely. And speaking of the zen/quantum quintessence of the Red Sox, how about Ellsbury &nash; What is wrong with his swing is asking what is wrong with his swing.


Who knew following the Red Sox could be so deep?


Absolutely. And it's if anyone asks me, "What is the way of the Red Sox fan?" I answer: "An open-eyed man falling into the well."


Yeah, and when someone asks me, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" I reply, "Yankees Suck!"



burn that shithole in the bronx down!!

It is a wonderful, ironic event that the last game at the toilet would be a regular season game. After all the statistics with their playoff records, etc. that they couldn't even get close to the playoffs their last season in the crapper just makes me smile(It doesn't take a lot). Ready for the dynamite to take that piece down.

All of New York (and parts of Connecticut) would smell like saurkraut if they burned the Toilet down.

I prefer a simple raizing, followed by seeding the ground with salt.

Nice performance by Dice-K yesterday. And unusually quick for the nibbling, paint the black over and over guy.

I don't want to talk about the Pats game. That was just painful to attend. Worst game I've seen in years. But my rack of lamb was cooked to perfection.

Daisuke san
Eighteen wins as the leaves fall
Bring on dem halos.

[Love the sound of one hand clapping]

When I was a kid, Yogi Berra was my favorite player. I'm no longer a kid, nor is the yogster. Can we please move on from YS? yikes what a borefest. It almost made me want to watch the Emmys, but not really. Instead I read a book about baseball in Poland in 1988.

ok, i'm weird.


Nicely done, Zen Master Hart.

Wax on.

(SDU, liked the haiku, too.)

Amazing true quote of the day comes from Derek Jeter:
“The fans here never seem to amaze me”

You can't make this stuff up


I'm thinking sdu had better send a new shipment of Berrocca, and double-quick, to cure your hangover this AM. A case or two for the Pat's D couldn't hurt either

For get today...I was putting double doses of Berocca in my beers at halftime.

Just curious, if Yankeee Stadium is such hallowed ground, then why are they shutting it down? I don't see anyone rushing to tear down the Taj Mahal and it's a hell of a lot older.

-> bob in VA..

I agree! And why were George and Hank both not in attendance? Why was Joe Torre snubbed?

Even bigger - why was the honarable last game held against the Orioles? Because they expected 100% to make it to the post season and never dreamed this would be the last game - HA!

P.S. When they took Jeter out with one out remaining, was it really to give him an ovation, or were they afraid he'd make an error and embarrass them? ;-)

The Red Sox will be the underdogs in the playoffs. Any benefit to that? Looking forward to clinching and for the MFY to be officially eliminated.

As far as the Pats are concerned it was the worst game since the San Diego beat down a few years ago. And I was at both. The fact that I was up to 5:30AM feasting and drinking made it all the more painful to watch. I hope I didn't just see the end of the run and a return to years of mediocrity.

"Bring on dem Halos."
They rule regular season,
but Sox will ascend.


All this hoopla, all this nostalgia about the end of Yankee Stadium, and not one comment, not one commemoration about the seminal long playing record album, NRBQ "At Yankee Stadium"

Let's hope George and Hank are singing their own verses to "There Ain't No Free!", sometime soon!

I'll be there tonight when the Sox clinch postseason, against my former hometown Indians, thinking about Nancy Drew 2007.

Sorta funny story today. I got my postseason tickets in the mail today that I can buy as part of my partial season plan. I'm in section 33 grandstand for ALDS Home Game 2. I looked on the tickets and noticed it says "CVS Family Section" and "NO Alcohol Allowed".

Do WHAT?? My tickets are normally in the bleachers and I don't get a choice as to where my postseason tickets are. I didn't *ask* for the no alcohol seats...

I called the Sox getting ready to tear someone a new one and asked if the CVS section rules apply to the postseason. The guy said "no". Crisis averted. After being present for the frozen death, 19-8 trouncing in the 2004 postseason, I can personally attest to the potential *requirement* for alcohol to watch a Sox postseason game.

I got my post-season tix yesterday, too, Kaz. Home Game 1 though. I'm also no where near my wonderful section 39 bleacher seats.

Crap-ass right field grandstand. I'll be lucky if I can see the field from behind that maze of girders.

I am allowed alcohol though. But only absinthe for some reason.

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