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No strip today

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I had to make an airport run this morning so didn't have time to do a strip. So I'll leave it to the Soxaholix community to discuss the implications of the news of Beckett's injury.



Talk amongst yourselves :)


No seriously...I hope Lester and Dice-K can survive the LA onslaught and win at least one so our chances of finishing them off at Fenway are better. My Spider Sense has been acting fierce lately due to all the talk about LA and Tampa.

But no MFY though. :)

Beckett's injury won't mean a thing. I mean, how important is Beckett to any playoff team, really? What's his playoff record? Pretty terrible, right?


What's wrong with the pitchers we got?

They throw pretty good...


Another thing...

Paps is starting to scare me. He gave up 3 or 4 runs against the MFY and is now starting to give me the chills even when he's on the mound. Sometimes I can't watch the game so I don't know if he's throwing pitches that aren't fastballs but honestly we're going to get pummeled if we don't get our act together. I just hope whatever quasi-slump we were in fades the second Oct. 1 comes around.

You seen the schedule?

10:00 pm start on Weds.
9:30 pm start on Fri.

As someone who wakes up at 445am during the weekday, Weds is going to be difficult.

I see a bad moon arising. I think the Angels are going to steamroller the Sox. PS - this is not a reverse gooch.

Cmon Colin. It was pouring rain for Paps - he had no grip on the ball and no traction. Plus the MFY "know" him. We're lucky (as he said) that he didn't get injured.

"As someone who wakes up at 445am during the weekday, Weds is going to be difficult."

Screw Wednesday, Thursday's gonna be a problem.


Besides this is hardly 2005 when the Sox were exhausted trying to catch the MFY until the final day. Our starters will be rested, Dr. Gil is telling everyone to calm down about Beck, and the team seems to be clicking at the right time. Remember what happened in 2004 when our #1 starter went down in the ALDS? i'm just sayin...

Yeah, lc, I should have been more clear. I meant Weds will be a difficult game for me to watch.

And I'd say there is about a 90% probability that I fall asleep around 11pm and wake up during the post game interviews.

I love the Sox, but, fuck... remember when the playoffs meant day games with long shadows and the creativity of finding a way to play hooky from work or school or otherwise tune into the game?

Your optimism is admirable Daubie. I guess the issue is that you're talking to a sports cynic like myself. I usually see something like Becks getting hurt and then getting all apprehensive or just straight up defeatist.

agreed, hb.

I think my strategy last year was perfect. Go to a far away country, drink wine, check the blackberry before I go to sleep, and tada!

nb this only works for the LDS (division series, not the creepy Mormons). My philosophy is is you can make it out of the LDS maybe it wasn;t worth the effort. On the other hand, who amond us disagrees that Halozzz-Bosox is the premier matchup and that the winner should win the WS.

who, indeed.


please somebody make me spell check effectively


With a father from Woburn MA, the Red Sox in the playoffs was an excused absence as far as my dad was concerned. Not that my youth actually afforded many opportunities to take advantage of that.


Tell that proposition to the Cubs who I'm sure are dying for a World Series after a friggin' century. If the Sox, BIG IF, don't make it, then I want the Cubs.

Notwithstanding last night's mudball game for Paps, his performance of late is turning the Mr. Paps Wild Ride attraction into an E ticket thriller - usually ends up good, but a lot of OMFG along the way.

The Beckett thing scares me a bit. We know our pitchers are capable a great heroic achievements, and we know the same about our hitting.. But, one or the other better start running on all 8 cylinders, maybe a 9th if they can find it - the competition out there looks good.

Of course it could be that watching the last 3 redso, er pawsox games against the yanks has me feeling a little underwelmed about performance. Ahhh.. the memories of pre-04 fatalism coming back again - feels like old times.

What the hell are they thinking? Weekday West Coast playoff games should start at 9:00 ET at the latest.

"What about the CHILDREN???"

More important, what about ME???


Only you would put yourself in front of children.

Must say that I am rooting for Manny and D-Lowe to take out the Cubs in the NLDS.


Manny's sudden surge in LA is one of the reasons why I want Big Z and the Cubbies to stop them dead in their tracks. Torre is a great manager and Manny is a great player, but the ruckus caused by Manny's childishness as compared to the dominance the Cubs have displayed throughout the whole season IMO earns them the win more than the Dodgers. I have no beef with Lowe though.

I have no problem with the start time. It's the Angels' series. They should get to watch the games. I wouldn't expect a weekday game in Boston to start at 6:00.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with a little afternoon baseball, either.

This isn't going to be pretty. I've been dreading this series since mid-July.

P.S. So, no October baseball for the Mets as well. Ha ha.

Before putting Bob in front of children I'd check for his CORI card.

New sponsor: SugarDVD? Heh, nice.

Feeling like they won't go all the way this year, and that's fine--it was a great season. 95 wins and the Yankees in their graves. If they prove me wrong, awesome.

If it doesn't happen, who cares? There's always next year, it's not like the end of the world or something.


I'm surprised and disappointed, given the collective wisdom of this community of http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=skunt "> skunts that it took 23 comments for anyone to notice the sugardvd. Typically it was the smart one who did.

[PS Hawthorne won the flag]

I have FF with AdBlock Plus. I don't see any ads on this page except for the ones for the t-shirts and The Red Seat.

I'm with Kaz. I like teh pr0n in the sidebah.

Colin, I got the same negative-mojo feeling about Paps.

Relief pitching will define the post season for the Sox, all the other parts are there.

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