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Red Sox sky not falling

So much for the friggin "Brady Bunch"


No kidding. This is like when Cousin Oliver came for a visit and nevah left — It's all downhill from here.


Jesus wept I haven't heard this much self-pity and cheezy piety since the Pope died.


C'mon, Doug, this is serious.Even Shaughnessy gets it.


Oh for the love of God, Shaughnessy is mocking you.


Let me get this straight, the same fans who endured 86 years of Red Sox futility *and* years of the Patriots as also rans "are lost boys and lost girls"?


C'mon, people. It's embarrassing. Cowboy the fuck up. Look at it as a challenge — Now you really get to see what a genius Belichick is as he works his magic without Brady.


You been hitting the hydro early today, eh, Doug?


That's besides the point. But what is the point is your Boston Red Sox are now ½ game out of first place and the Rays are 0 fer 7 at Fenway.


And, oh yeah, Coco Crisp, Coco friggin Crisp is all of a sudden channeling Ted Williams. Dude has raised his average 45 points in a single month!


But if you two sob sistahs want to go on pining for Tom Brady, have at it.


And while you're gazing all teary eyed out the window tell me what you see? That's right, Fenway Pahk. Boston is a Red Sox town. Always has been. Always will be.



OK, so Tom Brady was mentioned today. :) I am to please everyone.

Thanks for Doug's comments. Cowboy the f*** up, indeed. We should at least let Cassell have the dignity of losing a game before we all queue up on the Tobin Bridge.

who the fuck wants to hear about Tom Brady? He's as relevant as Tom Burgmeier at this point. If I wanted to hear about Brady, I'd move to Wrentham or some such other shithole.

summary, hb can't win.

Let's tatoo Kazmir tonight huh


"And while you're gazing all teary eyed out the window tell me what you see? That's right, Fenway Pahk. Boston is a Red Sox town. Always has been. Always will be."

Amen! He may be a Rethuglican but he speaks the truth this time.

I remember wearing a Bledsoe jersey back in high school and feeling the same way about the new guy named Brady. Not that we'll get that lucky, but still...

Fun game last night. Buckner and I sitting next to two hot young ladies (who I convinced had "stolen my elderly, sick grandparents seats.")

Oh, and Lester pitched really well.

and one was (coincidently?) named Natalie!

the beer and sriracha was flowing... great game

Let me get this straight. Brady gets to lie around in bed for the next month or so with Gisele while watching the Sox in the playoffs. This must be one of those oft-mentioned curveballs that life throws you.

The Coco Crisp link is broken like the Yankees playoff streak (it's missing the 'h' in http).

I'm enjoying the confounded logic that Indians fans are spewing about the sellout record around here. Congrats to all who were part of that and who will keep it going for a long time.

As for Brady, damn. He was my fantasy team. My Brownies look like crap and Brady goes out for the season. I'm pumped for a pennant race!

Anyone notice how the BigBri-ism is in very short supply now that the MFY are rocking spot #4 in the AL East?

I am in mourning this week. The Pats 2008 season is over. Anybody interested in tickets to a home game or two?

Oh yeah nice job by Lester and Bob last night.

I would like the Blue Jays to please continue their ass-raping ways until this Friday, if they wouldn't mind. Put the White Sox down and solidify (well, moreso--October is pretty much a given now) our wild card chances...and keep the Yankees in 4th.

I was actually rooting for the Yank-me's last night since the Angels are 2 ahead of the Sox for best record. At the same time, it was really, really fun to watch Vladdy and Co. eviscerate them again yesterday.

Still cannot root for the Yanks no matter what the situation is. My loathing of them, their FO, and their fanbase is that deep. After dealing with their skeevy fans and New Jerseyites with their douchebag chains, wifeys, striped shirts, gelmets, and overall condescending attitude, I relish in watching them suffer so much. I enjoy hearing them bring back the ring argument and talk trash only to fall so low. I hope the Angels eviscerate the rest of that Bronx corpse they call a team. No Rays fan or player could ever replace my feelings towards NY. In fact...I like and respect the Rays. They're learning how to play ball well without a huge budget.

@Colin: I live in NYC. My office is a viper's nest...though it's been quiet 'round here recently, heh heh.

And they're dead, so I don't mind rooting for them.

Now, I've got Maxwell playing in my head
"I found a cure for this
Cococure for this
It's got me plushed on some luxurious Cococure"


Best post in a while. I have been whining to myself about Brady since sunday. This post just got me excited for football again. We still have Belichick and Moss and Welker and Maroney.

this worst part about Brady going down was the public notice that Tim Rattay (former 49er) was getting a look - that gave the locals out here a chance to open their idiot holes.

if anyone saw the "fight" last night (Pudge/Torii) it looks like ARod passed on his slapping techniques

Shaughnwoosy proves his douchitosity once again. Such trials make the victories that much sweeter. Give 'em a chance. Plus, who cares about the foosball until November anyways? We have a pennant race to win and a Bronx implosion to watch.

Great strategy. Runner on first. No outs. Let Varitek (who can't bunt) try to bunt so that he has to deal with two strikes. Why didn't Francona bring in Ellsbury earlier for the steal attempt? Better to have a runner on second base with no outs than with two outs. I don't get it. Thankfully, this team is so talented that it wins plenty of games in spite of Francona's idiocy.

Hahaha...great comic. Absolutely agree, the team already won three Super Bowls this decade so let's not play the woe is us card, after all we could all live in Philly!

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