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Just a flesh wound

I'm not sure what has me more pissed off …


That we just lost 2 of friggin 3 to Tampa Bay in our own friggin house or that we are now 2 and a half back or, finally, that the very presence of the Rays atop the standings have completely drained, totally eviscerated and removed all the joy I should be feeling each and every day that the Yankees are fading into oblivion.


Seriously. The mofo Rays are ruinin' my Indian summah!


But here's the thing. Even though the last two meetings have left us with two black eyes, some broken ribs, and a ruptured nut, I still feel wholly confident that the next time we meet we'll kick the livin' daylights outta these guys.


Absolutely. The Rays still seem more lucky than good.


Well, except for Kazmir. He's the real deal.


Yeah, and now Balfour.


And Rocco Baldelli …


And you know what else? That friggin Joe Maddon with his hipster black-rimmed glasses, silver hair, and rugged good looks is without a doubt the coolest looking managah in all of baseball.


The dude is pissing some serious sang froid, no doubt.


Give him a high ball glass and a Marlboro and he could step right onto the set of Mad Men.


And, oh yeah, he managed Francona's pants off the past two nights.



I appreciate everything Timlin has done in the past, but dude, it's time to hang up the cleats and do some hunting.

Am I mistaken or did fans start pouring out of Fenway when Timlin came in?

TB has won a lot of games like that this year.

Last night turned into a war of attrition. Who would get to the bottom of the relief barrel first. When I saw Timlin warming up, I figured the game was as good as lost. I can't see him on the playoff roster this Fall.

Good-bye, Mr. Timlin. It was a good run. Turn off the lights on your way out. Thanks.

You can't go to TImlin there.
You ride Lopez until he can't get someone out. Let him walk that righty.

Tito brings in Timlin. You get one right handed batter and the parade of lefties that ruin our night.

I have over-managing.

Yeah I think Terry had enough of the extra innings when he put Timlin on the mound. He needed his beauty sleep I guess. This should be Timlin's last year though. He has his rings, now go on and git.

I know it sounds near heretical, but the Rays are the real deal this year. Yeah some of that shit has been lucky but then again Boston has been damn lucky in some games too. Hell Maddon is already in the running for Manager of the Year. Terry is great and all but mlb.com has him as the dark horse. I'm still confident we'll find a way to pull through though. We just have to learn how to fuck them up at the Trop again and ignore those damn cowbells and horns.

How about a little silver lining guys?

Beckett looked like he's right on track. Solid work from the pen, including another stud performance from Masterson.

Now the Jays, on the other hand, have me wetting my pants. At least we won't face Halliday.

In re: Timlin:

I turned the radio off when he was warming up. Nothing good could come of it, nor did it.

The bell has rung, please evacuate the building.

In re: Madden/Malden whatever.. let's tone down the manlove to a dull ghey roar, shall we?


Should have left Masterston in for one more inning and stretched out Lopez as well. You could tell the way we were not getting timely hitting that the Rays were eventually going to win. And yes, I switched to Jay Leno once Timlin came in. I did not want to see what turned out to be reality.

Back on the Give-Timlin-the-Ol'-Yeller-Treatment bandwagon. Anyone else want to get on?

Ug. I am so tired.

I wish I had a Jesus/God/Allah snow dome or crystal ball that could tell me who'd win long games before it happened so I could just get some frigging sleep.

And no, MattOfCT, I don't want to shoot Timlin with a shotgun.

Pills are more humane.

agreed re: timlin. basically, we lost cuz we ran out of guys who aren't timlin. to be fair tho, that pitch was low and away, not a meatball...although the 2 guys already on didn't help.

bright spot tho, the rest of the bp was lights out. i'm looking in the direction of lopez and delcarmen, who have apparently figured something out between them.

bottom line, we were straight up outplayed, in both of the last 2 games...there's no way tb is where they are cuz they're lucky. they are just plain good, and we have to be just plain better or we'll have an october much like mfy fans...

Wow, what a great game that ultimately ended up shitty.

My kingdom for a Jacoby Ellsbury double to the gap in right center. 0-for-6 with an entire baseball team left on base last night for him...geezus!

I'm really torn. I mean I want Boston all the way, but I can't seethe with hatred for TB the way I see so many Fenway Faithful do. Deep down I actually respect the Rays for such a dramatic turn-around. Now if they wanna get cocky then I'll drop the hammer, but so far I see more modesty out of them than I do the fourth place MFY fans. They're just plain good. They have decent pitching, a good offense, and a surprisingly good defense. Like us they've been able to shake off injuries over the season and like their Luke Skywalker to our Yoda (or Obi-Wan), strong with the Force they have become.

@soulie: Yes Toronto scares me too, but I'm confident our funk will dissipate when we play them.

Most kids cried when Ol Yeller got shot. No one will shed a tear for Mike. And let's not forget that we got a blown call on Ellsbury at 1st well before the game ended.

I give the Rays a lot of credit. They have the better bullpen and last night that made the difference. Tip of the hat.

That said, I agree with what everyone else is saying: Timrin -- that's what my friends and I call him because he needs to be pitching in Japan right about now -- is really done. He was done last year. If Tito and Theo want to keep him around they should give him some sort of coaching gig.

I would like to join the bandwagon. I too would like to see Mikey T out of here. When the game went into extra innings I says to my wife, "If Timlin ever gets in this game he is going to blow it". I then went to bed (1 month old baby- sleep when I can) and woke up to my prophetic words. I hate when I am right. Bring on the damn jays and lets take the lead.

Manny would have won that game last night. Just sayin'

Was that the last test for Timlin prior to the playoffs? Was Tito giving him 1 more chance? I don't understand why he was left in after the 1 out. Why did the Rays have real pitchers left and the Sox had Timlin?? A very disturbing loss. So many chances to put it away. Jason Bay took the night off BTW.

@Scott: I guess in his mind his 2-run HR in the second game was incentive enough for Boston to win but seeing how we blew that, I guess maybe he felt like they didn't deserve to win. I blame Youk for that DP and Ellsbury for being 0-6. How ironic that our bullpen held though...ironic indeed.

I think you're giving Maddon too much credit, HB. He has been too loyal to Percival and Wheeler when Balfour is his stud. We DID almost win each of the last two games in the bottom of the frame (Papi near-homer and then bases pregnant with no out).

Rocco Baldelli and Dan Wheeler are from Rhode Island. There's a bit of New England that likes the Rays some. Be hard tho if they were mfys.

HB is not real...I mean the characters aren't real - or maybe both. Was last night real?

Beckett was there - the bats were asleep. Beckett will be there in the playoffs - the bats needed a break from their tear & the power will return.

And now that the LAAA's will have 3 weeks off could make them more susceptible.

Greetings from Notting Hill in London, all. Am very excited to be missing the Tampa series; it's been a rough two mornings waking up to those scores/stories. Damn TB upstarts. Can't wait for them to be put in their place in the playoffs.

Have a fun link to take everyone's minds off of things. Yankee star Moose Skowron was on my alltime fav program on NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me playing the Not My Job segment this past week. He is hilarious and has some cool "inside stuff" on 50s baseball. Enjoy:


Naalie - I heard the Moose segment. Who would have thought it was a riff off 'Mussolini'. Have you gone native yet? (In England, going native means not washing your hair for a week or so).

How about a Tek single with no one on but useless ABs otherwise. The whole offense except Dustin were horrible. Looks like he wasted Coco for that late pinch run. If you pinch run then send him to steal a few bases. Still, all in all, the pitching was great.

Hey yb! I too thought the mussolini thing was interesting. I also LOL'd about Bob Gibson and fantasy baseball. The hair gets washed everyday but I have already started concluding my phonecalls with "cheers!"

Rather than blame Timlin, how about turning it on the offense? They couldn't scratch out a run against that parade of TB relievers? Even if Timlin had shut the Rays down for a couple of innings there was no indication our guys were going to come up with a clutch hit to end it.

0 fer 7 from Bay... ugh.

@bigyaz: I think that Timlin is taking the heat on this for good reason. The Sox offense doesn't normally get shut down like this. It's not to their credit, but it happens. Timlin routinely gets slapped around like this, especially when it counts.

I'm with bigyaz. Two runs in 14 innnings? A marching band's worth of stranded baserunners? We lost two out of three to a team that hit 2 for 36 with RISP?

Of course now that I know that Natalie moved to London this week, I understand it all. Because in 2006 I passed through London on a combined business/vacation trip - right during the Boston Massacre II. Woke up to the bad news five days in a row. Must be something about fans leaving for London taking all the lead out of the Sox's bats.

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