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The glimpse of an eternity



Ah, Mahty, Bill here returning your voice mail from Friday … Something about the Jets "smelling blood in the watah" and Brett Favre as the second coming …


I mean, really, Mahts, you've got to stop drunk dialing.


Funny, Callaghan.


Seriously, Mahty, when are you New Yorkahs going to learn the lesson that you don't win by putting all your eggs in the overpriced, aging veterans who are on the precipice of or are already in the free fall of decline?


While you guys turn to Favre, we pull out a Matt Cassel. Advantage Patriots scouting, Patriots drafting, and the Patriots development from within.


It's telling that you're talking football, Bill. I mean who wants to discuss the elephant in the room — the *second* place Red Sox head to Tropicana where they are 0 for the season against the *first* place Rays.


You're right, Mahts. The Rays are a good club. But it's gotta hurt a little bit to think that they've gone from dead last to first while your guys, and their Lehman Brothahs payroll and A-listahs like A-Rod and Jetah and Damon, have gone from second to fourth.


And the elephant in the room Mahty is that the regahdless of how the Rays end up this year, they'll be right there next year, too. But, hey, you know, there's honor in battling it out with the Orioles for that 4th and 5th position.


Enjoy it while you can, Callaghan, the Yankees will be back and you know it.


Careful, Mahts, you'd be surprised how fast a couple decades can fly by.


Heh. And you should know.


That's right, Mahty. Just look at how much has happened in just the 7 years since you guys were beaten by Arizona in the Serious — The Pats have won 3 Championships, the Red Sox two, and, oh right, the Celtics just won another.


Time flies, Mahty. Bwahaha …



Nice smackdown Bill :)

Heh. I enjoy a little Mahty smackdown now and then. Feels like caramel and BBQ sauce and Trappist ale running all over my body.

(Sorry for that image, but you get the idea.)

I was waiting for a beatdown on Mahty and I was not disappointed.

Speaking of beatdowns, let's avoid one at the Trop and reverse it on them. Oh and to back up Bill, the Rays'll be good for another two years so expect trends to continue Jason, Mahty, and the ever-loved BigBri. Hubris has hit the Yanks hard and I'm all about the schadenfreude...that and Jets fans were shut up thanks to Cassel and Crew w/o any allegations of cheating.

Why Bob-that just happens to be what I'm having for breakfast right now ;D

And Bob...

As if Lehman Bros. wasn't already fucking up my Monday, you had to go ahead and post that disturbing image. My appetite and will to live is fading fast...

Mmm...Trappist Ale.

Mahty who?

Problem is, there's nobody in Cleahwatah that cares enough about the Rayzez to get any traction with them.

Went to Sarah Palin Park yesterday (you know, lipstick on a pig and all that)to see the game. Fucking Lestah vs. fucking Halladay. One of the best games I've seen in a while. The Jayzez defense let old Doc down. We won't speak of paps, who might want to get a little work in on the cuttah and slidah before Rosh Hoshanah if you know what I mean.

Anyway, its always a pleasure to be at SP Park on the last day of a homestand: the beer is that much staler and the itialian suasages after the game are just a bit more desparate. Only at the park can you figure out Mike Timilin's role on the team: He leads them out to the BP in the first and leads them back after the game.

I think the fat guy may actually be dead. I was going to ask the guy sitting in his seats, who may actually be related to him, but thought that would be rude, especially since I would be announcing his deminse on w widely read blog in the innertubes, namely this one.

Oh, and Nat, I heard the one about the Cap and Watney. Just a viscous rumor I sure. All in all, it was bittersweet, knowing that I won't be sitting in those seats again for another 7 months after countless snow days, Cassell moaning and a new GOP president (Please let me be wrong people). True, I trade 4 seats in the grandstands for 2 seats in the bleachers for the playoffs, so don't cry for me Mattapan, but still and all the regular season is what I live for.


Pats make the strip? I guess even the best sometimes play to the crowd.

The Pats were a national story esp. since they were playing the Jets. Take your hate elsewhere.

>Take your hate elsewhere.

If that passes for hate in your book, you have thin skin. Merely playing off the comments from last Monday where HB noted that he was not much of a Pats fan and tried to keep them out of the strip. I'll assume HB saw the grain of salt.

Guys I think you're both forgetting where the hate should go to even if yaz wasn't really directing it at NE:

The MFY! The Rays get a little too...

Yeah, I did mention the Pats today for a couple reasons that made it pertinent to the Sox:

1) Shilling's comments last week re Yankees fans taking up the Jet's aegis to pile on Boston fans for Brady's injury.

It seemed apropos that Marty would be just such a fan.

2) Jets signing Favre is such a Yankees move, i.e., signing an aging, high priced veteran instead of drafting/developing solid athletes out of college that are not flashy. This is the Moneyball style that both Theo Epstein and Belichick both adhere to.

3) If you read the first panel, it was Marty who actually brought in the Jets/Pats angle. Bill wasn't about to let that pass without a retort. (You have to accept premise #1 above about Marty for this one to make sense.)

Dave Anderson's column in the NYT yesterday had a nice lead-in:

"The Yankees, like elephants, have come home to die."

Words I never thought I'd see grouped together in the same sentence:

Dale Sveum is the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.

its always nice to hear from mahty

Bob, he'll have someone else coaching 3rd, so how many fuck-ups can he have?

Eric Gag-me comes to mind

Gee, I wonder when the Rays are gonna fold up? Hmmm...could it be NOW??!!!!

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