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Our vines are loaded

So every time I see one of those Code Pink protestahs my nads tighten up into protect mode because these chicks always look like they're ready to cut somebody's nuts off with a rusty razah blade.


I mean where in the frig is the "peace" in that?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yes, it's yet anothah of life's great ironies.


But I tell ya what is peaceful — this feeling of contentment I feel right now about Red Sox.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Quite a difference from the ol' days, eh, Mr. Roy?


Are you kidding me? If this were '03 or befoah, I'd be sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
But these days the first shoe doesn't even drop, let alone the othah one.


Exactly. Theo Epstein is good with shoes, make not mistake about it.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Theo is as careful with his shoes as Mr. Rogers was.


Mistah who?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Ah, maybe before your time … Mr. Rogers was this show for kids on PBS, you can Google it, and each episode began with Mr. Rogers coming into his home and methodically and eerily mezmerizingly changing out of his "street" shoes and into a pair of Keds boatahs.


I dunno, Ahts, sounds kinda gay.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Oh, shit yeah, Rogers was queeah as a three dollah bill, but that's beside the point.


Yeah, the point is Josh Beckett returns tonight.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
You know he's 18-8 a 2.84 ERA all time in Septembah?


You know damn right he is! Beckett lives for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Loading and blessing the vines?


Oh, fuck yeah.



Wasn't Fred Rogers on Iwo Jima with Lee Marvin?

No,I'm serious.

Who doesn't lie a Keats reset, anyways.

But, u kno, um, Mr. Roy, that periwinkle pocket square might take you out of the homophobia sweepstakes. Ghey.


Who doesn't lie a Keats reset, anyways.

But, u kno, um, Mr. Roy, that periwinkle pocket square might take you out of the homophobia sweepstakes. Ghey.

Also, here's a list of Cages matches I'd like to see:

Cindy McCain v. Cruella deVille

S. Palin v. Gidget

John McCain v. Frankenstein

Keith Olberman v. A Fully Functioning and Operational Wood Chipper

Sorry, but if Roy is about as old as I am, he'd definitely know Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood...as well as 3-2-1 Contact, the Electric Company, and Sesame Street.


Funny thing about putting a man through a wood chipper, LC (and I've done it twice, but only in self defense):

The horrible screaming means you should always put them in head first, and,

Disassemble the machine afterwards to clean it with bleach and rubbing alcohol. We live too close to Dr. Henry Lee to take chances.

BTW, Buckner and I are going to be part of history on Monday. Breaking the record for most consecutive sellouts.

From what I've heard, everyone in attendance gets an authentic World Series Ring.

And a sausage with peppers AND ONIONS, drenched in Sriracha.

After the Pats game on Sunday, this could shape up to be a week of The Gout.

Funny thing is that Mr. Rogers was a fellow Presbyterian Minister. Go figure. As for lc comment, "Keith Olberman v. A Fully Functioning and Operational Wood Chipper" I would enjoy that in a strange way, definitely head first though.

@Kaz: Don't forget Reading Rainbow. That was the shit.

@lc: Here are my predictions on the fights:
Cindy vs. Cruella - Cruella
Palin vs. Gidget - Palin
John McCain vs. Frankenstein - John McCain
Olbermann vs. Wood chipper - stalemate

Overall winner(s): Ditka and his protege Pedroia.

Ditka always wins no matter what the contest. But what if it were Ditka v. Pedroia? Master v. protege?

re: Blessing of the vines
It's definitely harvest time.
Go Sawx.


Interesting about your age group knowing Mr. Rogers.

When I mentioned the name recently to a group of my coworkers, all late 20s, none had ever heard of him.

There's been other examples of that (e.g, never having heard of The Clash or even Bob Marley fercrissakes) that have thrown me for a loop with regard to what that generation actually knows.

Of course, the probably wouldn't quote Keats either, so maybe the whole attempt at keeping it real is moot?

in re: Mr. Rodgers.

he was __after__ my time. Only reason I know about him is because I had/have a much younger sibling.


Can you say Egg McMuffin?

I had to assign my students a number and played a little YouTube clip from The Prisoner. They thought I was from Mars.

@Kaz-We're gonna Zoomazoomazoom :)

Rex Trailer, anyone?

Picking up on Kaz's dilemma from yesterday: it's easy from the virtual peanut gallery to shout "fight The Man" but, if sdu will defend you and wear his wig/merkin/hair thingee, I'm sure many Soxaholicks would show up at court to most respectfully cheer you on.

Ditka always wins. He's Ditka.

When I mentioned the name recently to a group of my coworkers, all late 20s, none had ever heard of him.

h.b., I don't know where you work but their hiring practices are suspect. :)

I'm 31 and I grew up on that stuff. Gary Gnu says, "No Gnews is Good Gnews!" Even my younger brothers saw most of the shows and the younger of the two is 26.

Yazbread, I never saw The Prisoner on TV, but your students should have *at least* gotten the reference from The Simpsons in The Computer Wore Menace Shoes episode.

"I am not a number, I am a free man!"

I never remember to yell that at the deli...


Hobow abare youbou tobodabay?


All from top-tier universities, too, one just a walk across the river from Fenway.

I think Mr Rogers is relevant to an age group between 40 and 30 Now. For the record, he wasnt gay he just didnt condemn homosexuality.

I've never seen the TV show The Prisoner, but I'm very familiar with the Iron Maiden song based on the show.

I was at my office picnic. Gimmie Shelter popped on the ipod that someone had connected to some speakers. Two 20-something female co-workers had never heard it before.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was on the air until 2001 with original episodes and then in reruns until now. There's no excuse for not having heard of him except for bad/odd/weird parents.

Cage-matches I'd like to see:

John McCain vs. Gorilla Grodd
Bill O'Reilly vs. Black Canary
Ditka vs. Bizzaro but Ditka just had a full meal of Polish sausages

(Yeah, I'm a comic book nerd. What of it?)

Just to give my coworkers some slack, I think it may be a cultural thing on the Mister Rogers naivete.

Honestly, too, I had no idea that he was still on that late.

I assumed he went off air way back in the late 70s. The show felt terribly dated and old-fashioned when I was watching it. How it survived until 2001 just blows my mind. (I confess I was never much of a fan. I hated those fucking puppets. Especially the one with the jacked up shiny face. And Trolley needed the ol' M80 treatment in the backyard if you ask me.)

Captain Kangaroo vs Mister Rogers in a cage match?

Go Cap'n go!

//Wasn't Fred Rogers on Iwo Jima with Lee Marvin?//

No, but Lee Marvin did serve, and is buried in Arlington Nat'l Cemetery


Henrietta Pusscat versus Sheri Lewis and Lambchop.

A bloodbath, I tell you.

"Meow-meow-meow Sheri Lewis, I'm gonna rip your head off and meow-meow-meow down your neck."

And Lambchop wept.

Henrietta Pussycat, not Pusscat.

Pusscat was Topcat's biatch.

BTW, wouldn't Henrietta Pussycat be a great name for a "dancer" at The Glass Slipper?

I don't know about Iwo Jima, but Fred Rogers took on Senator Pastore in one of the greatest moments in our nation's recent legislative history (the entire 7 min video is absolutely worth the watch, so give it your time).

Beer cart has a margarita bar today.

Bobby happy.

See you weirdos next Monday. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about.

i think it was captain kangaroo that served on iwo jima with lee marvin, and lee said he was the bravest man he knew. im from rhode island, and pastore was a prick- screwed another democrat, noel, so he couldnt just walk into the senate seat. thats why im in california- it all works out in the end!

2.5 games back. We're playing Texas and TB is playing Toronto.

Next week is going to be tremendously interesting.

I've been somnolent and out of pocket, great new background.

I heard a rumor that Fred Rogers was straight...so maybe that whole 'neatness' thing is overdone. But you gotta admit, Fred was pretty fucking neat.

I share Mr. Roy's optimism. With the exception of two burps in the last two weeks...and with the Varsity Players coming back online in the next week...this smells gooooooood....

Only area of consternation (looking a-head) is Cleveland. Best road record in AL.

Oops...best road record in the last month...just catching up...just caatching uuuup...

'Sox win! Yankees and Rays lose! And http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/sport/afl/story/0,26576,24304541-19742,00.html "> maggies survive for one more week
A happy day.

Did I mention that http://www.afl.com.au/News/NEWSARTICLE/tabid/208/Default.aspx?newsId=67029 "> the 'Pies won.

Good old Collingwood, forever!

Oh man, we're getting so close to making TB play Anaheim in the first round. Pour it on, Toronto! Let's kill Texas, Sox!

Let's do it for the 500 game man. Timmah!

so much for Bob and me being there for the Sox taking ovah first place for good on Monday....*sigh*....

As for Mr Rogers, all you need to know about him was his 'special delivery' mailman was named Mr McFeely.... 'nuff said

If Josh Beckett can throw 5 scoreless innings with his fly down, just imagine what he could do pants-less.

McFeely...hmm...methinks he's unrelated to McLovin'...

Oh God! Oh God! This is not a drill! This is not a test! Brady is down! Brady is down!

Prepare yourself for the Matt Cassell Era!

A shout out to the fourth placed Highlanders!


The sox will win the east a win it all again in 2008...bet on it !!

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